The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: A Painful Plan

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The Salvatore brothers came up with a plan on "Pictures of You." It involved Elena, her lack of humanity and the possibility that fear may be the key to bringing it back.

On the May 2 installment of The Vampire Diaries, however, it looks like fear may be replaced by pain, as new photos released by The CW from that episode depict Stefan and Damon making Elena's life anything but comfortable.

Click through the images now and see what we mean:

Pain for Elena
Elena is Tortured
Torturing Elena
Desperate TVD Measures

Elsewhere on "She's Come Undone," look for:

  • A surprising source to come to Stefan and Damon's side.
  • Matt to offer advice to Rebekah.
  • Katherine to grow suspicious of Bonnie.
  • Caroline to have an unusual encounter with Klaus.

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Leon alexis

I miss human Elena. Because,I don't even know what kind of persone is that girl,anymore. She is out of controll,acts like an animale or something. I hope she gets a cure.


it's think it's so unfortunate that damon made elena turn off her humanity... only yo torture her to turn her humanity back on... then when her humanity switch is turned on, she'll have to deal with everything that has happened and everything that she's done. i mean, those guys should just leave her alone. it's all pain and suffering for elena. i hate her now. but i'm gonna be feeling really sorry for her in the next few episodes.


Wait so now the Salvatores are torturing their precious Elena? I wasn't going to watch the episode because i dont care about the originals but i'll watch it just to watch elena in pain

David and sabrina 2014

As long as Elena keeps lacking her humanity,there will be more problems especially with the salvatore brothers dealing with her and there's still a big doubt that the show won't get any better like this. ;P ;P ;P

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Rebekah: All hands on deck. That's the motto around here, right?
Caroline: We don't have a motto.

Damon: Is the old you read to come out and play?
Elena: Go to Hell.