The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "She's Come Undone"

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After a one-week trip to New Orleans, The Vampire Diaries returned to Mystic Falls last night for an episode that saw Elena rediscover her humanity - and the greatness that is Matt Donovan.

Speaking of the Grill-master, Rebekah made quite an impression on him ... as well as the male members of TV Fanatic's Round Table panel, who appear to be smitten with Claire Holt.

What did TV Fanatic's Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella, Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker think of "She's Come Undone"? Gather around as we debate the following topics:


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: I'll go with a small one: Rebekah brining real food over to the Salvatore residence. So now they have booze, blood and burgers? When can I move in?!?

Miranda: I might be alone in this, but I'm going with all of Matt and Rebekah's scenes. The two of them as more than just friends is growing on me. I would really like to see them give this thing a go so Matt can follow her to New Orleans. Sophie needs a busboy, right?

Dan: I will back you up here Miranda. The Matt and Rebekah scenes were great, but mostly because they allowed Rebekah to show off how awesome she is. The little one proved that she has the heart that anyone would be lucky to have, and mine continued to melt every time she did something nice.

Leigh: Favorite scene would be when Elena's humanity came back in the woods. I like how it ended up that the only one who got through to her was Matt. I also wasn't sure he had the Gilbert ring on.


2. Are you happy to have the old Elena back?

Matt: Yes. Unless she brings her old, indecisive self back. But with her focus on killing Katherine now instead of juggling Damon and Stefan, I have hope.

Miranda: Since she's channeling all of her emotions into Kat Hate, it kind of feels like nothing different. Yes, hate is an emotion so her humanity is back on, but right now she's still quite bitchy. Understandably so, but still. That scene where her humanity came back, though? Runner-up for my favorite. Way to go, Nina!

Dan: No. Emotionless Elena was the best thing to happen to that character. I might talk about Rebekah in every one of these answers, but blondie was right when she was upset that dull Elena was back.

Leigh: See answer one. Yes I got sick of bitchy mean Elena. She wasn't fun like Katherine!

3. Who would you prefer as your tutor: Caroline or Rebekah?

Matt: Before deciding, I'd want Matt to tutor me in Ethics in order to answer the question: When is it morally acceptable for your female tutor to instruct you while topless?

Miranda: 18 years on Earth versus a millenium worth of experience? This is a no-brainer. Rebekah.

Dan: You can probably guess my answer here... Rebekah as a tutor? Where is the signup sheet?

Leigh: C'mon now, totally Rebekah. She's got eons of knowledge and she's not as high energy as Caroline which works for me.

4. Does Matt deserve his own spinoff?

Matt: Yes, and it should be titled The Mystic Thrill.

Miranda: Sure. We can call it As The Burgers Flip.

Dan: No, but do you know who does? Rebekah. After a few seasons of The Originals, she finds the a cure for her vampirism, which transitions nicely into Claire Holt starring in a teen drama where Rebekah gets to live out all of her human dreams. Bros Klaus and Elijah come to visit once or twice per season, of course. I already have a catchy title... The Rebekah Diaries.

Leigh: f a spin off for Matt meant a better life than sure. He needs to hang with a different crew.

5. Who is least likely to survive the season: Katherine, Bonnie, Silas or Sheriff Forbes?

Matt: Silas is a goner. Which is his goal, of course. And the Veil will come down and ghosts will run free and at least one of them (Lexi, perhaps?) will stick around The Vampire Diaries Season 5 as a regular in light of The Originals stealing so many current stars.

Miranda: Can we just take a second to appreciate that Sheriff Forbes is, in fact, alive, and put our Buffy "The Body" memories back into their vaults? Because wow. My heart was sad. I think if Silas survives the season, Julie Plec will get (more) hate tweets. Please end this story no one cares about in the next two weeks.

Dan: The answer is probably Silas, but I wish it was Bonnie. Can we give her the boot already? Darn, I almost got my girl in all five answers.

Leigh: Silas and the Freddie Kruger face need to peace out. Agreeing with Miranda that no one cares about him.


Favourite moment
ANy Matt/ Rebekah moment and that scene where Caroline thought her mom was dead. Oh and the Silias as Klaus / Caroline scenes. Candice Accola is amazing and I definitely think she needs better storylines and material to work with to show off her talent.
2. Couldnt care LESS about Elena.
3. Love both, however I agree with the majority. Rebekah is 1000 and has way more knowledge than Caroline. ( And Care doesnt even attend school.)
4. I ADORE Matt but he's def not main character material.
5. Lol Dan I LOVE Bonnie. Um, I really, really hope Silias dies ( that story is convoluted and hes just not that menacing, HOWEVER I doubt he will because they cast an actor to play him and I think he'll be the big bad of season 5. Sadly, I think Katherines going to die( which is a stupid move, imo.)


While I find Matt a necessity on the show, (it's nice to still have at least one human), I wouldn't watch a spinoff of him.
I'm glad to have old Elena back. We didn't need to see two bitchy Elena's. One being Katherine. I also think Elena needs to choose once and for all. I recommend Stefan. LOL.
I like Caroline with so many people. I liked her with Matt and Tyler and I'm very interested in seeing her hook up with Klaus. I wouldn't mind even seeing a Damon reconciliation.
Silas needs to be put out of his misery. Or please put us out of our misery by canning him. He's not a very interesting villain.
Of course they had to use an outside force besides the Salvatore brothers to bring her humanity back. If they had to use the brothers, that means she'd have to have made a decision and that probably won't happen until the end of the show.


I noticed in most of your round tables you tend to ignore Caroline or mention her very very briefly, why is that? How come there was no mention of her & klaus/silas interaction & how heartbreaking it was when she thought her mother is dying, or how even after everything Elena did & the fact that she barely talks to Matt anymore (because they barely put them in scenes together) she still ordered them caps & gowns for graduation.


1. Making us think Matt is dead, that fooled me. Matt and Rebekah scenes were great too!
2. NO! Although she was no match for Katherine in all over bitchy goodness, atleast she was fun to watch
3. Id be safer with Caroline!
4. Lol Yes
5. Katherine.. Given all the renewed attention she is getting, plus the finale synopsis says it all! Will be sad to see her go


I really don't have any glue where the road is going now. Everything I really loved seemed to be gone. Am I the only one who's missing human elena and her innocence.. I miss a lo of epic stuff of the past and I feel a little or let's say a lot played with all this delena stuff. They both had the possibility of being epic but with all this sire bond stuff we just had a perfect love scene destroyed by a stefancaroline interruption..but this is a different story
1. Damon goin the hard way with elena and bringin back her humanity
2. Yes but only if the storyline will move on
3. No one..don't like controller freaks messin with my mind
4. Yes.."matts diary - how to survive when everyone around is dead
5 silas


Matt can be Sophie's cousine, in the Original spin off. Rebekha & Matt would be together Lexi would come back & put Damon the psycho in his place Instead of being sired, manipulated or forced into being "back to herself"!! Elena will finally choose,


1. Anything with beks. Car was freaking great when she thought her mom died.
2. I dislike elana so idc which is bk, although bitchy elana was kinda cool and Nina killed the scene with her getting her emotions back.
3. Rebekah, of course. I have such a girl crush on Claire Holpt . I did like car with the flash cards and energy bars comment. That was funny.
4. Send Matt to the originals so we can get more matt and beks time. He could be Sophie busboy
5. Sheriff Forbes can die. Silas should have never came around and Tyler is good as dead. So it will probably be bon bon lol


These are the 3 things that are annoying me; 1) apart from being emotional for a few seconds, Elena is pretty much the same. 2) what happened to Elena being sired to Damon? 3) Silas sory line is not interasting What do you guys think??

Spindae 2o

1.Fav scene!
-Caroline vs Silas! Come on guys she honestly nailed it. The terror in her eye, the multiple twists tremendous.
2.Old Elena!?
I'm not sure if she is going to be a cry baby again she can turn it off. I hated that everyone was telling she was a Kat 2.0 , Emotionless Elena is different she is cruel and cold. Kat always had some emotions, yes hidden but present U could feel it.
3.My tutor would be. . .
Caroline for sure, but I doubt I wouldn't learn to much with either 2 hot to learn.
I like him every un even season 1 and 3 and than it's about Vicky! So that noup don't give him a spin off season 5 is coming.
5. who is going to die!?
Hmmmm Silas, Tyler or Kat ! The WTF moment could be killing Elena and than trying to bring her back in the season 5 premise!


How does killing Katherine mean killing everyone? The bloodline thing only works for the Originals.

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Rebekah: All hands on deck. That's the motto around here, right?
Caroline: We don't have a motto.

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