The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Who's Coming Back?

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 is on hiatus until April 18.

But TV Line has given fans something rather significant to ponder in the meantime.

Hunter in Training

The website confirms that Steven R. McQueen will return to The CW drama at some point this spring, though the form he takes is still unknown.

Might Silas pass himself off as the deceased younger brother of Elena? Or might The Other Side be destroyed and Jeremy join a number of other returning characters in Mystic Falls this May?

My guess: considering The Originals is all but guaranteed to be picked up... and it would mean a rash exist for multiple regulars... The Other Side will, indeed, be removed, paving the way for Jeremy and others (Lexi?) to rejoin the series for Season 5.

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Absolutely NOT, all these dead characters will NOT suddenly return to be series regulars in season 5. The show would lose all credibility if they did that. I'm guessing Elena & Jeremy will say one final goodbye (possibly restoring her humanity in the process), but then he will move on.


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Yes! I have wanted Lexi and Kol to return, and the show just isn't the same without Jeremy. I do hope his return doesn't involve Elena turning her emotions back on, however. I like seeing her as manipulative and conniving and think her new attitude will open a lot of story possibilities. The old Elena was getting old.


Here something what would hapen Victoria Related to Kathrine also that would be cool so red head that comes back and Elna goes to st of Washington that would a fifth season real good would it?

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