Vegas Review: Every Girl Deserves a Cowboy

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"Little Fish" featured the Vegas girls leaving town and the cowboys on the losing end…or so it seemed.

Jack Attacks Savino

Apparently Frank Blackwell likes his hookers young, which turned out to be a problem for the Savoy. As I watched, I contemplated how things have changed. Would 17 still be legally considered a minor in most states if this case happened today?

I know Ralph wanted to help the girl but he was sure quick to turn on Catherine when she had to let Patricia go.  There's bending the rules and then there's not following the law at all.  Catherine had no legal right to hold Patricia, although perhaps someone should have asked the mom to show some ID. Not that it wouldn't have been easy enough to fake one in 1960.

Mia has turned out to be one of the strongest characters one the show.  She gave Patricia a new life in a way that no one else could and then made sure Frank understood exactly what would happen to him if he ever ratted on the details of the skim from her count room.  Frank should consider himself lucky. If his conversation had been with Savino it probably would have ended up under six feet of desert. 

It's good to know that Mia has her doubts about Vince. He never gave her a straight answer to her question about telling Rizzo she was a rat. Mia's smart enough to spot a dodge when she sees one.

I had no idea what Jack was thinking when he assaulted Savino in his own office.  It appeared reckless and foolish and he was lucky not to get arrested or killed. Then the other shoe dropped.

Jack planted a bug in Savino's phone. I wonder when wire tapping laws went into effect. My guess is it wasn't in 1960.

It was funny listening to Savino lament about his fish having scale rot. It seems big time mobsters have small time problems too.

Dixon was very cute as he couldn't take his clothes off fast enough to jump in the pool with Violet. They make a sweet couple but I don't know what he expects when he gets to Los Angeles. Violet likes him but I don't see her walking away from her life long dream of becoming a starlet just to be his girlfriend back in Vegas.

Yvonne was a surprise. The girl can definitely sing. I wouldn't mind seeing the look on her face when she has her first real pastrami sandwich either. She'll understand the need to have one delivered from 300 miles away.

Will Mia ever give Jack a second chance?  Will Yvonne or Violet make it big in Hollywood? Is there any hope for a relationship between Ralph and Catherine? 

After a hiatus of several weeks, are you happy to be back in Vegas?

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New intro is good. Mia's great. Really no photo ID check?


Great return of a great show! I love the new opening. I agree with everything in your review. One thing you didn't mention: was it me, or did Yvonne look disappointed when Dixon said he was going to LA with her so he could get Violet back? Dixon & Yvonne have had a fun, bickering kind of chemistry all along, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they ended up together. As for Ralph & Catherine: Jeez, just kiss her already, man! We all know you want to! Jack & Dixon are following their hearts, and Ralph needs to do the same.


Almost forgot. Loving the new opening for the Vegas theme.


Welcome back! My Vegas is back with a sweet edge. Mia is fierce and it may take a while before she lets her guard down again with Jack, if she does at all. Jack got off easy. If he didn't have such good friends in law enforcement, no one would have believed him. He would be in jail. Frankly, after all that happened with Mia, I wanted Jack to have his own comeback for Savino, I'm glad that he was quick on his feet. Looking forward to the next episode.

Vegas Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

She's a child and you're a grown man. That's enough to get you beatings and god knows what else in Nevada state.


Sheriff: I want you to run down her parents.
Patricia: Might as well search for the Easter bunny while you're at it.