Yvonne Strahovski to Reprise Killer Role on Dexter

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Yvonne Strahovski is not done with Dexter.

Or with Dexter, for that matter.

The actress, who came on board Dexter Season 7 as a killer named Hannah McKay, will reprise that dangerous character for multiple episodes this summer.

Sizing Up Hannah

When we last saw Strahovski's cold-blooded murderer, she had escaped from prison and left a plant for Dexter outside his apartment door.

No word on just how many installments will feature Hannah, but we'll find out relatively soon: Showtime has moved up the premiere of Dexter Season 8 to June 30.

EW.com broke this exciting piece of casting news.

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so glad shes coming back. i just hope shes not out to kill deb or dexter. i do like dexter and hannah together.


Hanna is one of the best, most morally mysterious characters created on the show. She has chosen not to be a victim, though she could have. She is not needy and clingy, she has a dignity along with her darkness. She is capable of love and loyalty, and yet is pragmatic about taking a life. She tries to give a person a fair chance before she hits backs when they don't let up harassing her. She did that with the sleaze bag Juvie Counsellor, and she did that with Deb. And Yvonne S. makes her downright likeable!


Noooo. Hannah is awful.


Im glad she is coming back to TV. she is a great actress and deserves to be in the spotlight. Hopefully she finds a permanent space on a show.

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