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This week we said goodbye to one of television's favorite zip codes. After an hour retrospective with the cast and crew of 90210, it was time for the series finale, "We All Fall Down."

Picking up right after last week's crazy cliffhanger, we dove right into the aftermath of the explosion at the theater.

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Since Adrianna was finishing her act as the stage started shaking, she ended up trapped in the rubble. With relief efforts accounting for everyone else, Navid ran back in and scrambled under a very shaky infrastructure to rescue the love of his life. As they awaited help (and somehow had cell service) they talked about how to proceed when they finally got rescued. At first Adrianna wanted to take it slow, get it right... but after a gas leak that endangered their lives even further, they decided that this was it. They were all in. Navianna forever!

All hands were on deck helping with the relief effort, even if Naomi's motive was partially selfish. C'mon, it's Naomi, what'd you expect? She still get the job done! After throwing a Goo Goo Dolls concert to raise money and remedy her image, the show had to be cut short for emergency vehicles to deal with the gas leak.

Because Naomi was out the money, she agreed to a reputation damaging tell-all interview about the other Prince Harry for half a million. Then she donated all of that money to the Red Cross. Atta girl, Naomi.

As it turns out, Naomi's interview convinced the Prince that he needed to go to rehab. The Emperor was eternally grateful and now Jordan's momzilla owed Miss Naomi a favor. Jordan parlayed this - and voila! - Naomi got her happy ending.

Not everybody got the same, but everybody did feel the power of friendship. Silver received bad news regarding her scans. She has cancer. She picked up a bottle of prescription pills and considered going down that route, but Dixon shed a little light when he sat down to talk to her about adoption. By the way, that was probably my favorite scene of the finale. I love Dixon and I love that he was able to be there to support Silver.

You reach deeper until you can find the strength. That’s all life is, one big fight after another. | permalink

I also teared up a little when Annie hugged Dixon goodbye before Paris. With other ends tied up, Annie, Naomi and Jordan gassed up the private jet to head to Washington D.C. and then France. As Annie looked miserable rolling her suitcase on the jetway, Liam was racing to the airport. He finally read the ending of her book and realized that they were meant for each other.

In a totally risky, corny, but also incredibly romantic move, Liam rode up alongside the plane until he caught Annie's attention. Seriously I think the last time I saw that move was with Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar. Anyway, Annie stopped the plane. Liam hopped off the bike, gave his speech - and got down on one knee. I guess Annie was wrong when she said life wasn't like her book and she couldn't get a happy ending.

Lannie fans, are you satisfied?

Considering how little time the writers had to turn a season finale into a series finale, I enjoyed the last episode of the second coming of 90210. What about all of you? What was your favorite part? What would you have changed? Hit the comments and take a little Naomi Clark advice for the road:

I've there's one thing I've learned, it's that it's never over. It's only just beginning


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I really hate that 90210 ended. I wanted to write the director and tell him that he should continue to write more series. I have a lot of grate ideas for a remake. I really think that they should continue to make more series and episodes with the same people that they ended it with. I also wish I could write to whoever wrote it but I can't.


90210 should have never ended!! It must go on forever...since it ended i have been so bored and have nothing to be interested in :(


I really hate the ending. The story was rushed and suddenly the tables were turned. There should have been enough and more profound stories before turning everything into an end.


I dont get why everybody hates the ending , I loved it and even teard up a bit . Maybe its because i havent seen the original 90210 or because im not a critic, but absolutly loved this show and the ending.


This was the worst ending to any tv show ever! Everything was forced, Liam and Annie made zero sense to me since the very beginning of their so called romance. I was only happy about Navid and Ade, although their sudden pairing was a but unrealistic too. I hated how they ruined the best character in the show! Naomi was 90210, the only reason why I watched the show and she ends up with a random dude who is not remotely goodlooking and has zero chemistry with Naomi! I always hoped Liam and Naomi would somehow end up together, they were the best couple on The CW (apart from Chuck and Blair of course) Over all the series finale was very disappointing.Considering that I have watched this show since the day it aired for the first time, this should have been an emotional goodbye, but I actually felt like forwarding most of what was going on.


This was the worst ending ever!!! I thought it sucked. I liked 90210 well enough but I felt the ending was forced and just threw people together like whatever. Only good couple was annie/liam. adriana/navid seemed forced like no other choice and dixon/silver end up alone but toghther would have been better if they were really together. And naomi should have ended up with Max not that other nobody loser. Worst ending ever. Good for a season finale but not a series finale!! They should have taken a hint form Gossip Girl


Does anybody know the song that is playing throughout the 90210 4ever retrospective episode when they are being interviewed?


development ESP with the last few episodes. Although it seems nearly impossible, I hope a 90210 movie can be produced. May the infamous zip code forever be remembered!


Considering all things, the ending was good. We have to keep in mind that most of the finale had already been filmed. I know it was rushed, but it was worth the watch.
I loved Liam and Annie's ending. It was rushed and I don't think they got enough scenes but I loved every scene they had. The proposal was perfect. I seriously melted....then died.
It's nice that Navade were able to come to realize that they were able to be with one another. I love the picture they painted about their future.
I wanted Naomi to be independent, but as long as she's happy, I'm okay with that. I would have preferred her with Austin, or even uh...Max.
Silver! I don't like that she got this ending. I wish we cold see some sort of resolution for her. I'm glad there was plausible hints for Silver and Dixon. Se deserves to find happiness, and so does he. I am really going to miss this crazy mess of a show. It feels like the writers were conquering group scenes and doing well with character development ESP with the last few episodes. Although it seems nearly impossible, I hope a 90210 movie can be produced.


I hated the ending, at least in the orginal 90210 we saw David and Donna get married, It was not a good way to end the show, be nice if someone picked it up so we could see what happens in the future.

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Ironically people don't want a wild party girl planning their party.


I would love nothing more than a chance to have a relationship to be able to hold hands, jump on a private jet to Cabo like normal people.