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On "Reckoning," Army Wives fans were treated to pretty significant field scenes - and I think they will bring changes to the characters that will take a long time to settle. The ladies will look back on their party at Denise's and wish for the simple times once again.

The soldiers never seem as excited to leave for home as the spouses are to receive them. Except the last soldiers who are left behind. They are the ones who are most looking forward to getting home and are instead sitting back watching the youngsters wish they were staying on the battlefield.

The Ladies Bond

It was pretty obvious as soon as Bravo was ordered home that tragedy was going to strike again. The potential for drama is too good and they've been spending too much time in Afghanistan for them to just go over, become combat buddies and come home. It was about to hit the fan.

Latasha's family dog got hit by a car this week, and when she went to pay the bill, she was shocked. It was essentially the same story in Afghanistan. As the battalion cleared out, they were caught with empty pockets at a time when they needed to pay up. You never know when something's going to happen, but you always have to be prepared. Their contingency plan wasn't good enough.

Unless I've forgotten another episode, this was the most intense fighting we've ever witnessed on Army Wives. In the past the majority of the action focused on the spouses left behind. I think these agonizing scenes were necessary to tell a story we've not seen a lot of focus on to this point - what happens to the soldier when he comes home after such an embittered and violent time in the field.

I'm thinking specifically of Tim Truman and Holly. High school sweethearts, newlyweds. They are so green they smell like grass. Yet Truman just strangled a man to death with his bare hands and watched his new best friend get shot before his eyes. All the advice the ladies gave to Holly about what to expect when he got back never took anything like that into consideration. Their story just got a lot more powerful.

We don't know who was killed or wounded. I'm guessing Latasha's husband was wounded and Hector was killed, paving the way for Gloria and Patrick to move on, but for the new obstacle to be her overwhelming guilt. They were doing a lot of work at redeeming Hector and his poor choices, so killing him off would be good timing for his character, Gloria and Truman. He was a perfect catalyst for many other stories to develop. Just a theory, of course, but it sure looked like that bullet took him in the side of the head.

Another option would be for him to be a non-walking wounded soldier and for Gloria to feel so guilty she went back to him to care for him, which would still put him in the path between she and Patrick, who I think are an end-game couple. Why was he standing up staring at Truman during enemy fire??

Enough about that. We have to wait and see. Let's quickly brush on the other stories of the night.

I'm so lost about the Maggie/Caroline situation. First of all, Maggie should not have been calling Caroline and leaving voice mails. No teen (rarely any human these days) answers their phone, but they will read a text. TEXT MESSAGE HER MAGGIE. Maggie is young enough to know that.

Secondly, Caroline's behavior at the party, timid and afraid of the world, was completely against the character they've written her to be so far. Yes, she's been riding on the coattails of her "friends," but that frightened girl didn't seem like the same Caroline who's been doing everything in her power to be the tough girl where Maggie is concerned. The few times we thought she was giving in turned out to be lies, as that's when we learned she was hanging with the wrong crowd.

Considering everything that happened, Maggie was amazing with Caroline after she was taken for a ride. I'm not sure Caroline deserved the chance she got, but Maggie gave it to her anyway. Time will tell if she learned a lesson.

I'm still extremely happy with the way the Jackie/Patrick/Gloria news was handled by Jackie and Gloria. Even when Gloria snapped a bit at Jackie, Jackie took it well. She was taken aback, but didn't hold it against Gloria. She was so understanding. Their open and honest communication with each other is refreshing.

Poor Holly and all of her shopping will likely be for nothing now, and it will be interesting to see how the actress who plays her, Elle McLemore, handles the weightier issue.

Joan made her decision about War College. What do you think it will be? Part of me thinks she wants to be with her family, but the other part says Wendy Davis isn't leaving the show, so say goodbye to Roland and the kids.

What did you think of the episode and do you think we lost anyone from the series in the fighting? What do you expect will be next for the ladies?


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I love the show army wife it's awsome


I love the show army I watch every sunday at nine clock


Well I am enjoying this season to the fullest...With the exception that I really don't like Hector and do not want him and Gloria to go back together. What are we saying to young women our there it is ok to be cheated on and your husband have a baby with another women... Why shouldn't she be able to go out with someone worth while... On the Joan subject this is a very hard one because her husband has always sacrificed for her and the family... He deserves to live his dream..Marriage is a give and take and both partners need to support each other, not just one sided.. And I hope Monteclaire will be able to recover 100%.


I am interested to see how Tim and Holly's relationship is when he gets home. Clearly the guy's gonna have PTSD or something. I may be wrong, but I don't believe the show has really ever had a main character suffer from PTSD. It should also be noted that the husband of a main character has never died, which is really surprising given the nature of the show. I don't think Quincy is dead because they don't deliver death notifications over the phone. Also, I seriously doubt Hector is dead because there is so much more of a story to be told between him, Gloria, and Patrick. I also predict Hector getting full custody of his child and trying to handle the struggles of being a single parent in the Army. I've got to say, I was really skeptical about this season with all the cast changes. But I think this is the best season in years. I've seen every single episode, and this is the most engaged I've been since Jeremy died.


Kimberly and Ruru, I can't believe you guys are condemning Roland at this time. When is it his turn? How long is he supposed to put his life and his dreams on hold? It's been decades; decades of watching his wife leave and wondering if she'll come back alive, decades where his own professional dreams had to come last in the family equation. He wants to be a family, and he wants a turn to be fulfilled in his life professionally. Over and over Joan has told him through her actions that she is the star of this marriage, and will be forever. This is yet another instance of her saying this, AFTER she has committed to them being together as a family while he gets to pursue HIS dream. Girl deserves the regrets she is gonna have it if her career is more important than her family.


I think Joan would be a fool to go to war college she need to start thinking of her future and her family future because the army does not last forever


I know Joan will choose the war college. Roland is leaving the show. It seems the only original Army Wife will be Denise. I miss the old crew and was devastated when Claudia Joy left. This season is really losing me. This may be my last season of Army Wives.


I agree with you @kimberly if she doesn't go to war college she will resent roland and always wonder what could of been. Roland has always supported her career now when the biggest step to become a general what's she has always wanted you can't force her in to that decision. He really was like a bully when he said the cards have been on the table for a while.I was like what cards lol. I can understand Roland being upset because it was like she got his hopes up. I really hope she goes to war college and they work it out.


I think Joan is going to war college. That's why she seemed so sad when she called Roland. I am very disappointed in Roland. He has always been one of my favorites, but in this situation he has been a bully. Surely he knows this war college represents what Joan has worked and sacrificed for her entire life. If Joan has chosen to give it up and go with Roland I think she might eventually resent him for giving her that ultimatium. I agree that this episode is the most "real" look at war that we have been given since "AW" began. The scene with Tim killing the enemy combatant will be one that will stay with me a long time. Bravo to the actor who played it with such visual, palpable emotion. Also, bravo to Frank as the commanding officer both at headquarters and at Reno. He has such vivid facial expression that conveys more in a scene than words ever could. Every expression built on showing he knew what it was to be in a fierce battle and what the aftermath could bring, especially when he was told how many KIA. After Frank talked to Pat there was a great camera angle of him trudging away with a weight on his shoulders.

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