Blue Bloods Review: Crisis of Faith

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"This Way Out" picked up with the aftermath of the shooting of Officer Vinny Cruz and everyone was still reeling from his death.

The Reagans Watch

I understood both sides of the argument between the Mayor and Frank.  They both wanted to help clean up the Bitterman Projects but where Frank was focusing on the gang members who held it hostage, Poole saw the people who lived in fear and felt that the NYPD wasn't there for them.

Frank described their difference of opinion quite succinctly in this Blue Bloods quote

Frank: We got a big divide here. You want to win all their hearts and minds and I want to grab some of them by the short and curlies. | permalink

Mayor Poole had nothing on Grace Newhouse. Grace wasn't in office five minutes when she was demanding to see some shock and awe out of the NYPD and threatening Frank's job if she didn't get it. 

Frank: I can be your top cop Grace. It doesn't make me your guy. World of difference there. | permalink

So true. I was hoping we'd see Frank find a new love interest by the end of Blue Bloods season 3 but Grace Newhouse certainly isn't it. 

In the meantime, Danny was doing everything in his power to get to Santana but the fear the man instilled allowed him to control everyone in his path.  I even felt for the gang member who told Danny that if he talked it didn't matter how well the NYPD would protect him. He'd know that Santana was torturing his loved ones back home.  Who would protect them?

In the end, Santana putting the hit out on his own girlfriend, Nonna played into Danny's hands. The poor girl had no family left to protect.

One of the most interesting parts of the episode was Jamie's crisis of faith.  With his partner dead, an attempt on his father's life, and a mentally disabled kid the only one behind bars, Jamie questioned whether or not his prayers were worth anything or if anyone was even listening.

One of the best moments was when Jamie confronted Frank with his suspicions of Hector's abuse at the hands of the NYPD. He truly questioned whether rogue officers were the cause or if orders had come down from his father's office that condoned such treatment. 

I found it quite telling that Jamie felt the need to bring his big sister along for this conversation. Deep down he didn't know what his father's response would be.

Jamie: There's parts of you that I have no idea what goes on. | permalink

The NYPD prevailed and the Reagan family came through it all, a little more weary and beleaguered than they'd been before.  But at least we get to imagine them recovering together on the beach this summer as we head off for the long hiatus and await Blue Bloods return this Fall.


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Jennifer Esposito was put on medical leave and ultimatly left the show due to her illness,celiac disease. As for the season finale loved it, I just hope they address two things: 1. Jamie being shot, he was shot in the vest before Vinny. 2. Vinny dying in his arms. These are two things you just don't bounce back from... just sayin.


hi i'm from England . hope somebody can tell me where det Jackie has gon and if she left what was the story line for her leaving.cheers.


Jamie questioning his faith is common under the current circumstance, the death of his partner and he witness it and could not save him. It will be used in the series but I believe his faith will return.
I love this show, it is unlike any other. It's about a family, and how their jobs and life challenge their lives. Great show!

Ronald simkins

I have to say the Jamie's issues haven't been resolved. Looking forward to the next season.

Sarah silva

What a great way to end the season. I have a feeling Jamie will quit the force and go back to being a lawyer.
Can not wait until fall.


Sorry the season is over but looking forward already to the fall! We do need some more individual attention on Jamie's story though - he needs a relationship that works. He is definitely my favorite Reagan! Thank you for reviewing this season - it is appreciated.

Sue ann

I would be shocked if Jamie's crisis of faith is over.


Do you think Jamie's crisis of faith is over? I get the feeling that losing his partner is going to gnaw away at him for some time to come. Fascinating episode. And I'm glad it's renewed and we'll see the whole gang back for next season.


I'm so glad BLUEBLOODS is renewed for another season. It's not "just another police procedural"....the family dynamic sets it apart. If EVERY family had a Sunday dinner like the Reagans, our country would be a better place.

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I can be your top cop Grace. It doesn't make me your guy. World of difference there.