Fox Unveils 2013-2014 Schedule, Shifts Bones to Fridays

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Fox has unveiled its confusing 2013-2014 schedule, locking in a Monday evening premiere slot for Bones... and then shifting this long-running drama to Fridays after the World Series and replacing it on Monday with J.J. Abrams' new drama.

Among other highlights: New Girl has snagged the prime, post-Super Bowl timeslot, while Glee will be replaced on Thursday nights in the spring by the Greg Kinnear-anchored drama Rake.

Scroll down more for a look at what's to come and continue to refresh TV Fanatic all day and week for clips and previews from these new shows (in caps)...

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8/7c Bones (early fall)/ALMOST HUMAN (late fall)
9 p.m. SLEEPY HOLLOW (fall)/ The Following (midseason)

8 p.m. DADS
9 p.m. New Girl
9:30 p.m. The Mindy Project

8 p.m. The X Factor (fall)/American Idol (midseason)

8 p.m. The X Factor Results (fall)/American Idol Results (midseason)
9 p.m. Glee* (fall)/RAKE (midseason)

8 p.m. JUNIOR MASTERCHEF (fall)/Bones (late fall)
9 p.m. Sleepy Hollow encores (fall)/Raising Hope and ENLISTED (late fall)

8 p.m. The Simpsons
8:30 p.m. Bob’s Burgers
9 p.m. Family Guy
9: 30 p.m. American Dad

* Glee will resume Season 5 in late spring and run through June.

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Put bones on sunday nights about. 8pm. I get tired of all the sports about that time ive watched it from the begining and will watch it to the end. But moving it to friday is a big mistake try 9 pm sunday that way i can watch once upon a time Then bones then the mentilist and not miss any show. Sounds like a good thing for me. Its a suggestion worth looking into. Thank you for your time


Bones. My wife and I have watched every episode, we thought the show was great. Just watched the season finale, Pelant lived and got away again. We are in agreement that we have watched our last episode. They have worn out the Pelant storyline.


Not much for me on the Fall schedule, but i was never their target audience anyway.


S**t , bad move Fox... Bones on Friday, come on! I predict that you will be the last network next year...
Bones, Sunday cartoons and New Girl are the only good shows...


Death knell for Bones when it moves to Fridays. This will be the last season. Thanks, FOX, for nothing! This is the only show now on your network that I watch and when it ends, I am gone as well.


Bones is still a great show for those of us that have watched since the beginning. I am extremely disappointed that Touch was canceled.


While it's sad because it used to be such a good show, it's about time to put Bones into the Friday night death slot. The show is getting tired and the stories are getting absurd. Asking for willing suspension of disbelief is one thing; treating your audience as if they are complete morons is another.


@SoapJunk Bone is getting old and its getting harder to pay the actors also the ratings have not been good because they get their butt kick by Monday night Raw and Football


Well I guess that answers the "why did they end Glee in the middle of the school year" question. Dumb.


Bones on friday, Why?

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