Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 361

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Grey's Anatomy fans are not the only ones psyched over this show coming back in 2013-2014.

The doctors themselves are also excited over the news!

That much was made clear by this week's Caption Contest winner, as reader "Romple" chose to depict Derek and Brooks high-fiving over the great news. We love it!

Thank you to all who participated and please continue to do so throughout the summer as we extend our run of Grey's Anatomy Caption Contests by the week. Thanks again!

Up Top With Derek!

Derek: We are Renewed for the 10th Season!
Brooks: Woohooo!

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Der: Yay, the Baby is on his way!
Brooks: And you absolutly gonna name him after one of the seven draws!


Derek: We are Renewed for the 10th Season!
Brook: Woohooo!


We are still alive way to go mousey!


we survived another season high five


Mousey: I get to be an awesome surgeon without any contrived plot or backstory. Win!
Derek: And I don't get shot at or thrown out of a plane in the finale. Yeah!


You call me weird you have gaint hands