Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Readiness is Now"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Readiness is Now" in great detail. Now, TVF's Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Sean McKenna are back for a Q&A discussion of the episode's events.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Christina: I loved Cristina's "No! Mousey! No! Mousey!" That was just hilarious.

Courtney: For some reason, I really enjoyed the talks between Mer and Owen about adoption. It felt really grown up for these two. But as far as best quote? "Who knew Kepner could find someone as dorky as she is?" Nailed it!

Sean: When Webber goes up to Bailey and tells her to stop doing copies of the reports and be a surgeon. It was so forward and direct, which is perfect for Bailey. Webber's always been a good friend to her and I hope it gets her back on track.

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2. Bigger twist: That it was actually Jo who beat up Jason, or Arizona cheating?

Christina: The former was so predictable. As for the latter, I honestly didn’t think that Arizona would go past just flirting with Lauren. 

Courtney: Arizona cheating!!! Although I felt like I could see both coming... I didn't expect Arizona to go through with it. I don't think there is anyone who can turn Hilarie Burton down.

Sean: I have to go with Arizona cheating. I thought it would be fun to have some flirting between her and the new doctor, but not full on hook-up. It just seemed weird for her to do it, although it is Hilarie Burton, but she's been trying to get back on a good path where she can have some control over her life. And now, this? Not sure, I like what they are doing with that. It feels like unnecessary drama. Although, I still find it implausible that Jo was the one doing the beating up. A lot of these changing moments feel like they are being forced upon us at the last moment of the season to leave us with some drama headed into the next. Not sure how I feel about it all.

3. Owen still wants to be a father. Arizona cheated. Which of their relationships is more likely to make it?

Christina: Cheaters suck, but I am more inclined to believe that Calzona will find a way still. Callie’s going to be devastated, and rightfully so, but I just think Cristina and Owen won’t be able to last much longer. I really felt sad for Owen when he realized that Ethan would no longer be a presence in his life. They want two very different things. That is all.

Courtney: Without Cristina or Owen changing for each other, they seem pretty doomed. They will always love each other but they will resent each other and it just won't work. My girl Callie on the other hand ... she has a strong backbone and this is not going to go over well. Not sure which relationship is looking promising right now.

Sean: As much as I like Cristina and Owen, I think it's going to be tough for them to fully come together. That said, I feel like Callie has been putting her all into the relationship and then this cheating scandal is going to to take a left turn for their relationship. I'm not sure what the end result will be, but I'm also not sure why the show bothered to throw it in at the last second for the end of the season.

4. What did you think of Matthew’s proposal? Is there still hope for Japril?

Christina: Well, I’m a huge fan of flash mob proposals. So, I kind of liked it. I almost wished that some of our favorite doctors would have been involved. The proposal was just so April-like. I’m still hoping that Matthew sticks around, but the look on Jackson’s face said it all. They're so not over.

Courtney: It was super corny and super April... which meant... I loved it! Everyone's faces were awesome and April seemed genuinely happy, until she saw Jackson's face. I think these two are still end game but I'm ready for Jackson to have some fun with someone besides April or Stephanie.

Sean: It was very "April" so it worked for them. It was a a fun way to do it, but I still don't think they can last. Jackson may be okay with it now, but I've got a feeling that if they even get to a wedding between April and Matt, Jackson is bound to burst in at the final moment and say he's wanted April all along.

5. We know the super storm is on its way, and it’s going to be chaotic. What would you like to see happen the most on the Season 9 finale?

Christina: I want to see Meredith deliver a healthy and happy McBaby. For me, it’s always been about MerDer and that’s the number one thing I’d like to see.

Courtney: Christina said it right. We need a healthy McBaby to make it's arrival. I also want to see the confrontation between Arizona and Callie and some forward moving scenes for Jo and Alex.

Sean: I hope to see Bailey step back up, Cristina and Owen figure out their relationship. Hopefully, no major deaths. At this point the show should be able to work up emotional drama and powerful moments for a finale without killing off anymore characters. Guess we'll see what the storm physically and metaphorically holds for the hospital.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses below!


Perhaps both Matthew and Ethan's father are in the ambulance...


1.fav scene is Mer told Owen how dose she feel about adopt Zola,so sweets!
2.speechless about cheating,who will believe Jo beat Jason to death?
3.Cristina and Owen will make it
4.flash mob's great,the proposal is so adorable
5. I really want Cristina and Owen have the conversation about kid at the final, seems Shonda makes us wait to next season


1. Cristina's "No Mousey!" she just cracks me up.
2. Arizona cheating wasn't a twist. It seemed like it was pulled out of Shonda's ass to create more drama. There was absolutely no build up whatsoever. She just suddenly flirted then decided to cheat all in a space of what, two episodes?
3. Cheating is horrible but in the long run, Calzona has a better chance of working things out. They can at least meet half way. With Crowen there is no middle ground. Both are standing firm and neither should give in for the sake of the other. At some point they will have to love each other enough to let go.
5. Healthy McBaby. 9 yrs Shonda, 9 yrs I've waited. Serious talk between Calzona about wth is wrong with Arizona. Shonda better have a damn good explanation for Arizona's behaviour and I'm gonna be super pissed if it's only due to PTSD.


The creators need to understand the wrath they would experience if they have Mcbaby not make it! Now That would be a Storm!


Alex STILL has not met the woman of his dreams ... it's not Jo & I don't want to see Cristina with Alex either. Ever since Cristina patted the mattress & Alex layed down on it a couple of episodes back & they confided in each other, that he is in love w/Jo & she thinks she is losing Owen, I have been thinking "please don't." They have had a hate/hate relationship all these years. Even though I LOVE Owen & Cristina together, I think Cristina ends what little they have left, hell, they're already divorced, it can't be that much of a stretch for either of them. Owen needs to finally see that Cristina wants nothing to do with being a mother & is not at all "domestic" - she is a surgeon who likes a great deal of sex. THAT is who Cristina Yang is, or is it? In the promo, who is Owen protecting when the bus overturns & is on fire? Ethan? I hope all is well with McBaby - I'll bet Shonda wants us to think about THAT all summer - darn you, if you do that, Shonda - it's a baby!!!

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