Grey's Anatomy Review: Ready or Not

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This week's penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy hit the ground running to kick off a two-part finale with "Readiness Is All."

Born and raised in Oklahoma and now living in Texas, I’ve experienced my fair share of massive weather disasters. From the craziest of storms, tornadoes and even hurricanes, I'm very familiar with preparing for Mother Nature – or at least trying to anyway.

No amount of preparation can ever be enough. I’m sure we’ll soon see that even with overstocking hospital supplies, getting ready for double capacity, having hardcopies of charts ready and much more... it all won’t be enough. It’s going to be CRAZY next week.

Meredith and Cristina Photograph

So, what went down on the first episode of the two-part finale?

Well, we picked up right where we left off last week with Alex comforting a battered Jo. Alex brought in Jason, who was severely beaten up. I felt like it was a little too obvious that we were supposed to believe that Alex was responsible... and then it felt a bit too predictable that it was Jo all along.

I’ve been feverishly waiting for Jalex to happen, but I’m not so sure I’m digging how they’re coming together now. At least he finally basically admitted he loved her. By the way, do you agree with Alex’s blackmailing/threatening of Jason? Was Derek right in that Alex was entirely wrong for what he did?

Meanwhile, I can’t believe that Arizona went beyond flirting with Peyton Lauren. What’s going to happen to Calzona?!? Also, it doesn’t seem like Cristina and Owen are ready to come to terms with their situation. Owen clearly can’t let go of wanting to be a dad, and with Ethan gone now, I’m thinking he’s going to realize it’s all more than just a want. Is it only a matter of time for both of these couples?

As a huge fan of flash mob proposals, I thought that Matthew’s gesture was just so ridiculously made for April. And did you catch that look on Jackson's face? I’m rooting for Matthew while my gut feeling tells me that he’s just standing in Japril’s way.

Lastly, how scary was Meredith’s tumble down the stairs? I figured she’d be okay, but it was still kind of terrifying. Her water broke and hopefully all will be well with the McBaby.

Other Thoughts

  • I’m so glad that Webber totally called Bailey out on her stubbornness. Even more importantly, she’s finally heading back to the O.R.
  • Cristina yelling, “No! Mousey! No! Mousey!” was kind of hilarious. Side note: McDreamy is right. Brooks is very weird.
  • My favorite moments are still with just Alex, Cristina and Meredith. They’re always there for each other. This matters so much still.
  • There were many interesting medical cases this week, but I felt like all of the drama amongst the doctors took center stage. It was hard to care too much about anything else.
  • I actually didn’t realize this was the second-to-last episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 until tonight. This season seriously flew by!

If tonight’s installment was any indication of how adrenaline-rushing next week’s finale will be, I think it’s safe to believe that we’re in for yet another season finale to remember. I can’t wait!

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments to share your predictions for next week’s season finale. Also, don’t forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.


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Ok here's the thing...I finally was able to watch the Arizona/Lauren oncall room scene all the way through. Couldn't bear to watch it before and kept pausing and looking away. Finally manned up and followed through. Yah!!That being said all that was shown was a lot of kissing. Kissing doesn't necessarily mean sleeping together. What if we find out that Arizona comes to her senses, stops everything before it goes any further and leaves the room. Would we still consider her a cheater?


Am I the only one that thinks there gonna make Alex and Cristina a couple? There is always sexual testion between those two.


Oh my so many errors lol I meant say watching Callie between Lauren and Arizona. Oy!


I hope Callie catches them and goes ballistic. I'd like her to lose some control and get physical! At least throw some chairs and flip over tables! Arizona cheating is definitely out of character. I expected that should would probably kiss Lauren. But lock the door and go all in, took me by surprise. I get the PTSD, the attraction to Lauren for wanting her with everything that she knew. But using that as an excuse is bs! Like someone is said the moment Arizona locked that door she made a conscious decision to throw her whole marriage down in flames!
I feel so bad from Callie. This is the second time someone disrespected her marriage. Just watching her between Arizona and Callie while the make googgly eyes made me cringe. She was so oblivious to it all and it was happening right in front of her face. Man I can't wait for next week!


Definitely loved Thursdays episode. Just a brief prediction Matthew dies in the season finale. The promote shows April crying as an ambulance crashes. Do you think that April's breakdown about the young couple when the wife died a few episodes ago what a bit of playful foreshadowing? I think so.... this is going to be the heartbreaker of the season finale that and calzona breaking up just a guess.


@amberlynn, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I realize that Arizona is a character but in saying that, having her cheat is completely ooc. Yes, she changed and she maybe suffering from PTSD but using that excuse is a cop out. I could understand Owen choking Cristina because he wasn't aware of what he was doing and I can understand if Arizona flirted and kissed Lauren because she got confused and swept up in the moment. But the moment she stopped and locked the door, she made a conscious decision to cheat. I hope to see an essence of Arizona's original character in Shonda's reasoning because if it is just PTSD then I don't buy it and neither should Callie. Just another character assassination in order to inject more drama into an already drama-filled couple.


Okay. Is anyone else thinking that that was an ambulance crash in the promo? And if so, bye-bye Matthew cause that's April screaming. That sucks because she was much more normal with him than with Jackson.


Peckwell claimed "she attacked me". No, she hit him after he grabbed her in a threatening manner. Alex was right to discourage Jason from pressing charges. Two things that most people will take from the situation is that 1) he hit a girl and 2) he got beaten up by a girl. Loved how Mere and Cris immediately rallied around Alex when they thought he was in trouble.


I don't think Derek was aware that it wasn't Alex that beat up Jason, but Jo. I'm still on with Jalex.
McBaby has to be ok! I mean, seriously how much more "wrong" could happen to them? Never been a fan of Owen & Christina, but las few episodes... it kind of want me to root for them. Never been a fan to Japril either and that still doesn't change. I like April and Mr Ambulance.


Shame on Arizona, especially after ALL Callie has done for her during her recovery and self-consciousness about her leg. YET, she was more than ready to strip down and get naked in front of Dr. Snake in the Grass! I was shocked and only the lightening strike and subsequent darkness saved it from being a totally "icky" moment. OK, so let's say they break up...Callie and Owen fall in love and have the baby he so desperately wants, Alex finally gets with JO! Maybe Christina and Arizona hook up? NO, that's not gonna happen but I sure am looking forward to next week and in the midst of all that chaos, a baby will be born who will also have her name on the hospital. Greys Anatomy continues its run of excellence even though Scandal is keeping Shonda busy! She certainly has a gift for writing compelling characters. Rollercoaster ride, indeed and just let me say, Thanks!

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