Grey's Anatomy Review: Ready or Not

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This week's penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy hit the ground running to kick off a two-part finale with "Readiness Is All."

Born and raised in Oklahoma and now living in Texas, I’ve experienced my fair share of massive weather disasters. From the craziest of storms, tornadoes and even hurricanes, I'm very familiar with preparing for Mother Nature – or at least trying to anyway.

No amount of preparation can ever be enough. I’m sure we’ll soon see that even with overstocking hospital supplies, getting ready for double capacity, having hardcopies of charts ready and much more... it all won’t be enough. It’s going to be CRAZY next week.

Meredith and Cristina Photograph

So, what went down on the first episode of the two-part finale?

Well, we picked up right where we left off last week with Alex comforting a battered Jo. Alex brought in Jason, who was severely beaten up. I felt like it was a little too obvious that we were supposed to believe that Alex was responsible... and then it felt a bit too predictable that it was Jo all along.

I’ve been feverishly waiting for Jalex to happen, but I’m not so sure I’m digging how they’re coming together now. At least he finally basically admitted he loved her. By the way, do you agree with Alex’s blackmailing/threatening of Jason? Was Derek right in that Alex was entirely wrong for what he did?

Meanwhile, I can’t believe that Arizona went beyond flirting with Peyton Lauren. What’s going to happen to Calzona?!? Also, it doesn’t seem like Cristina and Owen are ready to come to terms with their situation. Owen clearly can’t let go of wanting to be a dad, and with Ethan gone now, I’m thinking he’s going to realize it’s all more than just a want. Is it only a matter of time for both of these couples?

As a huge fan of flash mob proposals, I thought that Matthew’s gesture was just so ridiculously made for April. And did you catch that look on Jackson's face? I’m rooting for Matthew while my gut feeling tells me that he’s just standing in Japril’s way.

Lastly, how scary was Meredith’s tumble down the stairs? I figured she’d be okay, but it was still kind of terrifying. Her water broke and hopefully all will be well with the McBaby.

Other Thoughts

  • I’m so glad that Webber totally called Bailey out on her stubbornness. Even more importantly, she’s finally heading back to the O.R.
  • Cristina yelling, “No! Mousey! No! Mousey!” was kind of hilarious. Side note: McDreamy is right. Brooks is very weird.
  • My favorite moments are still with just Alex, Cristina and Meredith. They’re always there for each other. This matters so much still.
  • There were many interesting medical cases this week, but I felt like all of the drama amongst the doctors took center stage. It was hard to care too much about anything else.
  • I actually didn’t realize this was the second-to-last episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 until tonight. This season seriously flew by!

If tonight’s installment was any indication of how adrenaline-rushing next week’s finale will be, I think it’s safe to believe that we’re in for yet another season finale to remember. I can’t wait!

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments to share your predictions for next week’s season finale. Also, don’t forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.


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Largely disappointing episode. Arizone is a cheater, and Callie will never get over that, plain and simple, and Arizone will lose 'her baby' in Sofia and prolly be written out of the show due to lack of fanbase. The fact that it was Jo who had 'beat up' Jason was a boring outcome - you'd wanna see Alex Karev as the bad guy, yet still the guy tilting at windmills while in the throws of a misguided herocomplex.
And the 'end' for those two, wasnt what i'd been waiting 1 week for - I did like his threat on Jason, and whilst Derek might disapprove, he would do the exact same thing if roles were reversed - he just has to play the moral compass of the show. The whole April-thing; write her out, she's not even entertaining, just annoying. Jackson needs to get back into surgery, cuz he's a good character and defo the best replacement for Eric Dane and there's so much potential, although, im not sure what tbh. Is Webber a part-owner of the hospital? Where did he get the money from? I'm pretty sure he doesnt sit on the board, so I dont know where that came from. Largely his role seems odd to me these days.


(cont...) Wonder what will happen with Crowen, Christina is starting to realize his desire for a kid is only growing stronger. I have mixed feelings about Matthew's proposal. April seems really happy with him, but I still want her with Jackson! It seems to me she'll stay a while with Matthew before she comes back to Jackson. I wonder if she'll get married?


Great episode! I personnally like more the personal drama between the chracters instead of deaths, plane crashes and gunmen shootings. I couldn't believe Arizona cheated! Felt sad for Owen. I'm sure he was happy for Ethan but also disappointed he couldn't adopt him. Wonder what will h


That Flash mob proposal was so sweet! Awesome how Bailey is back in the OR! I got scared for Meredith too... I was like OH NO! I hope that something will happen/change between Crowen possibly a baby from Cristinas change of heart? to give Owen. Possible!!!


Knowing there will be a season 10 of GA, it's hard for me to have any ideas or theories developed; I'm just riding the gondola and enjoying the ride. I was not surprised at all at Arizona's infidelity. I think she has a lot going on in her soul right now. I strongly disagree with DG with regard to the PTSD; everyone handles that differently, and since Arizona Robbins is a character and not a real person, you can't say how she would handle PTSD. I think Arizona simply wanted to know that she was still hot, still sexy, still yearned after - by more than just Callie (who she felt would lie to her about her degree of sexiness anyway). I think this infidelity will NOT be a turning point in the Calzona relationship; this will begin the healing, if anything. I loved the proposal by Matthew; I found it emotionally riveting. That being said, so many were against Japril and now many are for them; I think Shonda weaved this very intricately. I have no idea what will happen in Season 10, but somewhere in my heart of hearts, I feel Christina will change her mind about wanting kids.


I loved this so much. I just squeaked and yelled all along. I cant believe Arizona would cheat. That was so uncalled for, I didnt like it, thought it was not necessary. Loved Matt's proposal, but I have a HORRIBLE feeling about them. Did anyone see the spoiler clip? Does anyone think what I'm thinking? Sorry, dont want to spoil it. I love April, she's my favorite, I just want her to be happy.


Calzona is done. What Arizona did or will do, is unforgivable. This s/l is utterly ridiculous. Sorry but Shonda can't explain cheating away with PTSD and have it be believable. Not after everything that has happened between them this season alone. Obviously Shonda wasn't satisfied with the character assassination she did on Arizona back in s7. The flash mob was stupid but then again I don't care for April. I loved the grinder in the O.R. The rest was kinda boring.


I loved that "No Mousey No!" part! I kinda like Brook's quirkiness... she is most interesting character among the new interns.. (sidenote: I hate Ross! May be it's the name "Ross" that brings out all the annoying habits) Good Riddance to Ethan. Like the Kepner surprise - it was so .. eh.. Kepner!

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