How I Met Your Mother Review: Pop, Drop and Locket

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For those who doubted the chemistry between Robin and Barney, the How I Met Your Mother Season 8 finale presented a pretty strong case for why they are so good together.

Barney may have missed Robin's cry for help when she couldn't find her buried locket, but he more than made up for it on "Something New."

Reserving their memorable table by the window and producing a pair of the first cigars they ever smoked together showed just how into the relationship Barney is. Maybe you could chalk that up to Barney's amazing attention to detail. Scenes like the one where he gave Robin one last kiss as they left the apartment, however, did well to show the two are not just great friends - but very much in love with each other.

And how about the cameo from Ranjit? What a great touch that was. 

Cristin Milioti as The Mother

There has never been any real room to debate Marshall and Lily's feelings for one another, but the news of Marshall's appointment thrown up against Lily's dream job should prove to be one of the biggest tests of their relationship. Is it possible Marshall's brother has gotten bigger since last we saw him? Maybe it was just Marshall's thinner frame these days, but his bro looked ginormous.

Like Lily, I saw the crushed nuts prank coming all the way, but at the airport I really thought he was being nice and offering to help Marshall with his bag... silly me.

Back East, I thought Lily put together Ted's reason for moving to Chicago a little too quickly. Then I remembered how Lily has always had a nose for lies, a.k.a. "where's the poop?" Ted probably would have found the locket while packing up his apartment, but at least by telling him about it, Lily also got to tell him to be careful. Let's hope Ted can get that apartment back when he eventually decides to stay in Manhattan. I have always loved that place as well as the house in Westchester. 

Another thing I have always loved about the show is any scene where we get to see Robin drunk. She was absolutely hilarious in Lily's flashback, with her allusion to the gold watch scene from Pulp Fiction

Ted planning on leaving Sunday night from the wedding is a nice idea at heart. I get he doesn't want to be a downer and ruin Lily's "Christmas," but his not being there will be just as odd and disappointing for Barney and Robin. If leaving early is what it's going to take for him to finally meet the mother, though, than so be it. 

Seeing the mother's face has been such an anticipated moment, I almost didn't believe it was happening. I think one of the best aspects of the episode was that while we were finally deemed worthy as fans to gaze upon Ted's future wife, there still remained a number of unresolved issues at the end. I have been wondering what exactly was going to keep us all coming back next season, but now I absolutely can't wait. 

So was it as good as you had hoped? Was she what you expected? Let us know what you thought and have a legendary off season. 


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Just loved the ending.....A perfect finale.....Not jus because they showed the mother at the end, but because its what a season finale shud b... It showed a big thing happening in everyone's life - Marshall getting selected for judgeship, Lily excited about movin to Italy, Ted moving to Chicago, Barney and Robin getting married.....It was one of the best (if not the best ) season finale's ever in the past 8 years...


yeah you have to be a SPECIAL kind of stupid to somehow still be saying "gee I still think Robins the mother er derrrrrrr" First episode with the story set in 2005!!!
"and that kids is how I met your Aunt Robin" Ted tells the kids how he wished in 2013 (when he's known Robin for EIGHT.......YEARS) how he coud have gone to The Mothers apartment and said:
Ted: Hi, i'm Ted Mosby and you dont know it yet but in 45 days you and I are gonna meet and fall in love and have 2 beautiful kids" THERE, ENOUGH!!!! seriously get a clue and a brain and just shut up already! this show isn't inception, its just a love story!


Okay, can I just ask how it is possible that people are still hoping for Robin??? At the end of season one it is blatantly stated: That is how I met your Aunt Robin. There you have it: she in not their mother. And as to the 'they are not his Ted's kids' thing, there is no way. That would make this the stupidest premise of a show ever. "Hi kids, I'm a friend of your mother, let me tell you how I met her." No way.


Great finally. Got a shock when the mom was shown....LOL...Can't wait for season 9.


I am still holding out for know it is pretty much impossible but hey it's tv they can make anything happen...and do we know for sure that the "kids" are Teds. What if the kids are Barneys and he is telling them the story of how he met Barneys wife who is their mother...far fetched I know but I just think him and Robin belong's actaully the only reason I watch in hopes that somehow they end up together...Ted and Robin are the Ross and Rachel of this sitcom, they belong together!!!


I have to say that I was a little desapointed when I saw Ted's wife - if she really is Ted's wife - I think it's because I was waiting for this moment for so ong that I kind of have my own opinion about her. I hope there's a twist on the season premiere of the 9th season, for instence she could be a member of Ted's wife's band. But choosing a unknown actress was a good idea, I don't want her to be played by a famous actress whose face is everywhere.


Awesome finale!! But I am dissapointed seeing the face of 'the mother'. Just feel that the actress doesnt live upto the build up of the mother and looks a bit weird! Hugely dissapointed with the casting of the Mother..I hope there is a twist! Cant wait for season 9!!


It's because Ted never stopped loving Robin (as we are reminded ad nauseam) that he meets the Mother! That's beyond ridiculous.


Great season finale by showing the mother at the end, but do we actually get to see the mother. But with the whole10AM 52 hours before the wedding scene are they goin g 24 on us? showing every hour of the days before the wedding? I definitely hope not! Iwant to see that goddamn wedding!


When I heard that they finally got a 9th season, I thought for sure they would end this season without showing the mother, despite the intense buildup to the wedding. Now that we know who she is, and we are literally 2 days till the wedding, the 9th season HAS to open with the day of the wedding. PLEASE!!! It should be an hour long season opener, and it should end with Ted at the train station, just like we saw in flash forwards. I understand the show is called "how I met your mother", but I really think that the 9th season should focus on Ted's courtship with the mother... I want to see them fall in love. I stuck around for all the failed relationships, I want to see the beginning of the one that would be his last. After 8 seasons, of backstory, the show owes it's fans to give them the Ted and Mother relationship.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 24 Quotes

Robin: A week from today we are going to be legend, wait for it...
Barney: Married!

I would open a vein in my arm if I could bleed that locket out, just to make her happy.