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Sure, some of your favorite shows have already wrapped up their seasons and many more will soon soon. This week’s Notebook features intel from Blake Jenner on the Glee finale, John Krasinski on The Office series finale and David Giuntoli's take on not only Nick/Renard working together but also Grimm’s Tuesday night move.

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Jim's Notebook

Glee viewers are not the only ones annoyed that the Catfish story has yet to be resolved but Blake Jenner talked to me about what he thought when he read that finale script. “I was very frustrated. It was like Ryder frustration. I was like ‘who is it? Who is it?’ But when I found out who it was, I was very surprised [because] I think I expected everyone ... I was just like ‘Finally I know who it is! Let's do this.’

And after Ryder’s molestation revelation in the “Lights Out” episode, Jenner believes that the Catfish situation has its upside. “I think regardless who it is, it really opened him up [and] it really gave him a chance to say things that he’s never said before,” Jenner explained. “I think without the Catfish he wouldn't have admitted to everyone that he was molested when he was eleven. I think that’s definitely opened him up a bit.” And, yes, Jenner said, we will find out the mysterious identity in next week’s “All Or Nothing” finale. (More from my chat with Jenner next week!)

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The Office series finale on May 16 is fast approaching but John Krasinski commended the writers for the challenges they’ve put Jim and Pam through over the years, including their recent rift. “My favorite thing about the show,” he explained on a press call with Executive Producer Greg Daniels earlier this week, “has always been how, especially with the Jim and Pam story, how real the writers have always been to a relationship in that yes, they’re incredibly blissful times but, there’s also times where the world around them can stall out and feel like it’s not enough or that it is enough, or feel bland or more exciting from time-to-time.” (Inside scoop - the idea of having Jim go to another city for his career came from Krasinski’s brother.)

One spoiler that Daniels shared about the final episode was that there’s one thing they desperately want for the one-hour finale. “We’re trying to get more time,” he said, “and the network’s being very creative about scraping some more time together for us without having us start the finale in a weird time that will cause half the audience to miss the first ten minutes or something. So, we’ll see how we’re doing, but we’re still hopeful to get slightly more than an hour too.” Can’t wait!

Grimm star David Giuntoli told reporters this week that he’s well aware that the fairy tale-based drama has been having a hard time with ratings on Friday nights. “I think that NBC is showing a lot of faith in Grimm by moving us to Tuesday nights…hopefully The Voice can start getting some of our followers.” He added, “we're very excited to expose Grimm to an entirely new audience and, you know, scare and befuddle the whole new segment of the population.”

And while the season started with that big Nick/Renard fight, it’s surprising that the two are now working closely. It wasn’t surprising to Giuntoli, who gave a warning to those thinking they’re going to be BFFs. “I wouldn't call it a friendship. I wouldn't call us pals,” he explained. “I think we more or less have a common enemy.” The actor also said that he and Juliette will be patching things up soon…only for the writers to throw more obstacles in their path, of course!

That’s a wrap for this week! Anything else you’re dying to know about your favorite show? Leave a comment or email me directly at jim@jimhalterman.com, and follow @TVFanatic for all your TV scoop!

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yeeesssss... work hard on getting more time for the office finale!!! i dont want to see it go :(


Hey I really appreciate the move from Friday to Tuesday!

Glee Quotes

You know, a great big fat person once stood on this stage and told a group of a dozen or so nerds in hideous disco outfits that glee, by its very definition, is about opening yourself up to joy. Now it's no secret that for a long time I thought that was a load of hooey. As far as I could see the glee club was nothing but a place where a bunch of cowardly losers go to sing their troubles away and delude themselves into thinking that they live in a world that cares one iota about their hopes and dreams, totally divorced from the harsh reality that in the real world there's not much more to hope for than disappointment, heartbreak, and failure. And you know what. I was exactly right. Thats exactly what glee club is. But I was wrong about the cowardly part. What I finally realized, now that I'm well into my late thirties, it takes a lot of bravery to look around you and see the world not as it is but as it should be. A world where the quarterback becomes best friends with the gay kid, and the girl with the big nose ends up on Broadway. Finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. That's what glee club is. And for the longest time I thought that was silly, and now I think it's just about the bravest thing that anyone could do.


Glee Club is officially over. Thank you guys. It’s been an honor.