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Early on in the run of Nashville Season 1, the show did a good job of either pairing its interesting characters together or pitting them against each other.  "Take These Chains From My Heart," and what seems like a majority of the run in 2013, has failed to do so.

What drew me into the series, aside from the great musical performances - which we got basically zero of in this hour - were the relationships between Deacon and Rayna, Deacon and Juliette and Rayna and Juliet.

Other than the epic romantic engagement between Deacon and Rayna at the end, and the mini fight between Deacon and Juliette, we were basically treated to none of those great dynamics.

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Instead, they've introduced new characters that have done nothing but limit our favorites' abilities. Dante, specifically, completely destroyed my enjoyment of Juliette. Every time they were seen together I wanted to just move on to what was next.

The Rayna and Liam pairing has been less than awesome, and while I enjoy the veterinarian in and of herself, the lack of passion between her and Deacon could never compare to what Raycon or even Deacolette brings to the table.

With Dante out of the picture - he threw away his cell phone, he's never coming back - I'm ready for Juliette to move on to something much more interesting.

Now that Rayna and Deacon did the nasty, I'm ready for that to continue...and continue...and continue some more. If it's what Deacon wants, it's what should happen. That guy can do no wrong in my book.

The only story that has benefited greatly from the introduction of a new character was the Kid's Club. Chris Carmack's Will has been a breath of fresh air for those annoying kiddos. Sure, his character is a bit over-the-top, but at least it brought some life to the arc.

I did, however, take issue with how completely obvious it became that he was gay, and was quickly going to make a move on Gunnar. If you want to shock the audience with this fact, don't have Will staring Gunnar down with googly eyes for five straight minutes of screen time.

With the more interesting characters being dragged down as of late, Nashville has suffered, because as we know, there are a couple of stories that could have been left out to pasture a while ago.

Any time Teddy, Coleman, Lamar, or Rayna's sister come on screen, it's about time to start tuning out. Seriously, there was one scene during this hour - when Coleman and Tandy were chatting - that I would have benefited from falling asleep. Just a quick cat nap could have done me good and I would have been spared from watching this lackluster plot.

With some changes for our favorite characters at the end of "Take These Chains From My Heart," could the final month of Nashville's first season pick up? Will things get back to the level they were at when we first fell in love with the show?

What did you think of this week's ep? Did you have as many problems as I did? Was this your favorite episode yet? Or were you just happy to have these Nashvillians back on your TV screen?

Nashville Note of the Night: Who could tell what bar Will was playing in on Broadway? Well, windows on multiple sides of the building should have been a hint.  It was Rippy's.


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Dan Forcella is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.


I love this TV show....then the gay factor was introduced....what a dissapointment and turn-off and I don't want to quit watching because of this however my family has boycotted TV shows with similar content. Seriously, don't ruin a great show with all the controversial trends going on in the world. If people choose that lifestyle, they can go watch movies made for that lifestyle but don't jump on the bandwagon to mix it up on a great TV show. I am happy to see Deacon & Rayna finally together, about time....keep it hot and keep it going!Deacon needs to know he has a daughter.Teddy needs to learn a lesson and then maybe give him a pin up girl...he is slimmy. Rayna's sister is way darker than we can imagine and their daddy is in for a wake up call, I am thinking.Juliette will always be the "bad-girl" and she plays it well. Avery is always slow to learn but was surprised he turned down Juliette. The country music is great along with the country infuence...keep that happening, so refreshing!


I absolutely love love love this show!!!!! I was soooooooo excited when Rayna & Deacon finally got together!!! I just hope that it lasts. I am anxious to find out if she will tell him the truth about the daughter and how he will react to it. As far as Will & Gunnar...I knew that something was about to take place i was just hoping that it wasn't going to be that. He is so lame for taking a pass at Gunnar like that in my opinion. I truely thought that he was there to help Gunnar find that confidence and get back to his old self. BUt i also question Gunnar's reaction to the kiss to me he wasnt that pissed off to me. So it leaves me to think did he kind of enjoy that kiss himself. There's no way that I would still be talking to a "friend" who made a pass at me like that. I do want to see Rayna sister and see what becomes of this deal I think that she is going to backstab her dad. I think that teddy is going to want rayna back for the sake of the kids.I think now he feels a little guilty and stupid on how he handle the situation since now he has lost peggy who he thought he could trust.


I think that the gunner/will/scarlett story is going to be great. As for being an afrount to older viewers thats just nonsence - Brokeback Mountain was a huge mainstream triumph as a film and it was an older very unasuming audiance that was championing it as a must watch.
As for Teddy and Rayna's relationship - when Nashville started I really felt that their relationship was forged by manipulation - by Teddy and Rayna's father.


Glad to see others think Rayna is as much to blame for the problems in the marriage. She never really let go of Deacon and has flirted with Deacon and Liam while she was still married to Teddy. I sometimes think she only married Teddy because she was pregnant and Deacon was strung out on alcohol or drugs . teddy has been a good loving father to BOTH girls even though maddie is not his biological daughter and as was said by someone else he did not cheat until after the marriage was basically over while Rayna has been "lust6ing in her heart" for Deacon for years.


C'mon- this episode was stellar. Rayna and Deacon's succumbing to their feelings was so hot. A+ to the actors their chemistry is undeniable. I'm not a huge country fan but I enjoy the music and the scenery and it's making a believer out of me. Really hoping this gets a new second season.


I too saw the kiss coming, I've no problem with it. If you think gays don't exist in country music, then you're naive, there's lots of them; well-known names.I hope the show gets renewed.


I agree that the main characters should have some more interaction, but I still enjoy the show. However, I will say that it's gotten a tad predictable. I think we all saw Dante's malefaction coming. And Dan's right - from the start of that scene we knew that Will was gonna make a pass at Deacon. One more thing - I totally agree with Dan - Deacon is freakin' awesome. He is easily the best written and best acted character on this show. And just for that, I want everything good to happen for him. Until, you know, he finds out he has a teenage daughter...


I won't miss the show if it's not renewed because there is not ONE character I'm attached to. The gay kiss was insulting to older viewers and on that alone, I can handle it dying. And this show I loved, in spite of detesting all the characters.


I totally disagree with Dan (the person who wrote this review).
Nashville is still as good as the pilot was The last episode was awesome. It had a lot of twists and it was really intriguing. I was so happy to finally see Rayna and Deacon hooking up again, after all these years.
That said, I do think Rayna is mostly to blame for the divorce. She never truly loved Teddy and she didn't spend enough time with her family. I'm curious to find out what Peggy will do now.
And what Scarlett will do now that Gunnar is acting so mean and immature and Avery is back with his tail between his legs.
The whole thing is so unfair towards Scarlett, she has been nothing but good to both Avery & Gunnar. Neither of them deserve her. I felt awful for Juliette, but I'm glad Dante showed his true colors. It was a good wake up call for Juliette. Can't wait to watch the new episode of Nashville!


I watched "Nashville" mostly for the Gunnar/Scarlett interaction and their great music together. If the writers totally split them up, I'm gone; and "Nashville" will have just turned into a soap opera. Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen have a unique and wonderful sound together (and I think both can sing just about any genre of music together, i.e., soft/lyrical -- such as "Fade Into You" -- and more more dynamic pieces, which each have done separately. I hope the writers do not separate them (give just Scarlett a contract, have her get back with horrible Avery, etc.). They have such a special sound together that I would buy an entire record of just them singing together.

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