NCIS Los Angeles Review: Love is Complicated

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Did Hetty promote the Densi relationship?

The note that she had Kensi give Deeks at the end of "Parley" would seem to indicate that. It said "Sunshine and Gunpowder." Two seemingly unrelated words, but very important to both Deeks and Kensi.

In "Wanted," that is how Deeks described Kensi's scent, "You smell like sunshine and gun powder. Two of my favorite things." Aww.

Kensi Watches Deeks

Ever since Deeks' arrival to NCIS, I've been adamant that these partners never get together. Never. That was until I started to soften towards the idea a couple episodes ago in "Resurrection" when Kensi and Deeks talked about playing house. In that moment, their partnership banter moved beyond the sexual innuendos and showed the substance beneath their feelings for each other. 

And, now remembering the "Sunshine and Gunpowder" scene, I'm beginning to wonder if I began to shift my opinion much earlier than I realized because I remember that as a very positive, loving moment between the two. After looking at my review, I realize why I still held firm that they shouldn't cross over he professional to romantic line back then. It was because of the warning words from Agent Sobatino. Though, Hetty's support changes everything.

Deeks has gone undercover before, but this time was different. When Deeks was Max Gendry prior to coming to NCIS, he fell for his best friend's wife, Nicole. And, Kensi was shocked by the reveal when he had to resume that cover on one of their cases. That history had to grate on Kensi even if it wasn't mentioned. But, Monica was not Nicole.

Initially, it was awkward because his involvement with Monica was kept a secret from Kensi. At least it was clear that Deeks had absolutely no interest in a relationship with her. Going undercover is never easy. Deeks and Sam have both struggled with feelings for their assets and how the lies have hurt them. Even though Deeks didn't have feelings for Monica, the situation caused friction in his partnership with Kensi.

Their last interaction was painful to watch. 

Deeks: I was just gonna see if you were good.
Kensi: Yeah. You?
Deeks: I'm good, if you're good.
Kensi: I'm good.
Deeks: Okay. That's good. We're good. Which is, you know, great.
Kensi: I'm glad we cleared that up. ... See ya tomorrow. | permalink

As they said everything was good between them, their body language and vocalization of the words revealed the truth. They aren't good. And, they definitely aren't great. Neither of them was willing to express their feelings for the other. What held them back? The job? Fear of rejection? Or, perhaps that once they put their feelings out, there they couldn't take them back?

With Hetty's letter to Deeks, he now has permission to love Kensi from his boss. And, more importantly, the acknowledgement from someone else that those feelings are legitimate and even support that they are reciprocal.

Will Deeks go get the girl? From someone who didn't want to see it happen, the romantic in me wants him to to go and sweep Kensi off her feet. And, for them to remain partners, have kids, and live happily ever after. Okay, it's definitely not going to work out that way, but it was fun to think about for a moment. If he went after her now, it could also work against him. I'm not sure she trusts him enough. Love is complicated.

With Monica's help, NCIS got the lead they needed in order to try and stop Sidorov's sale of the stolen nukes. Sam's wife, Michelle, is still undercover as Quinn and will be back in the Season 4 finale, "Descent" with the team off in search for the nukes. That means the resolution of Deeks and Kensi's relationship may be put on hold. If that's the case, it will be a long wait until September and NCIS: LA season 5!

Do you want Deeks and Kensi to finally admit their feelings for each other? Did Hetty's note mean that she's supportive of the relationship? Are you looking forward to Michelle's return and perhaps the conclusion of the Sidorov storyline?

Odds and Ends

  • This episode was almost overwhelmed by banter. If lines were counted, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more lines of banter than there were about the actual case. Callen and Sam were on fire tonight. Plus, the ear wig stuff between Deeks and Kensi. At least it was all hilarious, especially the super hero stuff.
  • Monica's interrogation by Deeks (not Max) was uncomfortable. His guilt was palpable and she didn't let up for even a moment.
  • What did Monica whisper to Deeks? My first thought was that she's pregnant, but I can't imagine that Deeks would have let her go through with the undercover meet then. And, after she was shot, he would have made some comment, right?
  • And, why was Monica so determined to make Kensi question Deeks? Was it jealousy? Or, was there more to her "trust" comment?
  • After all the doubts, remember "Sunshine and Gunpowder."


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You really know your ncis: la history! It makes your reviews really good. You do a great job!


monica was just the right amount of smokin hot and playful - just the kind of girl for deeks - kensi is just not right for him; if they get together she will figure that out and break his heart. I'd prefer that she break his arm.

Sue ann


Sue ann

@ Runaldo The real NCIS has no rules and regulations against agents getting involved. This was discussed in detail on an earlier seasonal DVD of NCIS. They even allow agents to be married. The rule is that of Gibbs. It is not official. He cannot enforce it. He did not follow it himself with Jenny. And in any case, none of the characters on NCIS LA work for Gibbs. If they want to get involved, they are free to do so with no fear of losing ther jobs.


I've always been rooting for Kensi and Deeks, but to be honest, I think she is a little leery of him even though she is clearly in a sort of "fascination phase!" But is he mature enough, serious enough and is he really smart and just playing the fool or the other way around. I say they both have what the other needs and it's taking a VERY long time to get the fuse, much less get it lit...but one of these days, it's gonna happen and it's going to be one HOT sexy scene when they finally let go. But wait, there are 5 other main characters and I love 'em all. Plenty o' fodder in "NCIS Los Angeles" for two or three more seasons at least!

Josie leeds

OK--it's the end of Season 4, the writers are getting bored and have started screwing with the ensemble characters. Will probably take them another 1/2 season to finish the job. Special place in hell for them......
Good episode, showcase for Deeks/Kensi. They either have to get it on or give it up. Dragging yet another "romance" out season after season is really unoriginal and getting old. Creating Grainger was strike one; KEEPING Grainger has been strike two....can't wait to see their final blow to what was a really good show. Sam, floating face down in water (in preview for finale), a clue? Sure as hell hope not.


I am not a Kensi/Deeks advocate. Kensi is so much more seruous than he is and deserves a person less childish. They are good for doing their job together but not romantic. Sorry; that's just my opinion.


Sunshine & Gunpowder - not going to lie - that made scream like a fangirl. I have been rooting for Deeks & Kensi for a long time. That being said, I have to agree that it could be fear. I always like seeing Kensi's jealousy creep up because she is usually very guarded. Deeks is a little more obvious with his emotions.
Monica brought out the side of him he didn't want to go back to. I have to wonder if he wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship (even if it was undercover) with her because of his underlying feelings for Kensi. This was a totally different undercover Deeks than we had seen in the past.
With Sam reminiscing about his past assignment in Sudan, it makes me wonder if he would offer advice to both Deeks & Kensi. After all, he fell for his partner, who is now his wife.
I am excited for the finale - and based on the promo, it doesn't look like it will disappoint.


The Begining was funny with the whole exercises named after dude and the really hard ones named after woman it was funny because Sam and Kenzi were just talking about them like it was completely normal and Callen was just whats going on. Kenzi and Deeks ear wig conversation was the best of the episode I loved it I laughed the whole time. Can't wait till the season. Finale it looks really good.


I am relatively new to NCIS:LA; a couple years. I love this show. The more I watch it the more I fall for it. I thought this episode was great. I enjoy the Sidorov storyline and am excited for it to play out in the finale. However, will this be the end of it? Who knows. It worries me that Shane Brennan has said that this finale will be very dark with lives in danger. I cannot imagine this team losing someone. I don't follow the show much other than reviews, is there a cast memebr with a contract up? I love the Kensi/Deeks relationship. I too hope that this does not become a will they-won't they relationship like Tony and Ziva on NCIS. It is one thing to tease; it is another to draw it out for years. But with SB in charge it could take a while as he started at NCIS. However, I read that he said there would be a shocking moment between the two in the finale.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Callen: I'm sorry. Did I miss something? Who are these guys?
Kensi: They aren't guys. They're WODs. W-O-Ds.
Callen: Is that like a B-F-F with an S-T-D?
Kensi: W-O-D is Work Out of the Day.

Deeks: I was just gonna see if you were good.
Kensi: Yeah. You?
Deeks: I'm good if you're good.
Kensi: I'm good.
Deeks: Okay. That's good. We're good. Which is, you know, great.
Kensi: I'm glad we cleared that up. See ya tomorrow.