Nikita Post-Mortem: Creator Talks Mikita, Black Box, Trap Door To Come?

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Spoiler Alert: Only read ahead if you’ve seen Friday’s Nikita episode, “High-Value Target."

If you read our chat with Craig Silverstein Friday you know he teased a lot about last night’s installment. But since there were some big things that happened with our gang trying to keep Division in one piece (or maybe blow it into many, many bits) we wanted to hold the rest of the interview until now. 

Here's what the Nikita creator told us about the events of last night and beyond ...

Nikita Scene

TV Fanatic: So are things coming full circle with these final episodes?

Craig Silverstein: You’re going to have to go back to Season 2, I would say, to find some of the scenes that are going to bloom in the finale. There’s actually a hint that begins in this episode with Amanda and The Shop that carries forward into the finale but people hopefully won’t see that coming.

TVF: Cyrus comes back in this episode and I wondered, nothing against him or Isaiah Mustafa, but why Cyrus?

CS: We loved him and we always wanted to bring him back. I wish we could’ve done more with him. We hope to do more with him in the future. Also, story-wise, it helped us for him to come back and there’s also a schematic thing where everybody has abandoned Division and he comes back because of what Nikita did for him earlier in the season.

TVF: Got it. And, of course, you managed to work in a shower scene, which I’m sure was appreciated by the Mikita fans.

CS: I hope they like it. I know it’s not exactly what they may have had in mind.

TVF: Who is the bigger threat moving forward? Owen/Sam or Amanda?

CS: By the end of that episode, [Owen] hasn’t at all Han Solo-ed back. The fact that he destroyed the box was a bit of an olive branch or a sign of hope that there’s a struggle within Sam. He still remembers Owen.

TVF: The decision to destroy the Black Box is huge since so much story has circled around that. Talk to me about that decision.

CS: Yeah, I think the point is that they’re really closing one chapter as another is opening beneath them like a trap door.

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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I liked this show in the beginning. But I'm glad its ending. The caliber of the writing; over dramatizations, mushy story lines, implausible situations - it's not supposed to be magical where people come back from flat lining after 20 minutes because they're now being hugged instead of all of the other life saving techniques that didn't have any effect. I could list 100 more things that have been so bogus it's not funny, but the common denominator is that most of the people watching are part of the dumbed down generation from a crappy national school system. I like compelling shows that have some sense of real drama and suspense. This show is always over the top in a bad way, kind of like the new Iron Man 4 movie.


I'm not sure our crew has really had a chance to mourn Sean, yet, though. It's been an ongoing crisis since his death, and Alex was in shock, plus still under Amanda's influence. It will hit her, at some point, that he's gone, I'd imagine. I really hope we are getting one more season out of this. The Shop offers a whole new set of possibilities for stories.


The Shop will be a good villain organisation besides Amanda because she should die soon.


Man, I still miss our favorite Navy Seal Sean Pierce. I don't like the way the aftermath of his death has been really down played, especially by Alex. No real mourning, just a moment of remembrance here and there, and then they move on. Kinda, Mildly pisses me off as a fan. If it where Michael or Birkoff(even if they weren't really killed off..aka: Ryan anyone?), the mourning would go on and on. I just know it. But there is really only one way that, as a fan, I can accept the death of one of my favorite characters, but I guess I'll have to see which way the writers go.

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