Once Upon a Time Review: Sailing On To a Whole New World

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"And Straight On 'Til Morning" featured Storybrooke on the brink of destruction with no easy path available to pull it back.

Let's breakdown the Once Upon a Time season finale, shall we?

Once Upon a Time Finale Scene

First we visited Neverland. When a young Baelfire landed on the Jolly Roger, it didn't take Hook long to realize that he was Rumpelstiltskin's son. Surprisingly, being Mila's son turned out to be equally as important.

Hook felt a connection to Bae. He was the child of the woman he loved and had been abandoned by his father. For a brief moment, Hook was willing to call Bae family. It was when Bae found out the truth and turned on him that Hook decided it wasn't worth the fight. It was far easier and more pragmatic to turn Bae over to the Lost Boys.

I'd like to think that Baelfire's parting words struck a nerve. Hook and Rumpelstiltskin do have a lot in common. They both take their revenge seriously and they both care about themselves before all else.

I have to admit, I think I need to go back and reread Peter Pan. I'm not quite sure what ripping someone's shadow straight from their body really means... but it certainly sounds ominous.

Back in Storybrooke, the Blue Fairy figured out how to restore memories just as everyone was about to die. That seemed a little too convenient a way to get Belle's memory back but I was so tired of Lacey that I won't complain. Especially considering that for a moment I wondered if Gold enjoyed being the Dark One so much that he might prefer to keep Lacey around.

Thankfully, Gold's reunion with Belle was heartfelt, as was this Once Upon a Time quote

Mr. Gold: I'm sorry. I didn't want to wake you up to die, but I needed you. | permalink

As we watched Storybrooke turn back into the forest it once was I grew more annoyed by Greg and Tamara. All of this talk about the sacredness of the cause they were willing to die for sounded like a bunch of ridiculous rhetoric considering the two of them planned to flee the scene with their lives intact. 

I was with Emma in her skepticism over the new plan. No one could predict what might happen when they sent the self destruct mechanism to another realm. Could it still destroy Storybrooke from beyond and leave Henry all alone? Would it decimate whatever world it landed in? The risk was huge.

Mary Margaret and Emma both made valid points for taking the hard path. Mary Margaret killed Cora because it appeared to be the most expedient way to get rid of her. In the end, it changed her forever and sent Regina on the rampage in search of her revenge.

And Emma showed her maternal protective instincts when she said she couldn't allow her son, who had just lost his father to lose yet another parent.

However. I was astounded that Emma hadn't checked that pouch when Hook gave it back to her. That was a rookie mistake and I expected better of her. 

Regina was the one character who truly surprised me. She went from planning to kill off everyone close to Henry in order to have him all to herself to being willing to sacrifice herself so that Henry could have his family. That was quite the turnaround. 

Regina: I tried to be the person that you wanted me to be and I failed but I won't let you be alone. | permalink

I had suspected that the season finale would come down to Regina and Emma finding a way to work together. What I didn't expect was Greg and Tamara coming back to snatch Henry.

My biggest question of the night was why did David stop Emma from jumping into the portal while it was still open. They all had a matter of seconds where they could have followed Henry but David stopped them. If I were Emma I would have been furious. As she told her mother…

Mary Margaret: Emma, you don't even know where you're going.
Emma: It doesn't matter. I'll track them down in Hell if I have to. | permalink

So headed into next season we have David, Mary Margaret, Emma, Regina, Mr. Gold and Hook all headed to Neverland to save Henry. Why would Peter Pan want the boy? I'm guessing there will be a lot more to learn about Baelfire's back story.

Speaking of Bae, Neal is alive! Thank goodness. But this should be interesting as all of these characters work together (hopefully) to save Henry. Will they try and head to the Enchanted Forest or make their way back to Storybrooke? Will Belle be able to protect Storybrooke or will it be overrun by magical seeking tourists? 

As Once Upon a Time season 2 comes to an end we're left with plenty of questions and a whole new realm to explore. Are you ready for season 3?


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Can not wait for Season 3. Also I hope we get to see August become an Adult again and not left as a Child.


Love reading everyone's theories! :) Also, side note... Did anyone else got goosebumps in the beginning when Captain Hook rescued Baelfire and uttered these word with such intensity, "welcome to the ship... It's a pirate's life for you." Like, he's perfect as Captain Hook. I can't even. Lol


Fun Fact: When Felix said, "Peter Pan never fails."
I was like, 'Why do I get the feeling Henry is Peter Pan?!" I'm guessing, THIS IS THE REBIRTH OF PETER PAN. Hence, that Henry will no longer be that little boy who got pushed around between Emma and Regina, or should I say Good vs. Evil dynamics. You know, here's what I want to see. Tinkerbell as Rumple's Mother, just to see him freak out for once. After all, it was never confirmed that his mother abandoned him. But it was confirmed that his father was branded coward, yet was once a good man. Tinkerbell is Rumple's Mother, Peter Pan is his Father, though he grew up bcos he lost his shadow. But, when Tink meet the real Peter, he was boy. Tink loved him so much, that when he asked to grow up. Tink took him to FTL, instead of London so that he could grow up and be a real man. But, when Peter grew up. Tink lost her wings because she fell in love with him even more, then suddenly Rumple was born. The night, Peter died [or so-to-speak] in front of Rumple. Tink abandoned Rumple, until one day she found out that Rumple became the most feared man in all of FTL. Of course, the days before Baelfire was born. She sent a Seer to undo the mistake he had made as a test. It was the only way to protect him. But when he failed, she had to try again, yet Rumple was named a coward that when Tink told Milah, she told her to leave him, becos it was for his own good. [She never loved him, anyway] --- 14 years later, Zoso the old Dark One paid Rumple a visit [who was working for Tink] , However, Zoso was told Baelfire was not Rumple's son. She chose Rumple for a reason. Zoso asked questions, so he threw his dagger to The Duke who controlled him during the Ogre Wars again. Later, the night Rumple became the Dark One. Zoso appears to Tink as a Ghost in Neverland. Ever since, then Tink has been following Rumple's every move ever the day Regina struck the curse. This is when she went back to NL and was never seen again until 20 years before Emma came to SB. Tink found Baelfire in NL and took him to London. A year went by and it was his 15th birthday. Meanwhile she paid a visit to SB [since she is a Border-crosser] and wanted to know what it was all about. She finally saw Rumple as a man walking with a cane who yet again, everyone started to fear more than Regina. After her visit, she started to put everything back into motion. Although, before she leaves SB. She tells Gold that, "You're not going to remember this, but the next time, we meet. It'll be a family reunion. You'll be very afraid and you will obey. You won't get the boy, Rumple. You have no idea, what I have installed for you, my son. Just like your Father, always looking for the coward's way out. This time, you won't make that choice again." --- During the finale of S2, as the Gang set off in Hook's ship to Neverland. Moments later, Tinkerbell is seen at the docks as she bumps into Belle going. "I'm so sorry, my dear. I am an old woman. [realizes] Are you Belle by any chance?" and she replies with, "Yes, I am." and Tink says, "Oh! Well, that's Fantastic. You're exactly who I'm looking for. I believe, you and I have a common interest." NOTE: Sorry for the long reply. Just thought, this could a smashing good theory, or storyline to do whereas the Gang are in NL. Tinkerbell held SB captive until they arrive safely with Henry alive. She snatches Belle by using her fairy-magic, knowing Blue is still in SB, she uses a little dark magic to send Blue a message that she's still alive. [would like to see them as Enemies, though Blue may recognize her] and then blah, blah, blah. And they ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
Or... so to speak. God bless, ABC's Once Upon a Time.


I don't know if anyone else has posted this theory, but I've been bouncing since it occurred to me. If someone else has posted it, I apologize for the repeat.
The name Tamara means Lily and given her and Greg taking Henry to Neverland...is it possible that Tamara is Princess Tiger Lily?


#alayic, I think you are on to something... perhaps it is Wendy, being so distraught about magic taking Bae, who starts an "anti-magic" group... she of course would now be dead but the organization would have lived on. However, that doesn't explain Tamara and Greg going through a portal to a world of magic. Perhaps they are trying to kill everyone ELSE's magic???


I have felt so underwhelm this whole season so I was glad the finale was so much better. The ending now has me so intrigue about season 3.


ok this is a weird thought...but i've been wondering about greg & tamara. is it possible that the Darlings, losing their adopted child, Wendy & the boys devastated..actually start a secret organization against magic? just a random thought :)


The seer only said "a boy" would lead Rumple to his son. She didn't mention on which occasion. So right now, after having lost Bae again, anyone could be that boy who'll be the Dark One's undoing. Right?
I totally LOVE the fact that Emma, Hook, MM, David, Regina and Rumple are working together! Not so sure about Neal in FTL, I didn't like Aurora, Mulan and Philipp that much. I thought they were rather boring. They now have A LOT to work on for Season 3 - especially the Lost Boys / Pan and their search for Henry. I mean, they are looking for him for at least a century now...


Overall, a really good episode. Season 2 was rocky in places and was not at the same level as season 1, but that was a brilliant end to a somewhat rocky season. Season 2 wasn't awful, it was good. 2x22 was a perfect way to end the season and setting down the lines for season 3. I cant wait to see season 3 and hopefully the writers can bring back the season 1 magic we all loved and that was missing from season 2. The way I look at season 2 as, the writers knowing what worked and what didn't and they can build on what worked in season 3 and try not to make season 3 really good. Also ABC really need to stop with all the breaks and placing the show against awards shows, its killing the ratings and momentum of the storytelling.


@osofine I was wondering about the magic beans as well and I realized something—I hope this helps. Considering that Hook got to Neverland via the water and now Tamara and Greg are going there as well via the same gateway I guess it is safe to assume (at least for now) the portal leading to Neverland is only through water; and the beans thrown on the land seem to open portals either to the “real world� or some part of the fairytale world. Bae ended up in both worlds at different times and is now back in the fairytale world again.

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

They didn't kill my son. I did. I brought magic to this world to find Bae and now he's dead. Magic always has a price and this is it but I'm prepared to die.

Mr. Gold

Lucky? I'm a prisoner of pirates in a world cursed by magic.