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I'm still waiting to see just how Shaw fits the picture. She is very good at what she does do . Just wondering how Carter will handle the obvisious setup by HR? Root seem to have the up on everyone so far .She has got to Finch to play along. There are also Fusco and then our in jail Don Elias out there somewhere. Amazing how sometimes it takes bad to make good work. Just waiting for more. Great job by all


Top notch episode, it was so good this should have been the season finale. What an end to end on! Totally agree with everyone on here that whilst she is played brilliantly insane by Amy Acker I really cant stand the "Root" character now. Roll on next Thursday.


This was a great episode, so much information. I am looking forward to the finale.


braaf_hond Posted

color scheme of the machine (so far) :
white : unaware of the existence of the machine...
yellow : aware of the existence of the machine…
red : threat to the machine…
blue : asset in charge of dealing with the numbers on the relevant list…

root has been a yellow box since firewall...

The assignment of colors is more complex than that. I was just watching the Pilot and Reese was a Yellow from his first appearance (when he as still a homeless person on the train). I need to rewatch the introduction of Root to see if she as a White and changed to Yellow or was Yellow from the beginning.

Interestingly while Carter has always been White, when the Machine puts up her PoI warning it identifies her as an Asset ("Treat to Asset - Contact Admin").


Outstanding episode - as most people mentioned there were lots of twists and turns. POI writers creates layers and introduce background stories so well.

Shaw & Reese are cool together, although she needs to lose some of the attitude and act just slightly more grateful that Finch & Reese literally saved her life.

Great acting job by Root - still sick of her and want her to be GONE!


@DeAnn I expected that Finch would just let Root do what she wanted without any real attempt to stop her, but it's pretty stupid. I mean, Finch should have a gun hidden on him at all times especially after getting kidnapped by Root the last time and just shot her in the back the first chance he got, and he had plenty. It's not like Finch is squeamish about hurting people either.


Poor Machine! I'm not sure what to make of Root. Shaw and Reese clearing rooms is awesome.


I agree with Brian when he says he can't stand Shaw. I can't stand her either.

This episode has a lot of twists and turns that it was hard to keep up with everything. HR's Terney setting up Carter instead of shooting her in the back was the one thing I got from the beginning.

The machine is a complex thing, a mix of life and machinery that's smart enough to create protection in the form of Thornhill. I wonder does the machine desire to be human because of his background (a company, rich, jets, cars) and because of Finch being his "daddy."

Root is smart enough to evade John; she showed us that in the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere. But Root has shown us that she is smarter than Shaw. She seems to get one over on John and Harold but not Root? Whatever. I'm cheering for her to win in the finale but lose in the season 3 premiere.


@DeAnn: Regarding Detective Terney (the HR guy)- To judge by the expression on his face, he wasn't expecting a guy to pop out the back door of the house. I suspect his original intent was to shoot Carter in the back, but took advantage of the situation that presented itself. Also, I agree that someone should hurry up and put a few bullets in Root's head. The woman claims she's not a sociopath, but she shows no guilt or remorse about killing people to get what she wants. And, even if she isn't a sociopath, she's definitely a psychopath.


I love that Shaw and Reese are working together in this ep, but I kept freaking out that no one seemed to be able to kill that evil ROOT woman, played with sociopathic intensity by Amy Acker.She's insane, and yet she somehow manages to elude everyone, including Reese and Shaw, and attaches herself to poor Finch by threatening to kill his love, Grace. I can only hope that the powers that be on the show finally kill her off in the next episode. I was freaking out when I thought that the slimey guy from HR was going to kill Carter, but now it just looks like they are going to frame her for murder and get her out of the way that way, which is horribly wrong. I hope Fusco gets her out of that situation. This is such a brilliant show.

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