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Rookie Blue Round Table: "Surprises"

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Rookie Blue Season 4 is underway - and there were plenty of "Surprises" in store for fans on Thursday.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Rookie Blue fans Kristin, Cyth, and Birkiti from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum to decide what was this hour's most shocking moment and whether or not it's time for Sam and Andy to move on.


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?

Kristin: My favorite scene was when Sam threw down Simon Dent and threatened to burn the place down. It reminded me very much of all the other times he’s lost it when Andy was in danger.

Cyth: I'd have to say the Gail/Nick scene at the end. To see that at least one couple is working out when we get the heartbreak of Sam and Andy's relationship and the implication that Oliver's marriage might still fall apart, it was the lighthearted romantic moment that I needed.

Birikti: I had two; I really liked all the rookies and the station coming together when their own is danger, it was done before but I just like the way, in spite of their differences they all work together for each other. Also liked the greeting scene at the garage which showed no matter how much both Sam and Andy think they have moved on, there is still something there.

Christine: I liked the opening scene. Andy's confidence and the pounding music really set the tone. Plus, I couldn't get my interview with Missy Peregrym out of my head where she said she got dunked in the pool 10 times in January!

Rookie Blue Round Table!

Should Chris take the transfer to Timmins?

Kristin: More money and a title bump, a good friend would say yes, I’m not a good friend because I’m saying NO!

Cyth: It's hard to decide. On the one hand he wants to make it work with Denise but he seemed so happy with the "result" when Gail lied to him. I think he's going to take it but return to 15th and actually be a stronger cop.

Birikti: I think Chris wants to be there for his family like his dad wasn't for him and an increase in salary and promotion are big pluses. Still he seemed almost relieved when he was told he didn't get it so I don't think his heart is really in it.

Christine: There really isn't a reason not to, especially if he wants to make things work with Denise and be with his son. The pay bump and promotion make the decision even easier. On paper it sounds perfect but I think Chris is going to be miserable. He has a family at 15 that won't be easily replaced.

Did Andy really expect Sam to wait for her?

Kristin: I think she did. I would have expected him to wait for me too. Makes me doubt he meant it.

Cyth: I think she did on some level. Rationally, she should not have expected it. It is the same with fans. We wanted him to wait but taking a step back, he has no way of knowing that she still wants him - she left him waiting for her at the Penny.

Birikti: Don't think she expected it but I think at some level she did hope it after his big Boo speech. I think a lot of her reaction was just exhaustion and surprise (remember she doesn't like them) especially after the eye hug in the garage occurred. A heads up on his part would have been nice since they all have to work together.

Christine: I think she was hoping he'd still be waiting for her but she did leave him without a word of explanation. He had no idea when she was coming back or if she'd ever come back to him. That said, I'm betting Officer Cruz is just Sam's rebound fling.

Most shocking moment: Nick pulling the trigger, Sam kissing Officer Cruz or Gail's welcome home to Nick?

Kristin: Nick pulling the trigger! I was like “Oh no he just didn’t!” But he did! Heck of a risk to take, what if he had been wrong?

Cyth: Nick pulling the trigger - but probably because between all of the sneak peeks and promos, I saw all of the other scenes in some form. My heart was POUNDING the entire time and it was cut beautifully. I really thought that Sam and Traci were going to save them.

Birikti: Nick holding the gun to Andy and pulling the trigger. I figured Andy wouldn't die but wasn't sure how they would resolve it.

Christine: Definitely Nick pulling the trigger. It really made me question all the things we still have to learn about him. But I have to admit that I loved Gail welcoming Nick home. He deserved the punch and the full body hug.

Which character do you most want to see back this season: Luke, Noelle or Andy's mother Claire? Someone else?

Kristin: Project Dakota was Luke’s baby, so I’d really like to see him back because I kind of want to know where the heck he disappeared to! How did Blackstone end up running things?

Cyth: LUKE!!! Eric Johnson is one of my favorite actors and one of the reasons that I started watching the show. I love how although he is no longer a season regular, they find a way to bring him in for a few episodes each year.

Birikti:  I miss Noelle, she is one of my personal favorites but I am also interested in Luke's return to the station especially if personal relationships remain the same as they currently are.

Christine: I miss Noelle too. She had some great scenes last year, especially one where she and Shaw taught Gail about the art of call girl seduction. I really want her back and I can't wait to see her as a new mom.

Should Andy fight to win Sam back or just move on?

Kristin: I’m torn on this one. I feel like if she moves on, then the McSwarek relationship should be done & never revisited. Feeling that way, I’d rather she fight for him.

Cyth: I can't make a judgement on that yet. As a McSwarek fan I obviously want her to fight but realistically, I'd have to see what Andy sees of the Sam/Marlo relationship before going one way or another. If their relationship looks solid, she shouldn't want to be a "homewrecker" she had enough experience of that with Jo.

Birikti: I think she should move on or try to move on at this time. They both made the decisions they made for their own self preservation and she should honor his choice and not fight for a man involved in another relationship.

Christine:  For her own sanity, I think it's time to move on. If it's meant to be (which I think it is) then they'll eventually find their way back together but they both have issues to work out. Maybe they need to work them out separately in order to have a real chance as a couple.

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Love,love,love this show! Andy and Sam are my favorites! Can not wait to see how their relationship develops. I suggest that Andy move on respectful of Sam's new relationship and let it play itself out! Andy should find a new friendship (male) and just rock out! Luke coming back could be the distraction she needs! Hopefully at some point Andy and Sam will get back together!


This episode was indeed the best opener of all the seasons thus far. From Nick pulling the trigger to Andy lifting that door and seeing Sams face, had me on edge the whole time. It was action packed with loads of "surprises". Looking forward to how this season will unveil and how the "change or die" theme plays out. Great job with the interview girls!!


Well this whole episode was an eye opener. I loved Andy calling Sam for help.It felt like an old McSwarek moment. Not happy for the new girlfriend and hope Sam gets over it quickly and realizes Andy is his forever and ever. I really hope Nick and Andy don't go there.It would be too many men from the barn who would know her intimitely,thats not good.But I loved the McSwarek fusion just looking at each other. This will be a very good season...Can't wait to see McSwarek every week. They are still smoldering.


I'm so excited to actually watch Rookie Blue in real time. I just learned about the show during its most recent break. And, these round tables are so fun to read. I have a feeling this season will pull on the heart strings of the audience members like none other, so I'm thrilled I'll be able to read how other viewers are interpreting the course of events. I LOVE the Sam and Andy relationship and really hope it remains evident all season just how much they love each other.


I love these round tables. SO great to hear what people think.


Continued: I don't think Andy should fight for Sam! I do think she should be Seductive & flirty when it's comes to Sam. Drive him crazy and let him see what he threw away and let him come fighting to win her back! I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I really loved it, especially after last season. I truly needed a dramatic episode like this one to help bring me back and reignite my RB interest! Thank you so much for doing this round table. I was pleased to see that you are doing it again this season and look forward to seeing the rest that follow. Great job with the questions!


Sam has always waited for Andy! So I think Sam attempt to move on is a huge unwanted surprise for her. Hopefully, Sam will come to his senses quickly and let his "rebound" know that his heart already belongs to someone else. Then tell her goodbye because he has to be free to follow his heart! Most shocking moment in RB history is Nick pulling the trigger! Never saw that coming!!! How will Andy ever be able to trust Nick's judgement again? Although, Nick was sure the gun wasn't loaded, to me that event was equivalent to playing Russian Roulette with Andy's life.
I would have been completely shocked at the kiss but it had already been shown in the previews. So, I have to say the kiss lost it's shock effect! I would love to see Brennan come back!!! I would prefer not to lays eyes on Claire again. Well, maybe I wouldn't mind if she came back in one episode as a supported mother of the bride! (lol) I don't think Andy should fight for Sam! I do think she should be Seductive & flirty when it's comes to Sam. Drive him crazy and let him see what he threw away and let him come fighting to win her back! I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I really loved it, especially after last season. I truly needed a dramatic episode like this one to help bring me back and reignite my RB interest! Thank you so much for doing this round table. I was pleased to see that you are doing it again this season and look forward to seeing the rest that follow. Great job with the questions!


Great round table on my favourite show! Loved the McSwarek moment when they saw each other for the first time in six months. Great chemistry, without any need for words. Also loved the reviewers' insights into episode one, look forward to their views on episode two. Can't wait!


For me the best scene was when her and Nick were in the warehouse and she dialed the phone and of course she called Sam and when he as "where are you" she said " I am great, thanks for asking" and she had a huge smile on her face and then Sam repeated himself again and she realized that he actually asked her.
I hope Chris stays, but we will see.
I am not sure if it was so much expecting him to wait as her shock that him telling her he could not be with her and be a good cop and then to see him with someone else was a slap in the face.
I know Nick would not have pulled the trigger unless he was sure it would not go off. I also new Cruz and Sam were together and the commercial I saw, was Gail punching Nick so none of it was a surprise for me.
End game is Andy and Sam so I would love them to get back together, for good this time!


@moname91 - Eric confirmed that he will be back later in the season - I think episodes 6, 9 and two others.