Rookie Blue

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Rookie blue
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I don't like going to bed angry.


Maybe I should punch you in the face right now for puling the trigger on me back there.


You don't know McNally. She doesn't go off the wire. She doesn't miss calls.


Traci: You know what that means.
Sam: That your secret past is more boring than McNally.

Six month of work, two officers missing and you're still just worrying about yourself.


I was going to write pistol whipped but it wasn't a pistol. It was a shot gun but shot gun whipped isn't a term.


I'm just back into my marriage. I don't think that celibacy is in the cards, except for the fact that I'm just back into my marriage.


This whole vow of celibacy has turned you in to a bit of a grouch.


You're like my brother. Forget that. Your better than my brother. My brother was a bit of a dink.


You're either part of the steam roller or a part of the road.


I don't hate change. I hate surprises.

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