Shipper Showdown: What is the Best Nickname on Television?

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It is on, TV Fanatics.

Between The Vampire Diaries and Castle. Between Glee and Nashville. Between Pretty Little Liars and Grey's Anatomy.

Between not just the best couples that fill our living rooms every night across the dial... but between the nicknames bestowed upon them within the television community.

Rick and Kate
Damon and Elena at the Prom

Which is the catchiest? The most creative? The most appropriate?

Remember: we are not asking for the pairing you 'ship the hardest in the following poll. We are asking for your favorite nickname. Got it? Ready to share? Good. Do so now:


leyton..the name is cute or naley


It's ESPLANIE from Castle...All the way :)


Thank GOD tiva is not on your poll - Finally even the TV writters realilze it does not or never shouild have existed - Except for the teeny boppers who want to see NCIS canceled.


Sterek! They are so freakin' funny together.


I'm kinda partial to Tiva. It's cool but not as creepy as Caskett.

Sue ann

@ Aja Bird You are most certainl not alone in your views on the cute nickname thing. It is sickeningly cutesie, and I wish no one had ever started it.

Ronald simkins

Willnar from Nashvill


Amy and Sheldon on BBT: Shamy!



Aja bird

I may be alone in this. But this cute nickname thing? I think it's a trend long over.