The Big Bang Theory Review: Solving the World's Energy Crisis with Potatoes

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Sheldon has the tendency to go cuckoo over the craziest things, but that's why we all love him, right?

In "The Proton Resurgence," Sheldon was ecstatic to find out that the host of his favorite childhood science show was available to do parties. And, what did he do? Of course, he hired Professor Proton to come over and do a party for him, Leonard and Penny. The premise was ridiculous, but it ended up being quite funny. 

Professor Proton

Given Sheldon's excitement over meeting Professor Proton, Amy should have been there. Wouldn't he have wanted to share this moment with his girlfriend? There wasn't even a comment to explain her absence. Given their relationship, that was an oversight, but as far as the jokes went, it worked better without her.

The character, Sheldon, is all over the place on The Big Bang Theory. In order to enjoy the show, I've come to just accept whatever craziness comes out of him whether it really makes sense or not. In this case, his excitement over Professor Proton wasn't the issue, it was the naivete that came with it. The same was true with Penny in this episode just in a different way.

Penny's ignorance of science was bright as the Las Vegas Strip. She definitely came across as dumb, but it was actually quite adorable at the same time. Though, how did that egg thing work? And, I only know about the potato clock because I did it in elementary school. If I hadn't learned that in school, I would have probably thought the same thing as Penny.

Her exchanges were the highlight.

Professor Proton: I power a clock with a potato.
Penny: Shut up! You can do that? I mean ... wouldn't that solve the world's energy crisis?
Professor Proton: No. | permalink

Penny: If you don't mind me asking, uh, the potato clock -- how does it work? Is it a trick clock or a trick potato?
Professor Proton [to Leonard]: What do you two talk about? | permalink

Professor Proton: I'm having trouble with my pacemaker.
Leonard: I'll call for help.
Penny: Any chance we could plug it into the potato?
Professor Proton: No. | permalink

Arthur went from impressed that Leonard was with Penny to flabbergasted by her comments. Though, she was the only reason that he stayed as long as he did. So, that's saying something.

It was sad to see that Arthur was disappointed in his life's direction after the show. He was a real scientist, but was trapped by his past. Even after Sheldon and Leonard shared that he was responsible for their love of science, it didn't seem to be enough. He was a broken man. If "Soft Kitty" couldn't cheer him up, nothing could. Though he did seem to warm up to Sheldon after he called him "Father."

It's too bad we didn't get to see Professor Proton, Jr at work. After the disastrous science presentation they did for the school girls, I'd be afraid what he would say at the party. Though, he does have the puppet to help.

The Professor Proton bit was definitely the better part of the episode. And, Bob Newhart was awesome as Professor Proton. There were some cute moments with Raj and Cinnamon. Howard and Bernie's conversation about having kids was also good, but that storyline fell mostly flat. 

There were a ton hilarious lines throughout the episode. Check them out in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section. 

Did you find Penny's potato comments to be the funniest part too? What was your favorite joke or quote? Can you see Howard and Bernie becoming parents any time soon? Did you miss Amy?


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Do you make a sundial out of a cut open potato? What is a potato clock?


I like Amy's character but in this episode, I think it would have detracted from the humor. Bob Newhart's best feature is his almost deadpan reaction to others around him. Amy would have buffered his reactions to Penny which I thought were priceless, because the writers would have felt compelled to have Amy comment on Penny's naivety. And anyway, Amy's humor is mostly deadpan, too, so two people doing it wouldn't have been as funny. Great show, I love Newhart. His two old shows still crack me up, especially the totally classic ending to his last. The best part of the Howard, Bernadette, Raj line was moving the couple closer to having children. This was definitely a step forward for Bernie.


Poor Amy! I didn't miss her either. Great to see Bob Newhart on TV again,he's one of my all-time favorites. I feel a bit like Penny, because I don't know how a potato clock works either. But I would like to add to "Scientest too's" explanation of how the egg gets sucked into the bottle, that it's a hard-boiled egg...with the shell removed.


The episode just make more implausible the relationship between Leonard and Penny.
And I think that 24 min for 8 characters is very short, why not be a sitcom of a full hour???


I didn't notice Amy's absence either until reading it here -- and didn't miss her!


Bob Newhart towered over this episode. His timing was impeccable 40 years ago and has gotten even better with age. The cast worked very well with him. Instant classic TV.


I LOVED this episode! I love Bob Newhart and he was awesome and hysterical. I loved the parts with Penny, I literally laughed out loud and couldn't stop. Did miss Amy, but I think it would've been different had she been there. And I loved Bernadette and Howard trying to find the dog. Great episode


Watching this last night with my husband, I said I thought the role of Professor Proton was written specifically FOR Bob Newhart. He was hilarious in that very specific Newhart way. I mentioned that he didn't even get into show business until he was in his early 30s and my husband said, "What was he before -- an accountant?" I'm pretty sure the answer is YES. Agree with Sue Ann, there is never enough Newhart in the world.


love this one all lot the best part was bob newhart him self and no amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry did not miss at all there was just to much amy this season it was nict to have an break from her. i am glad we got to learn what rajs puppy name is.


I could have watched Bob Newhart do any routine he chose. The cast of the big bang theory is great, but Newhart is fabulous.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Howard: Why don't you put her in a kennel?
Raj: Why don't you put your mother in a home?
Howard: To be honest, she'd do better in the kennel.

Leonard: It was pretty cool.
Penny: Aw, so cute when you use the word "cool" wrong. Like when kids say "pasghetti."