The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Breakup Blues

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A word to the wise: never spill your secrets to Adrian! The latest episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager showed us something that most people have probably known since the beginning of this series: don't trust Adrian with private matters.

Another good tip learned in "When Bad Things Happen to Bad People?" Don't go near Adrian when she's been hurt.

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Lest you think I'm being too hard on Adrian, I'll start by saying that it sucks what happened between her and Omar. Though it might save them both from a lot of future heartache, the present situation is definitely not enjoyable. The thing is, I always thought Omar was a pretty stand up guy. But the way he sprung that breakup on Adrian was classless.

He spent a whole night having sex with her... then dropped the bomb the next morning while she was headed out to class. "Oh by the way, I need my ring back." Hold up a second. Seriously?!? It might be a family heirloom, but he could've gone about things a little bit better. For starters, he shouldn't have slept with Adrian when he knew he was going to end it; especially not the night before.

My sympathies extend to Adrian in that manner; however, her behavior to Jack and Ricky was straight up crazy. Part of me wants to say that she did them a favor, but the other part of me is thinking it's just none of her business. Even if she did do them a favor, her delivery was awful. Poor Jack probably ran off crying. Good thing Ricky can see straight through that BS. He knows that if Adrian is miserable, she needs everyone else around her to be miserable too.

Maybe you should go get some help and stop hurting people around you. And then maybe somebody can love you. | permalink

While I'm glad Ricky didn't fall into her trap the way Jack did, Grace could've used Jack's confrontation as an opportunity to be truthful about her hesitations. Instead she boldface lied and ran to warn Amy.

Concerning Amy, is Ben hallucinating about this e-diary? Did she really write these things? If so, what the hell?!? When Adrian went on her rant she did mention that Amy at least loved Ricky, but she didn't want to get married. Then she threw in that jab that he was "just John's dad." With only two weeks to go until the finale episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, the stakes are really high.

Do you believe Ben? What do you think about Adrian's tantrum? Is Amy lying?


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Ben is a total creep he has been for that whole 5th season. Amy has the write to vent in her diary. I see a lot of comments talking shit about Amy she is not as horrible as everyone likes to portray her. She is very indecisive and has thought about things in a stupid naive way, but I think that is the writers trying to make her sound like a 'teenager' but the way they portray her as a teen mom sometimes is frankly insulting to teenagers and teen moms. So happy Ricky put Adrian in her place she always has to bitch out about other peoples' relationships when it's none of her business. It was sad how Omar dumped her but she lets men define her life, this was proven in how easily she took him back


Yes I agree I would be proud of Rickey to........I feel amy should had merry him and she should stop talkin to ben. People need to mind there business when it come to Rickey and amy relationship there are just hating on them I hope she don't make that mistake and let Rickey go Amy go back and merry that man he is a change man


I think he isn't hallucinating man if Amy did right that wow she has put one hell of a act in front of Ben and is anyone curious the message Amy got that she freaked out so bad


with Amy writing in her e-diary i think i is just like Ricky venting to his therapist harmless. Ben is annoying. I am really proud of Ricky he really loves Amy. Amy just hates being a mum but she does really love ricky. I only reason i keep watching this is to see amy and ricky end up together if that doesn't happen then i will hate that i wasted so much time on this show.


His is absolutely insane. If Amy really did write that, I did NOT see that coming. Maybe Ben isn't really the crazy one. On another note, this episode was quite uneventful. During the last scene when the credits started showing I said to myself, "That's it?" They touched upon problems like once and then never touched them again. I just want to know what happens. The back and forth of this show drives me crazy.


Has anyone noticed that these episodes seems to be chopped up and helter skelter put together? Even the teasers are lost or misplaced from week to week.With only 2 episodes left, it doesn't seem possible to conclude especially with the last episode being flashbacks.

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