The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Secrets & Survival

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We are mere hours away from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale.

But The CW just released its 2013-2014 schedule and, along with it, an official press release that teased what's ahead in Mystic Falls... on SEASON 5!

Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED and scroll down if you want to read through a couple clues regarding what's on tap following tonight's "Graduation."

Old Elena?

Come October, according to the network itself...

The series heads into its fifth season with some characters headed off to college, a newly cured vampire trying to survive as a human, and a shocking Salvatore secret.

So there we have it! Someone WILL take the cure. Seniors WILL graduate. And the past will seemingly come back to haunt Damon and Stefan. Hmmm... sound off with your theories now!

UPDATE, 5/19: In an interview with TV Guide, Julie Plec says Bonnie will still play a key role on Season 5; Elena will struggle with protecting her secret in college; Jeremy will have problems readjusting to life; Matt and Rebekah will still be together when we catch back up with them; and it won't be long until people learn Silas' true identity.

UPDATE, 5/29: In an interview with TV Line, meanwhile, Plec says Whitmore College will play a key Season 5 role, bringing new characters and love interests into the picture.

UPDATE, 6/18: At the ATX Television Festival, Julie Plec said Delena really will give it a go on Season 5 as a couple, while Jeremy will have a tough time explaining his revival. D'uh!

UPDATE, 6/27: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will premiere on Thursday, October 10.

UPDATE, 6/28: The premiere will introduce at least three new characters.

UPDATE, 7/13: Olga Fonda has been cast as Nadia... and Kendrick Sampson as Jesse.

UPDATE, 7/17: The series is looking for an actress to play Tessa, a revenge-fueled ex-girlfriend of Stefan's,.

UPDATE, 8/1: The premiere will be titled "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

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jus finish wacthin the season finale o my god bonnies dead jeremys alive silas is stefans doubleganger now I'm really confused on that last part.what happened to anna rose or jenna. bring on season 5


just finnished watching the finale for season 4 and OMG my head was trying to make sense of what was going on in the last 10mins i feel for poor bonnie she sacraficed her life to bring jeremy back for elana,even though klaus is a bad person he does truley care for caroline,YAY damien finally gets what he deserves Elana =) ,,,and OMG silas turns out to be stefans doppleganger poor stefan now hes locked in a metal box thats floating on the river floor,,,all i can say is it better not be a long wait till season 5 because i dont think i can last to much longer =)


woops. rambled a little too much down there


Cant believe it! Such an intense finale, had me in tears !
Ahhhhh so angry Elena broke Stefan's heart, really hoped they would work it out. They're meant to be! And was also so shocked and confused at what exactly happened in the last 5 minutes. How is Silas Stefan's doppleganger? Bawled my eyes out when I realised Bonnie saved Jeremy and died. Beyond happy that Matt is finally going out to live his life. He deserves the best life - he's been through so much. Poor human!
Never thought I'd say this but was so relieved and happy to see Klaus - OH YEAH cried when he told Caroline that Tyler is free! YAY! Except I'm a little disappointed Tyler didn't graduate with the rest! BUT YES - Katherine is human! She better watch her back haha, Elena- you go girl! Seeing Lexi and Stefan together made me happy, aw also Rick and Damon. I think Damon really needed Rick, so it was good that he was there. I really miss them all.
Also, what happened to Jenna? Shouldn't she have come back? After all, she was a vampire when Klaus killed her?? All in all, such an awesome episode. Great way to end the season and keep us so interested and intrigued for season 5!


How can anyone else take the cure if Katherine took it now in the final episode?? Thought there was just one dose did I miss something???


all I gotta say is, I'm disappointed at how this season end, left me wanting more.
I'm soooooooo ready for Season 5. Bring it on!!


I'm furious!! Why would Elena break poor Stefan's heart? :( like seriously, I hate Elena. Hate her! Lol


Am I the only one whos totally furious that elena didn't take stefan back?? Just not a big damon fan


So kat got the cure silas is stefans dalpor ganger bonnies dead jeremys alive damon and elana go out AGAIN stefan in drowing in an ocean wow all I got to say is........BRING ON SEASON 5!!!!!


LOL Katherine gets force fed the cure by Elena,Stefan is SILAS'S doppleganger,and Jeremy is human again,Bonnie stayed dead,Matt and Rebekah go on vaca together,Klaus pardoned Tyler,and Elena chose Damon (but not for long) MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! WOOHOO 5th season :)

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