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Warehouse 13 Renewed for Final Season

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Warehouse 13 is returning for one final run.

Syfy announced tonight that the Syfy drama will air a shortened fifth season and then say farewell, with production on the concluding six episodes getting underway this summer.

“Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” said Syfy President of Original content Mark Stern. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

Pete & Myka In The Locker Room

The final season will air in the summer of 2014.

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This completely suck ass. Every time the Syfy channel has a great show they cancel it. Look at the list: any of the Stargates, Eureka or Battlestar, or Alphas. All of them great shows, and look at what they keep, those so called reality shows. Next thing you know they will cancel Haven, Lost Girl, Being Human, and the new one Bitten by the end of the year. They will say its money or ratings, but look at the longest running television series in tv history, it just celebrated its 50th year, yes 50 years, on the air and it is Science Fiction (*** Doctor Who ***) The powers that be need to quit looking at the trash that is the so called reality show and return to what made the SciFi channel such a be hit before it loses it core audience.


It cant be because not enough viewers. This is one of americas favorite shows. People love the syfy channel. But not for much longer if this keeps happening. Any reconsideration?


NBC is destroying the SyFy channel! I always made sure that Eureka. Warehouse 13 and Haven were top of the list on my DVR. I never wanted to miss a single episode! When Eureka was cancelled I mourned. Now Warehouse 13 is ending and you can't even give us a full season? I can only assume the next idiotic move will be to end Haven. That will be the end of the SyFy channel for me. I don't understand why NBC can't leave good programming alone. These programming decisions are an epic fail!


Really loved Warehouse 13. As someone mentioned that NBC had taken over SyFy channel, it stands to reason why a good program has been cancelled. What next a series on "jane fonda". Who decides what programs are taken off? Some idiot, Commie, Pinko?


I can't believe you are cancelling the only good syfy show left on television. What is happening today? Are the writers lazy or afraid a show might go downhill and so they quit before it can happen. Eureka, Warehouse 13. Haven is the last show or are you going to stop producing it too. Come on guys, you are leaving us syfy enthusiasts out in the cold. For sure you will have to come up with something really special but you are going to have to do better than you have in the last two years.


Warehouse 13 is the only program I watch on syfy anymore. Guess I'll take it off of my favorites after this season.


Ever since NBC bought SyFy the channel has been going downhill.


Sure, it's a great show, so we're cancelling it. Just like Caprica or Eureka. People love these shows, but let's cancel them so we can pay for Sharknado 2 or Robocroc!


Every time they get a great show some stupid BOZO that does nothing but sit on his big fat ass cancels it, how stupid can one person get.!!!!!!!????????


This is a great show, my favorite, really love Claudia's character...why do networks always cancel the best programs...would be nice if they continued on for a few more seasons.....