Maybe my defining moment is all of it. Every minute that I got to spend with you guys.


Good, he's grumpy. He'll be okay.


Myka: How many times do we have to save the world?
Pete: We should get a raise.

Steve: How's it going?
Claudia: I want to punch things.

Artie, things just got cray cray.


Shut up and get in the TV.


Artie: We’re family here. None of us have to go through anything alone. Ever.
[Myka hugs Artie and starts to cry] Artie: Damn it!

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Please don’t hug me. The only thing that could make this worse is you seeing me crying.


Claire: What’s this?
Claudia? It’s an iPad. It’s like a little computer. You can listen to music or read books. Surf the internet on it.
Claire: The internet is still around? Dad said that would be a passing fad.

Myka: Claud, you know I just had a huge wakeup call and life is shorter than you ever think.
I can’t image life without my sister.
Claudia: So, what you’re saying is?
Myka: What’s the plan?

Pete: Wait Jinxy. Costume rentals!
Steve: NO!
Pete: Come on! You could be a Knight.
Steve: Or not. Not is also an option.
Pete: I thought Halloween was like gay Christmas. You don’t like costumes?
Steve: I’m not a cliche. I don’t watch the Oscars either.
Pete: Really? Maybe I’m gay.

So you risked the Warehouse and the world just to save me.


Warehouse 13 Quotes

That's not hockey. That's pole vaulting.


Not all wonders are endless Claudia.

Mrs. Frederic