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So you risked the Warehouse and the world just to save me.


Steve: Try and fight his control of your body!
Claudia: Oh my God Steve, what a great idea! I wish I'd thought of that! I can't fight it.

You're wasting your time Voldemort. I'm as much a part of this Warehouse as you are and it won't let you kill me.


Do you have something else to do besides look doubtful?


Pete: Claude, I've got an idea.
Claudia: It's a great idea.
Artie: Pete has an idea?
Claudia: He's a smart guy when he's not thinking about cookies or boobies

Myka, I don't want you to leave me, okay?


I'll use everything on the shelf to save Myka even you.


Mrs. Frederick: Paracelsus has the Warehouse.
Steve: And he has Claudia.
Artie: How?

You. Have. Cancer.

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