Game of Thrones Season Finale Trailer: "Mhysa"

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It's safe to say the Game of Thrones Season 3 finale has a lot to live up, following an episode that has left fans positively reeling.

Who died?!? In what manner?!? Read our review of "The Rains of Castamere" now.

Looking ahead, the final episode will be titled "Mhysa" and focus on the aftermath of The Red Wedding. It will also feature Joffrey challenging Tywin... Bran telling a ghost story... an act of mercy at Dragonstone and a determination on Daenerys.

Watch the official HBO teaser now and try to figure out: How can the show possibly top its latest installment?!?

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Anna maria

hated it. I can't beleive it ended this way! It should have ended with the red wedding or joffrey's wedding! they're ruining the show! It hasn't been great since season 1!


Although I'm pretty nervous, since there's a good chance some of my favorite characters aren't going to make it, I can't wait for the season finale. I can't seem to live without Game of Thrones, and I'm glad that I still have all my older episodes stored on my DVR, so I can watch them anytime I want to. Because I work for DISH, I was thrilled to get my hands on a Hopper DVR when it was released, and I've been happy with it ever since. I like how I can use my DISH Hopper to record and store all the episodes of Game of Thrones so far, and also how there's also enough space to store multiple seasons of several different shows too. With 2,000 hours of recording time on my Hopper DVR the days of me agonizing over what to keep and what to delete are over.


Have hope 2 sisters and 3 stark brothers still are around, and if they dont figure something out ..... the dragon mother is a good girl and will trump all..! unless the dragon glass kills the dragons and bran stark an john snow get killed , then..... i would say theres no hope ..... still a lota hope left... and alota revenge ...great show plus season 4s comin..


oh yes the majesty of their intellect is so astounding. we just have to bask in its splendor. yeah right...
well seeing that the game has been fixed from the start. why do we even bother or do we even try.
God only knows what the point is of it all or what the purpose is. i for one think its all just a load of BS and i guess i am just as crazy as the rest for believing that there can still be a happy ending to life, even in death. is there really anything left to believe in anymore...


@Lee you can always believe in evil... perhaps that's what they try to imply. and the very fact that you (and many others) dislike the show for this aspect, proves that their tactic works. the producers manage to nurture the opposition from critics they receive and thereby popularize the show even more. it's a nifty technique after all.


Not wishing to lose their hostage, Tywin Lannister acts quickly to marry Sansa to Tyrion Lannister against the wishes of both parties. Sansa, now thirteen, does her best to hide her feelings toward her disfigured dwarf husband, remaining courteous to him despite her disgust with his physical appearance. Tyrion does not require that she consummate the marriage, for which Sansa is grateful, [13] particularly after learning of her brother and mother's death at the Red Wedding. [14] Dontos insists that Sansa wear the hairnet he gave to her earlier to the wedding between Joffrey and Margaery, which she does. When Joffrey chokes and dies at the wedding feast, Sansa flees and meets with Dontos. He escorts her to a boat that takes her to a ship, where Petyr Baelish greets her. Baelish explains to Sansa that Joffrey's death was due to a poison that had been smuggled into the feast ,disguised as of one of the amethysts on her hairnet, and shares with Sansa some of the details of the plot between himself and Olenna Redwyne to kill Joffrey. Littlefinger also has Dontos killed and dumped overboard, explaining that while he had played his part well, a drunk such as Dontos could never be entrusted to keep such sensitive information secret for long. [15] Taking Sansa with him to his meager personal holdings, the original 'little finger' of land in the Vale, Baelish dyes Sansa's hair black and coaches her on a story to pass her off as his bastard daughter Alayne Stone, so as to avoid detection. Sansa was wanted as Tyrion's accomplice in connection with Joffrey's death. On the Fingers, Sansa's aunt Lysa Arryn meets with them and weds Petyr. [16] please tell me joffrey dies on the finale, that would soften the blow slightly on what happened...


who dies next, can someone please put us out of our misery. clearly everyone will die eventually, so what really is the point of it all. that is what no one seems to understand. who cares whether its predictable if the hero always triumphs over evil. that is what gives us hope and it is a symbol of hope for all who believe that good will overcome evil. if you take away this hope, then what is the point of looking towards the future. clearly in this story, there is nothing to believe in, there is no hope for any what is the point of it all...

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

It's not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it, if it were easy.

Tyrion Lannister

I shouldnt make jokes. My mother taught me not to throw stones at cripples. But my father taught me, aim for their head.

Ramsay Bolton