Graceland Review: Must Come First

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Things keep heating up on Graceland.

Mike learned a little more about his investigation into Briggs... Charlie dealt with an unreliable CI... and Lauren went off the reservation, putting all the housemates at risk. Indeed, “Heat Run” kept us wondering what was going to happen next.

Finding Trouble

After Briggs pulled his gun on Mike at the end of “Guadalajara Dog,” the words “Who have you been talking to?” were still ringing in our heads after the credits. Had Briggs figured out Mike’s secret?

It’s a little early in the game to be revealing a major plot line. So, fortunately for viewers, it was simply all part of Briggs' intuition about what had brought them to the docks that night. Lucky for Mike, the shock of having a gun pointed at his head by his training officer didn’t impact his ability to transition into the undercover situation. I mean, Briggs was more than happy to sing his praises afterwards.

If there was one housemate no one - including Briggs - was singing the praises of this week, it was Paige. I have to admit, I do feel at least a little bad for her. She watched her partner get shot and now he’s transferring to a location a continent away.

While I appreciate her wanting to finish the job she started and protect Donnie in the process, she really didn’t have a right to drag everyone else into harm’s way in the process. That was definitely a step too far.

That said, Briggs really didn’t have to compound the problem by planting an unsophisticated tracker on her Jeep. If Briggs wasn’t a fan of being played and part of Lauren’s dirty work, he sure didn’t mind making Charlie and Mike complicit in his little plot. In my opinion, he was just as wrong as she was.

We learned two important points from this incident: 1) Briggs is capable of ruthlessness when it comes to protecting Graceland. 2) Don’t cross Briggs in his attempts to do so.

What this doesn’t explain, however, is why Briggs is skimming money. We know he does it, we watched him grab a stack of bills at the end of “Guadalajara Dog.” What, if anything, does this have to do with his role in protecting Graceland? This is where my thoughts initially went once I realized how committed he was to doing so at all costs. I still don’t have an answer, which may be because it really doesn’t have anything to do with it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Another quick thing I’d like to point out is the bit about Briggs feeling played over Lauren potentially being hit by her Russian target. Apparently Briggs get really riled up when women are hit, which makes me wonder if there’s something in his past that makes him particularly sensitive to it. To me, he seemed pretty betrayed when he was confronting Lauren about it.

Then again, I could be reading too much into it. It wouldn’t be the first time, and, I’m certain, it won’t be the last.

Other highlights from this episode:

  • DJ’s alias as the musician that only plays three chords repeatedly.
  • Briggs’ alias as an astronaut.
  • Paige attempting to hook Mike up with that pretty girl at the bar.
  • Charlie trying to get her CI a place, even though it failed.
  • The Wellesley shoutout. Hey, I’m biased.
  • Getting to see DJ and Johnny in their FBI gear, doing what they do best


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"highlights from this episode" were all good ones, but you left out my favorite from DJ: "Chocolate Jesus" LOL!
I really wasn't sure if I was going to continue watching after the first couple episodes. However, I really liked this episode and I hope the series continues in this way with multiple story lines in each episode.


Oh...and kinda ironic that Paige GAVE Briggs the idea for the GPS. Paige was just hypothesizing; Briggs' "I like it!" Was more than just simple agreement--it was a creative burst.


Final sentence: He do look tasty in a tank top though......yummmmm!!!!, :-)


OK, I'm with the other posters on this one--Lauren is BAT-SHIT CRAYCRAY and I won't be sorry to see her leave. However, with her and Donny not being featured for long, sum'n tells me we haven't quite seen the last of them. I was disappointed that Charlie's CI didn't take the opportunity given him. I just hope all that money doesn't go toward crystal meth and Charlie ends up seeing him at the wrong end of a buy. I still don't know what Paige brings to the house--all we've seen her do is flirt. Perhaps a little less camp and a little more case, huh? As for Mike, BRAVO for picking up on the undercover bit and running with it. However, just how much are the writers gonna dump on him? He's 3000 miles from his preferred job location, investigating his training officer, undercover to take down an African weapons dealer(???) and now he's gotta lie to a potential love interest? How long before he cracks and uses the wrong "identity" with the wrong person? He do look tasty in a tank top though......yummmmm!!!!, :-)


Someone get NCIS writer on the line These is how you deal with a agent who only think of herself

Sarah silva

C Charles: You mean Lauren not Paige, is the one that was partners with Donnie AND Paige and Mike were the ones that play Frisbee and found the device NOT Charlie and Mike. I thought this was a really solid episode. I felt bad for Charlie, she wanted so bad to help her CI and she took him to that house where he could start a good clean life but sadly he chose not too.
It is hard to tell if Briggs is good or bad, some things he does seem unethical but the way he explains them, you end up siding with him for the most part.
I am looking forward to next week.


Lauren is a terrible, terrible agent.


loved the scenes with the gang trying to teach Mike about undercover dating, the group has a great chemistry.


Lauren is Donny's partner and she saw him get shot. I don't agree with how Briggs did it but something had to stop Lauren. She was a lose cannon so focused on getting revenge for Donny she had tunnel vision and could not see how her actions were effecting the rest of the house. She almost got Johnny killed when they raided the warehouse at the end.


'he sure didn’t mind making Charlie and Mike complacent in'
Do you mean 'complicit'?

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