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Briggs enlists some of the housemates to help Lauren tie up some lose ends on her case before she puts her Russian alias to bed, only to put the house, and everyone in it, in more danger. Briggs takes matters into his own hands, causing Lauren to be expelled from Graceland.

Badillo reveals to Mike that Briggs is suspected of skimming cash off some of the operations. Mike begins searching for specific evidence to either prove or disprove their suspicions.

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At the end of this episode, Mike found the Auto shop by going through Briggs' credit card statements. Then, Mike went to the Auto shop. The guy behind the counter recognized Briggs' photo, and remembered that Briggs' bought a GPS tracker .... in cash. If Briggs' paid for the GPS tracker in cash, how did it show up on his credit card statement in the first place? ;-) The writers need to be a bit more careful with making the twisty plots add up.

Graceland Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You rocked it. You rocked it, Special Agent Mike Warren.


I'm like a chocolate Jesus.