Grey's Anatomy Season 10: Who Got Promoted?

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A quartet of doctors are officially checking in to Grey's Anatomy.

ABC announced today that Camilla Luddington (pictured), Gaius Charles, Jerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer have been upgraded to series regular status for Season 10 of the hit drama.

They all came on board last year in the roles of interns Jo, Shane, Stephanie and Lea, respectively.

Camilla Luddington as Jo

Tina Majorino was NOT included among the promotions, but the actress isn't exactly starved for work. She has committed to TNT's Legends and will appear in the Veronica Mars movie.

Season 10 resumes in September, with - SPOILER ALERT!!! - the fate of Chief Webber in the balance following a shocking Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale.

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This is ridiculous! I can understand Jo being promoted but the other three? I don't want to see interns s/ls that are just recycled. I saw that with the original cast in the first few seasons when they were interns. They should just stick to the originals s/ls, they are more adult and interesting.


oh no, i liked mousy :(


I don't care after you off'd Mark and Lexi. If you kill Richard your digging Grey Anatomy's Grave. If Meredith leaves Derek will follow and
Shonnda, SCANDAL will be your only source of income.


i want brooks more than the other 4 interns!


...his cancer initiative and whatever other ring he finds himself in. And lest we forget his family. Gotta find time for them too. The man has to be getting tired. And let me just say for the record...I hope that I am dead wrong.


I'm happy for Tina Majorino on her new gig with Veronica Mars, but I still hope that she will be around occasionally as Derek's foil in Neuro. I can tolerate Charles and Middleton, but I absolutely can't stand Ferrer and Hinton. I realize that Hinton needs to stick around to finish out whatever happens between her and Jackson, but then she can leave and take him with her if need be. I'm just guessing here, but I think that with the hospital's name change to Grey Sloan Memorial, Shonda has found a way to keep the "Grey" in Grey's Anatomy without Meredith. And if Ellen doesn't come back after season ten, then I doubt Patrick will either. Perhaps Sandra will though. I think the way is being paved for a new force which will appeal to newer fans, younger fans, or perhaps just fans that are tired of some or all of the originals. I don't see how Patrick can keep up the pace that he keeps what with Tully's Coffee, Loreal in Europe, race car driving, Grey's, his cancer initiative and whatever other ring he finds himself in. He's got a family to fit in there somewhere too. The man has to be getting tired.


i would've loved to see heather brooks rather than edwards and murphy.. not as regulars though..


If the cast is this big, each regular character's story will suffer because they have to give major stories to ALL these regulars now with such limited amount of episode time.
The cast is too big now and I feel like Jo is the only intern who should have been promoted to series regular!!
Maybe Shane deserves to be promoted too since he got major stories (Heather should have been too but now she's gone).
Stephanie and Leah do not deserve to be regulars. They are forgettable characters, and should only be there sometimes.
The cast is too big, and the previous regulars will have to share valuable storytelling time with all these interns! Good grief, should have just kept everyone except Jo as recurring cast.


So disappointed that mousey isn't going to be returning. I liked mousey and kudos to TM that she's doing the Veronica Mars film. Digital tv led to my discovering VMars.I'll be in the cinema queue.
The two intern/attending relationships kinda guaranteed their return. The other female intern is an oddball and I hope she continues to annoy everyone. They had to keep the only male intern for the sake of balance I guess. But these interns need to be in the background otherwise we'll barely see anything of the main characters again. Too big a cast again!


I too liked Heather. I am very disappointed that she goes. Tina Majorino has the sense of the comic and her character was both funny and interesting.

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