Michelle Fairley Cast on Suits Season 3

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Michelle Fairley lives!

The Game of Thrones actress, whose character of Catelyn Stark had her throat cut on Sunday's shocking installment of this HBO hit, has landed a recurring role on Suits Season 3.

Catelyn Stark Poster

The British actress will portray Ava Hessington, an entrepreneur who runs a big-time international oil company. Look for her character to hire Harvey to help fight a lawsuit against her and her business.

Fairley will debut on the Season 3 premiere, which airs on July 16.

Moreover, Game of Thrones fans can look forward to Conleth Hill (Varys) returning for a guest-starring stint this summer as Edward Darby.

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SPOILER ALERT!!! Anybody whose read the books know Catelyn isn't exactly done in the GoT universe.


This will be the 2nd GOT character to go on suits. It would be great to see her in something else.

Matt richenthal

@mary: We're a television website. We report on television news, events and, yes, spoilers. Every site, every Twitter feed, every Facebook post... the news of Catelyn's fate is all over the Internet and we can't base our reporting on when certain individuals choose to watch shows.
The only way to avoid learning what happens on a show after it airs is to be VERY careful with the searches you run and the sites you visit.


@Matt: That's also true, but the episode aired less than two days ago and you could have been more vague.

Matt richenthal

@mary: I apologize if I ruined anything for you, but I don't think something can be considered a spoiler when it's already aired.


Thanks for that big spoiler about GoT.

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