Once Upon a Time Season 3 Scoop: Jumping to Neverland, Captain Swan Shipping and More!

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Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have built quite a world in the past two seasons of their hit series Once Upon a Time.

And from what I gathered moderating a panel with the producers at the ATX Television Festival in Austin earlier this month, the guys have more up their respective sleeves than even the dastardly Rumplestiltskin.

Following a juicy Neverland-relayed cliffhanger to close out Once Upon a Time Season 2, Horowitz and Kitsis are just getting started on crafting Season 3, while also dedicating time to their much-anticipated spinoff, Wonderland.

All Shocked

Here are the high points of what I was able to get out of Adam and Eddy during our panel:

“I think you can say it’s pretty much a direct pickup,” said Horowitz of where Once Upon a Time Season 3 will start. “I think that what you saw at the end of the finale is the jumping off point.” Watch for our good and bad characters to have to work together to get Henry back in Neverland.

For the Captain Swan fans out there: is there hope for romance to blossom? “The thing I like about Captain Hook in the finale is he started to look back on his life and he was like, ‘maybe I’ve wasted it.” So here you’ve got a guy who wants a new chance,” Kitsis said, reminding us that - at least at the start of the season - Emma believes that Neal is dead.

Back in Once Upon a Time Season 1, it was established that Gold “is a difficult man to love and that is his character,” said Kitsis. “I think for all these characters, I know it was supposed to break the curse and return their happy endings [but] they’re still in search of their happy endings.”

Gold will still be torn between good and evil in the new season, Kitsis and Horowitz said, and that includes, perhaps, having to decide to do with his grandson, Henry, who he knows has been said to be his ultimate undoing.

“It’s going to be another challenge in their relationship,” Horowitz said of Gold being on the ship on its way to Neverland and Belle being left behind. Are all the magic beans gone now? Horowitz and Kitsis took a moment before answering with a simple “Yes.”

Will we see more of Emma’s magic? Horowitz joked that she’ll be getting a show in Vegas but “She’s going to ask the question, why do I have magical capabilities, what does it really mean to be the savior and we’re going to dive a lot deeper into Emma’s character and we’re going to see a lot more of her past like we did this year.”

“One of the things that we’re most excited about,” Kitsis said of the new season, “this year we’re going to do 11 episodes in fall and 11 in spring and we’re approaching it like two seasons.” The plan is to run each block of 11 episodes without a break or reruns.

One piece of trivia that came out during the panel: did you know the first TV writing job for Kitsis and Horowitz had together was the unsuccessful reboot of Fantasy Island on ABC back in 1998? They also wrote on Birds of Prey, Felicity and, of course, Lost, before launching Once Upon a Time in 2010.

So, what are you most excited for heading into the fall? Sound off now in our Once Upon a Time forum.

UPDATE: The Season 3 premiere will be titled "The Heart of the Truest Believer."

UPDATE: The first OUAT Season 3 teaser has been released.

UPDATE: Rose McIver has been cast as Tinkerbell.

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Sounds intriguing and cryptic, as per usual. Can't wait to see where they take us in season 3! I personally see Emma and Regina as "endgame". I mean really, they share a son and they made magic together. Plus the way their lives parallel is beautiful.


More Emma and Henry, Emma and her parents (especially Charming!!), and Emma and Regina, please! Those are the only relationships I care about. I liked the friendship between Emma and Ruby too, but with Meghan Ory gone from the show I guess that's over. :( To the shippers: Ship and let ship. Be nice to each other.


Please, stop with the Emma and Regina. That is never gonna happen. I'm tired of seeing SQ shippers everywhere, they make it hard to actually discuss stuff. If they were gonna happen, there could be at least one mention of them in any OUAT related interview/article. No one thinks they're gonna happen and I think the show will get ruined if they go there. Just please, I'm so tired of all that viva la swan queen stuff. It is never gonna happen. Deal with it and leave us be


I will never understand some of the hate towards Hook and Emma. If you don't ship them, that's fine just don't go around spreading the hate. I, for one, would love to see Hook and Emma. They have an amazing chemistry and I believe the characters in themselves are perfect for each other. I personally cannot see Emma ending up with anyone else. Hook and Emma are it for me! So yes to captain swan! A thousand times yes!


Less boring romance baiting (Neal and Emma have no chemistry and just because he knocked her up doesn't mean it's true love and Hook got written as a creeper this season (except in the last episode)) and more awesome character driven storytelling please. Also seriously Emma and Regina literally make magic together. Let's explore that some more please.


I believe Milah isn't Hook's true love and neither do I think Neal is Emma's. Like the writers said, you can truly love someone but that doesn't mean they wind up together. Just like Cora truly loved Rumple. Milah and Neal are their first loves and I believe with all of my heart that Hook and Emma deserve another shot to get their happy endings and I personally think it would be the best thing if they found that happy ending in each other.


Hook and Emma have both been abandon, are survivors at their core, understand one another's struggles, can connect with one another oth the she has confirmed in canon. Ema said as much in the finale. Hooks the only person that has ever chosen her unlike the rest including Neal. Neal never even believed Emma's lie detector powers while hook has believed in Emma entire rely and he has that same power which he used on Archie and could tell he was telling the truth. Hook and Emma have loads in common and the show has confirmed that in the season finale when Emma said as much. If anyone is perfect for Emma it's hook. Orr a viable match to say the least.


I want to see that Frankenstein storyline return! We were left with Henry's mysterious remark that Frankenstein should not be there because he's not in the book. And then it was dropped. How did someone who is "not in the book" get into Storybrooke? Why is he there? Are there others like him there too?


OMG, I've been wanting Captain Queen FOREVER!! Finally some people who agree with me. They have so much in common: everybody kinda hates them, they are super power-hungry and manipulative, not to mention both of their one true loves' hearts got ripped out in front of them. They understand each other's need for revenge. They'd just be so perfect.


Emma had to pay the price for the curse and spend her life alone, she truly deserves True Love. Since she's been left alone she deserves someone who will fight for her. That's one of the reasons I think Hook could end up being her true love. From the very beginning he's said you have to fight for what you want.

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