Ray Romano to Reprise Role on Parenthood

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Ray Romano will reprise his role as Hank during Season 5 of Parenthood on NBC.

The three-time Emmy winner will appear in 12-15 episodes of the coming season, which is about how often he appeared in Parenthood Season 4. However, that season was only 15 episodes long.

Parenthood earned a full 22-episode order this coming season, so Ray will recur.

Sarah and Hank Drunk

At the end of Season 4, Romano's Hank had invited Lauren Graham’s Sarah to move with him to Minnesota, right as she broke things off with Jason Ritter's Mark. Sarah's response was ... TBD.

Are you excited to see Hank return? And what do you think will happen?

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I am so happy this show is back and Hank will be back. I am really happy NBC ordered a full 22 shows. Wow 22 shows is a full season?! What happened to the days of 30-36 shows being a full season. Boy tv has changed.

Ronald simkins

Not as hot as Lorelei (come on she's the same ditzy character) and Christopher. Ray Romano - meh!


I'm so happy Parenthood will be returning! AND that Ray Romano will be appearing too. I love Hank & Sarah as "an item. " Much more realistic than her & the teacher, he's just too young for Sarah. Can't wait for one of my favorite shows to make its return ;) Oh ya!


so happy about this, i think hank and sarah were a great couple.

Parenthood Quotes

Amber, you know, I was two years in Viet Nam. Do you know what I thought about, what I dreamt about? Coming home, having a family, having grandkids. I dreamt you, Amber. And Haddie, and Drew, and Sydney and Max. We almost lost ya Amber. You've had some bad breaks. You're not feeling good about yourself. You didn't get into Berkeley? Well boo friggin who. You got to suck it up girl, you're a Braverman. You got my blood in your veins. If you ever do something like this again, if you even think of doing something like this again, I will kick your little butt all the way from here to the Golden Gate Bridge. You do not have my permission to mess with my dreams. Are we clear?


Amber, life will knock you down more times than you can possibly imagine. Don't knock yourself down.

Adam [to Amber]

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