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It looks like ABC Family just might have another creepy teen mystery thriller on its hands with the premiere of Twisted. In the pilot we meet Danny Desai, known to many as Beck from Victorious. Hubba hubba.

Danny returns to high school after spending five years in juvenile detention for strangling his aunt. Think this network has a fetish for young murder stories?

Returning Home

The thing about Danny's story is that he says he can't tell anyone why he killed his aunt. He never told and he doesn't plan to. Which makes things all the more interesting when he later gets a text from Regina say she knows why he did it.

I have to say, for a teenage killer, Danny is pretty damn charismatic. He cracks jokes about Glee and handles a girl bully by commenting on the facial hair problem she had in fifth grade, which I will fully admit I laughed at. His former best friends, who were there the day of the incident, are intent on ignoring him but are easily drawn back into his path. Danny saves Jo from a pushy drunk classmate. Lacey later ends up spending the night catching up. Though Lacey and Jo are now in opposite crowds, they will always be bonded by what happened.

Do you think it was easy being the best friends of the child murderer? 

After Lacey crashes eating too many potato chips, Danny gets the aforementioned text from Lacey, along with a few others pleading for him to come over. While we see Danny seemingly reject her and wake up in bed with Lacey on the floor, Regina is beaten to death in her home. Found by the housekeeper, Regina is missing a red and gold necklace. According to the chief of police, it's the one thing she never took off. In the beginning of the episode, the necklace catches Danny's eye and at the end we see him fiddling with it alone in his room.

Of course this is after he denied ever seeing it to the police.

While all signs point to Danny as Regina's killer, it would be far too obvious if that's how everything went down. Per usual with ABC Family dramas, we are left with a million questions. Why did Danny strangle his aunt? Why can't he tell anyone why? What's the deal with the necklace? Did he meet up with Regina? 

The show is pretty well written with good dialogue and interesting casting. Denise Richards stars as Danny's widowed mother, who won't stop championing for her son and hottie Grey Damon stars as Lacey's boyfriend. Danny himself is probably the biggest draw, though, managing to peak your interest despite the crime we know he committed. 

Is he the sociopath everyone thinks he is? Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the series premiere of Twisted! Grade it now:


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I think the dad killed the aunt and told Danny to take the blame for it and if he ever confessed he would kill him and whoever he told.

Sarah silva

I enjoyed this show, the one thing I can not stand is Denise Richards, any one else playing the role would be way better.
I love PLL so I am sure I will love this show!


@Leigh: "peak your interest" It's "PIQUE" as in "a fit of pique," not "peak" or "peek".


omg seriously hot lead


If the aunt was sleeping or druged up he would have the upper hand. I also don't think he killed her and who ever did is back. That's why Danny can't tell anyone. Also the necklace that he has could be from his aunt and the other just a copy.


I think some of you might be thinking too small here. With the bizarre death of his father and how quickly the Regina chick was killed after saying she knew why dude killed his aunt, I'm thinking it's some sort of conspiracy. Like he walked in on the killer when he was young and the guy threatened to kill his whole family or something if he talked. I dunno just a thought.


Assuming the aunt is the mother's sister, Dad was having an affair with aunt, gave her the necklace, killed her when she threatened to expose him. Dad gets Danny to take the fall, since because he is a minor, he will just do a few years in juvie, Danny agrees to save his family, save his dad. Dad has affair with Regina, gives her a necklace like the one he gave aunt, then kills her. Dad is the sociopath. Danny has the aunt's necklace, the killer (dad) has Regina's necklace. Or somehow Danny took the necklace from Regina before he left the party (Regina seemed pretty drunk), and dad gave aunt's necklace to Regina, because he's a sick dude. I don't believe Danny went back to the party, don't think he killed the aunt. Oh, and dad faked his death, will turn up at some point. (No body recovered, right? Obviously not dead.)


Dale - I was thinking the exact same thing. How strong was he at 11 that he could overtake an adult? I think he may be taking the blame for someone....or that she was abusing him in some way. IT's also a bit fishy how is dad supposedly died. Body never found? Yea.
I think Danny is covering for someone.
IT's also possible that there are 2 necklaces and Danny has the one from his aunt, not Regina's.


Thought it was a great pilot. I believe at the minute that Dannys mum is the killer, and also that maybe she is a sociopath. One question i have is how can an 11 year old overpower his aunt and kill her by strangling her? If he had stabbed her i could have believed it but strangling seems a bit of a stretch. Is there any chance he is taking the blame for someone else and thats why he cant tell anyone why he did it?

Ronald simkins

This has started off great. The irony of the show is that by definition all teens are sociopaths and that certainly describes the characters we have seen. I personally think that he took the rap for his Mom (ain't she hinky?)

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