Burn Notice Spinoff: Who's Up For It?

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The Closer did it.

The Vampire Diaries is about to do it.

Supernatural is making plans for one and even Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan won't rule it out.

So... might Burn Notice be the next series to receive the spinoff treatment?

Don't rule it out, says creator Matt Nix, who tells TV Guide Magazine he would "love" to set up a show based on Bruce Campbell's Sam and Coby Bell's Jesse.

Sam and Jesse

"It's definitely something Bruce and I would both be into," Bell says plainly. "It makes sense. It's just a matter of lining things up."

The series is on track to wrap up after Burn Notice Season 7, but sound off now: Would you tune in for a spinoff?

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I love the idea! Please have Jeff and Gabrielle guest star every now and then even though they will have to find a sitter for Charlie.


Absolutely. Positively. Please, please, please! I think a spin-off with Coby and Bruce would be fabulous! And of course we would watch it!


I will love it spin off Surrounding Sam and Jesse. I love Burn notice


Why in the world do they want to wrap this show up? It is great! This is the one show I won't miss! Whoever decided to end the show need to have their head examined. And Graceland, they show they keep plugging on Burn Notice, to me isn't worth the time it takes to turn the tv on.


Yes please - Sam Axe is by far my favourite character and I would love to see more of him post Burn Notice. Not so fussed on Jesse, but I don't mind him along for the ride.


I would love a spinoff with Jesse and Sam, they're the only reason I kept watching. I'm over Fi's character.


Burn notice is one of the best series on television. As much as I love the show, I do understand that the "burned" portion must at some point come to an end. However there is so much more potential for this entire team with so many possible paths for years of entertainment through a spinoff series. Jesse quit his government job to continue "the freelance work" so why after season 7 couldn't Michael also have the option to quit. I see the CIA wanting to reinstate him, and Michael after almost losing Fi for good, realizes that he can have it all, the girl and the work as a freelancer not a mercenary. They could continue to do the work....god knows there is no shortage of low life's and situations to keep them busy. It would also provide opportunity to expand the personal stories both past and present that will move them into the future together as the family they have all become. This is a series I would watch for years to come if it is done as well as the burn notice series is done. Think about it. There is always the movie option breaking out the future path for mike and fiona, but they have so much more potential to keep giving beyond a 2hour movie. If a movie is the only option all involved are willing to look at, I will of course take it happily. It's just that being the romantic never say die, glass half full gal that I am, I say lets push the envelope and see where it leads. From the #1fan of Jeffrey, Gabrielle, Bruce and Colby Sent from my


No thanks.


Greater things have happened, when the Closer was ending, I thought that keeping the squad without her was ridiculous, now I look forward to every episode of Major Crimes.
I like both Jesse and Sam and Sharon Gless too. I find that there isn't enough for Jesse and Sam to do, but they are always there to help out Mike. Why shouldn't they get a break? The story line is that they screwed Jesse by burning him the way Michael was burned and I don't think they gave him enough play.
Will it work? I don't know a lot depends on the writing, the story lines created for them will have a lot to do with success or failure. I for one would like to see them give the guys a chance.


Jesse and Sam have built up a great chemistry between them and i would love it if usa network ran a spin off of burn notice.


Burn Notice Quotes

Sam called you; I knew I shouldn't have left him with his phone.


Fiona: Michael, you already destroyed CIA records; how far are you willing to go for this?
Michael: All the way.

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