Burn Notice Spinoff: Who's Up For It?

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The Closer did it.

The Vampire Diaries is about to do it.

Supernatural is making plans for one and even Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan won't rule it out.

So... might Burn Notice be the next series to receive the spinoff treatment?

Don't rule it out, says creator Matt Nix, who tells TV Guide Magazine he would "love" to set up a show based on Bruce Campbell's Sam and Coby Bell's Jesse.

Sam and Jesse

"It's definitely something Bruce and I would both be into," Bell says plainly. "It makes sense. It's just a matter of lining things up."

The series is on track to wrap up after Burn Notice Season 7, but sound off now: Would you tune in for a spinoff?

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Does this mean Michael or Fino are the one dying? I don't know if these will work SAM has to drop him comend bit and be more like he has been this season for it to work.I much rather see a movie about Jessie past and trying to find his mother.


Sure, Sam why not? Sam Axe is obviously the most fan loved character, but the show is about Michael and in that context Jessie makes no sense. Sam is washed up, unemployed, and if he isn't hooking up with cougars, his services are available for Mikey. Fiona on the other hans is in love with him so she drops everything for him. But seriously Jessie? I don't even understand why he is in the group. He is employed, independent and young! What is he doing with the gang? Doesn't he work for a security firm? How does he keep leaving work to do side gigs with the gang? No disrespect to the actor but the Jessie character is useless and breaks the show.


The actor that plays Jesse is names Coby Bell, not Cole. And yes I would be on board with a spin-off.


Burn Notice Quotes

Michael: Thanks Sam
Sam: Yeah, next time guys, tell me the damn plan.

Fiona, there are very few things I do better than Michael, but hotwiring a car is one of them.


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