Castle Season 6: Our Wish List

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September 23rd? September 30th? The date is anyone's guess, as fans wait for ABC to announce the Castle Season 6 premiere. Of course the big question is how will Kate answer Castle's surprise proposal of marriage.

But we're going to side step the fray over whether Kate Beckett should say yes, no or not yet. We've got other things on our mind.

As Castle fans suffer through the long, hot summer without a new episode, we've decided to bide our time by composing a list of all the other important milestones for which we've been longing.

So read on TV Fanatics. Check out our wish list and let us know which of these story lines you'd like to see Castle tackle this fall.

Caskett at Home

Our Castle Season 6 Wish List:

Why Kate's a Fan? - Kate confesses to Castle how his books helped her deal with her mother's death. In our opinion, telling him is long overdue.

Third Time's a Charm? - Castle shares with Kate why his two marriages failed, including the detail about Meredith cheating on him.

I love you. - Either of them saying it , without being prompted by a major argument or life threatening moment.

A Night Out - Kate accompanies Castle to a public, formal event. Movie premiere? Book launch? Johanna Beckett Scholarship Fundraiser? You choose.

Kate's Confession -That she was about to accept Castle's invitation to the Hamptons in season 2. He should know how close they came, long before he thought he had a chance.

Why He Writes About Death - Castle teased us (and Beckett) with a story back in "Vampire Weekend" in season 2. Now give us the real version.

Meeting Mom - Kate takes Castle to her mother's grave site.

A Walk on the Beach - Another trip to the Hamptons, this time with more romance and less murder.

Your turn. Which of the above would you most like to see for Castle and Beckett in season 6?

But we're not done yet! We don't want to leave anyone out, so here's our wish list for everyone other than Castle and Beckett:

Dr. Parish Gets Her Day - A Lanie-centric episode where we learn her back story.

Special Delivery - A funny/poignant delivery scene for Ryan and Jenny's baby.

How Far They've Come - They'll never love one another (and we wouldn't want them to) but how about Castle and Capt. Gates. being forced to work together.

In the Beginning… -  Beckett & Esposito are close. Show us how they got there.

Bonding time - Alexis & Kate must have some sort of relationship. We'd love to see evidence of that.

Little Castle - No not that. At least not yet. But we'd love to hear Martha tell Kate about Castle's childhood.

Which gets your vote for an upcoming story?

OK, TV Fanatics. Cast your votes above and then tell us your thoughts and anything you think we missed in the comments below.

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Another wish. Castle not being treated like a goofy doormatt by the super duper modern woman Beckett who obviously is way too modern and awesome and pretty and super and duper and incredible and smart and pretty and did i mention really modern and not a loser.
How about you go to DC and go undercover forever and let Castle be with a woman who actually appreciates him and not lies , almost cheats and downright disrespects and belittles the relationship they have built up for 5 seasons.
Grow a pair Castle !


I'd love to see Castle's reaction if Kate told him she broke up with Demming and was about to head to the Hamptons with him just as Gina showed up. He'd be floored because I don't think he suspected a thing. The show definitely needs more romance this season. I was disappointed by the lack of it in season 5. All of the above moments for Caskett could be amazing. I'd love to see them. The second list is good too but my favorite would be Gates and Castle forced to work together. That could be a lot of fun.


My wish list. Fire the writers of the last 3 episodes.


My wish list: no more secrets, lies or omissions. I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth between them. Less complicated, more joy and passion. They are not a "young" (inexperienced) couple, they should know how to work some of this stuff out. (They had five years to build on. At this point it's all in or nothing.) I too, think an episode based on Misery would be awesome. Maybe as he's on his way to their wedding?


all good but most of all I would like too see some of that intense passion and emotion that most Caskett shippers believe Our Kate has. plenty of tears in one only one episode probably the first when she gives Castle a heartfelt apology like he gave her in Series2!


I would like to see a story base on the Misery (novel)


Everything! On both lists.
As has been mentioned, there are so many loose threads from previous episodes that we'd love to see resolved.
And would love to see the items mentioned on the non-Caskett list as well.


I want it all! But at least an "I love you" without drama, the formal date (have we actually seen them on a date since they've been a couple?) Alexis/Kate time, Kate/Martha time, and that Meredith cheated on him.


An actual hot love scene
Beckett finding out that Meredith cheated on Castle
A fundraiser in honor of Kate's mom
Beckett walking in on Castle's book signing looking hot(and Castle's reaction)
Kate, Martha, and Alexis spending a day together


#4 And last, but not least, hormonal Beckett! Since I think she actually is pregnant. We might have been seeing some of hormonal Beckett already, but I'm not sure.

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