Devious Maids Review: Thanks to a Prosthetic Leg

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Although it’s definitely not on my list of favorite chores, "Taking Out the Trash" just may be one of my favorite Devious Maids episodes to date.

Things got further complicated for the maids of Beverly Hills, as each one struggled with her own problems. Perhaps the only factor that was missing was the girls’ usual meeting up at the park.

Carmen's Past

Oscar, Carmen’s husband, unexpectedly showed up at Alejandro's house. Carmen was distraught as she didn’t want to face him and tell him what she needed to say all along: she was done with being just a wife.

Thanks to Odessa and her prosthetic leg, Carmen will get to stay and continue chasing her dream of becoming a singer. By the way, how ridiculously overdramatized was that fight scene between Sam and Oscar? I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.

Elsewhere, Valentina tried keeping her emotions in check after meeting Remi's new "friend." And "tried" was an understatement as Remi’s snooty pal totally needed a reality check.

While Valentina revealed her true feelings for Remi through a kiss, the new girl convinced Remi to do drugs.   

Meanwhile, news of a rejected marriage proposal surfaced as the strained relationship between Marisol and her son became apparent. The emails served as enough evidence to convict Eddie of first degree murder.

Marisol exposed all of Flora’s dirty secrets to Eddie while he promised to tell her everything about their relationship. I’m stoked to see what happens next as Eddie remembered what will likely be a key memory of Flora.

After last week’s kiss between Spence and Rosie, I didn’t expect Spence to move so quickly and discuss the possibility of an open marriage with Peri. Of course she said yes, and quickly realized that her husband was likely having an affair.

I also figured that she’d have a problem with him having an affair but not the fact that she’s been having one with her costar all along. Rosie told Spence all about his wife cheating on him but also convinced him not to move forward with a divorce for the sake of their son, Tucker.

Other Thoughts

  • Although their storyline was heartbreaking, I’m glad we saw another side to Evelyn and Adrian. It’s been too easy to love to hate them.
  • Do you think that we already know the person who killed Flora? If so, who’s your best guess?
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Overall, I really liked this week’s Devious Maids. As we continue to learn more about their problematic lives, I’m growing more increasingly curious and find myself rooting for each and every one of them.  


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Okay yes Sam and Oscar's fight was over the top; I wish we saw more of the girl catfight though. What was missing though was Zoila and Genevieve. Those two have a wonderful connection and Susan Lucci is amazingly hillarious in this role. Yes, i am sure some people might whine where is Erica Kane but Lucci is funny and shows she is a team player - though I think the show could do with a bit more of Zoila, Valentina, Remi and Genevieve. In some ways they seem the most normal yet funny and they have a wonderful connection as friends/family.I have to say though sometimes Susan Lucci looks a little frail and skinny; maybe if they dressed her more like Erica Kane or something she wouldn't look so "sickly" those loose tops baring her arms really are kind of scarey. I have a feeling Devious Maids are trying to save money by keeping a couple of big characters off the canvas each week to save money. I think there are weeks where Evelyn and Genevieve have been missing - maybe Zoila too. Alejandro and Odessa seem more recurring roles.


Sorry red hair not read hair. Love this show.


Love Odessa. I hope Odessa and her boss end up together. Carmen wants a career not a husband and family. Sam and Oscar fight was funny bad but Valentina and Remi's old girlfriend was funny good. I don't blame the gardeners I would watched and laughed too. Mr. Spence and Rosie are made for each other. I am sure it will take awhile but they will end up together. Rosie will be a great wife and mother and Mr. Spence a great husband and father. I am I crazy to think Eddie is Barrett? He does have read hair like Evelyn and why did we learn now that Eddie is adopted and around the same age as Barrett? I am just wondering?

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