Dexter Review: Forming a Family

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Despite the fact that Deb nearly killed Dexter last week, and the siblings ended up as close as ever to conclude "This Little Piggy," not a lot actually went down on the most disappointing episode to date of Dexter Season 8.

Indeed, Deb and Dexter (and Vogel?) may now be on the same page - a "family," according to the titular serial killer - but the steps taken to get there weren't exactly enthralling.

Most of the episode was dedicated to a basic race against the clock, with the aforementioned siblings putting their pesky differences (attempted murder, etc.) aside in the name of a common cause.

Awkward Cocktail Party

Which I bought. Dr. Vogel has very much become a mother figure for both Deb and Dexter. And the issues between these two are not the sort that can just be talked out. We're way past that point by now.

So it wasn't a question of not believing that a forced reunion in the name of saving their quasi parent would bring Deb and Dexter together, especially when Deb could actually see Dexter in action, realizing that there may actually be a place in the world for someone to take out trash such as Yates.

It just wasn't particularly exciting to watch. The outcome was inevitable and the resolution to last Sunday was pretty quick: within one episode, Deb went from attempted murderer to loyal sister, Vogel from lab rat coordinator to trusted member of this troubled little family.

The opening scene was by far the most interesting. Have we ever seen Dexter that angry? This has been a character who controls his emotions at all times... barring those instances when he's standing over a kill table. But went all Deb in that therapy session, cursing up a storm, making it clear that he was done feeling guilty over his influence on his sister. It was great to watch.

But the rest of the hour was mostly a bore, with the side storylines (Masuka's daughter, Quinn navigating his way through office politics) as snooze-worthy as usual.

The most fascinating issue at stake now is where Dexter goes from here. The Brain Surgeon arc is seemingly over; we're nearly halfway done with the final season; Deb and Dexter are a unified team again.

We know Hannah is on her way back... but are we done with Vogel? It seems unlikely, right? Some major event has to take place soon in order to drive us toward the series finale. And, call me crazy, but I doubt it will be the battle for Sergeant between Quinn and that other detective the show randomly introduced this season.

Where do you see Dexter heading now? Do you trust Vogel? Should Deb and Dexter trust Vogel? And do you think these two made up too quickly and easily this week?


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I just wanted to know when dexter had time to find a spear sharp enough to pierce through an entire mattress as well as a body.


Let me clarify: Deb is capable, she already tried to kill both Dexter and herself, but I don't think she is capable of taking over the Code from Dexter. That's what I meant. Deb is not a psychopath like Dexter is. We know that. Maybe Dexter dies at the end, but will the writers leave it open-ended?


I can't predict how this will end, or if there will be another spin-off, but I think it would be cool to have a spin-off. ("Hannah" for the title, anyone?). If Deb becomes the family takeover, she will end it by killing her brother, but she's not wired like that and seems implausible from a writing viewpoint. It would be too easy. Vogel will likely die. I don't know if Dexter will be killed off. Something tells me no. The idea that Harrison will become Dexter is also remote. Offspring are usually not prewired with the same intentions of their parents, but it's TV and wouldn't totally cross off the idea. We'll see where it goes. Almost over.


Matthews knows. He's always known. Harry confided in Matthews when his angst over Dexter & Vogel became unbearable. Matthews has quietly served as a guardian angel to the Morgan siblings. Partly out of respect to Harry. Partly because he enjoys closed cases and permanently-missing douchebags. But things got complicated when his illegitimate son via affair with the Miami bigwig's wife developed an appetite for rape & murder. So in comes Vogel to coerce Dexter into becoming the youngster's mentor. Only Vogel's interest isn't in Dexter at all. It's all about the next generation case study...Harrison. What was the first image of season 8? Dex & Harrison flying a kite on their "perfect day." What was Dexter staring at when Vogel approached him on the park bench with his own childhood drawings? A crumpled kite lying on the ground. Vogel wants Harrison, son of the psychopath and eyewitness to his own mother's slaughter. Are monsters born or created? Of course she is the Brain Surgeon, the master manipulator.


"You should have left me alone!" This guy wasn't the brain surgeon. He thought Vogel and Dexter were butting into his life.


Uh, make that every OTHER story arc.


I've been predicting for several seasons now that Dexter will be killed and Deb will take over the family business of enforcing The Code with Dexter as her guide just like Harry was Dexter's. This episode did nothing to persuade me otherwise -- although perhaps for better symmetry Vogel might turn out to be Deb's guide. Which of course would mean that Vogel is going to die as well. I do agree that the happy family gathering on the boat was a little too quick in happening. And yes, pretty much every story arc in the show has been underwhelming. On the other hand, joseph7, have you ever heard of Mute?


@joseph7 - mute button, but I agree with you otherwise, who writes this crap? Poor resolution: logically Yates would have killed Vogel once he found out they were being monitored, not tied her up and hid under the bed, etc. With Dex/Deb/Vogel dumping Yates' body, how do they get Miami Metro to stop their dog hunt? The rest of the season seems so obvious, even without next week's preview - rich kid killer vs. Quinn vs. Dexter. Vogel teaching Zak 'The Code' even though he's a young adult...right. It feels like a writer's desperate attempt to appeal to millennials. And the forced romance angle with the neighbor seems contrived. To answer the other questions: No, no, yes.


When the three of them finally united near the end, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Actually I sort of wonder if Vogel herself isn't some sort of sociopath - the way she handled Yates, and then later on the way she kept talking in order to bring Deb and Dexter into this sort of weird Addams family dynamic. I don't trust her, not for a second. I think she has an agenda, which will result in Dexter's doom. What I haven't figured out is how or why she'll make it happen.


So Dex and Deb could hear Vogel and Yates on the phone but not the other way around? Who writes this crap?

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