Dexter Review: I Want to Confess...

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So... has Debra Morgan finally hit rock bottom?

On an episode titled "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?," that's the real question viewers are now asking themselves, as concerns over Deb are at an all-time high for this confused serial killer.

She's drinking, she's driving, she's wanting to confess her role in LaGuerta's murder and, as a result, her brother's role in an endless stream of other murders. Where will it end for Deb? How low can she call? And perhaps most pressing of all at the moment:

What are Dr. Vogel's intentions with her and Dexter?

Calling Dexter

The mysterious Psychopath Whisperer now has Deb's confession. She's also been put in charge of righting this sinking, guilt-ridden ship and she's made it clear that she wants to do it all on her own.

That's a lot of trust for Dexter to put in someone so controlling, someone who is encouraging him to be an unfeeling monster. She tells him that his love for Deb is selfish, which stands in stark contrast to the truly selfless love Deb has exhibited in return. Heck, she went against all she stands for and took a life just to protect Dexter.

What has Dexter ever truly done for Deb that hasn't been out of self-interest? Out of him wanting to feel normal and loved? It's an interesting dichotomy and debate.

And these were terrific, riveting scenes, with Jennifer Carpenter once again pouring all she has into Deb's collapse. It was impossible not to be teetering on the edge of one's seat as Deb entered the police station and fell apart, wanting to confess it all.

So three episodes into Dexter Season 8 and the two women in Dexter's life have now collided; one makes him question everything he is, the other is pushing him to be even more.

And then The Brain Surgeon is out there somewhere, taunting Vogel and Dexter with a pair of His/Her boxes. Is there a chance Vogel is working with him? To what end? At least Dexter got in his first kill of the season, unleashing the desire that has landed him and Deb here in the first place, while also leading Vogel to believe she can manipulate killers in unique, unorthodox ways.

Where do you stand on Dr. Evelyn Vogel? Do you trust her?


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I agree with you Jasev, Dexter needs to realize why he saved his sister. At the moment, he thought it was to honor Harry's code, but all the pain and anxiety he felt at the thought of losing her has to mean something. I think Dr. Vogel wants him to realize that he's not a regular psychopath. I think that's why she confronts him. Or maybe ther's a lot about him she doesn't know, but one way or another, I think Dexter will realise he's capable of caring for someone else. Maybe eventually that will lead him to selfless love. If Dexter can love someone selflessly, it has to be Deb (and Harrison). This season has to be about Dexter's redemption!


Loving the season so far :D Also does anyone else think that Vogel might persuade Deb into killing or at least trying to kill herself, then Dexter will go after her, kill her and killing her is what finally gets him caught. Just a theory but I'm curios what everyone else thinks.


So far this season is a boring mess. Where is the tension? Where is the passion? Who cares about Quinn? Masuka used to be interesting but he now has no role whatsoever.
I have been a fan of Dexter from Day One but almost fell asleep watching this episode.

Matt richenthal

@jasev: I can see that point, except killing isn't exactly something Dexter doesn't also do for his own reasons and purposes. Brian most definitely fit all the criteria of Harry's Code.
Or should we now call it Vogel's Code?


What has Dexter ever truly done for Deb that hasn't been out of self-interest? Out of him wanting to feel normal and loved? It's an interesting dichotomy and debate. No it's not. That dichotomy that was solved long ago: in the first season, when he killed his own flesh and blood (specially blood) to save her.

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