Drop Dead Diva Review: Cocktails and Catfish

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This was the best episode of Drop Dead Diva I've seen in a really long time. "Fool for Love" featured the perfect balance of personal issues and a really engaging case.

It also brought back a past guest star to add a little extra spice. Welcome back, Vanessa!

Jane Tries to Reconcile

As great as it usually is to see a face from the past, I was equally glad to see Kim whoop Vanessa's butt in court. Aside from winning her client's case, she also provided a little extra revenge for Grayson, who Vanessa once left at the altar. I also hate snobby new mothers and I didn't want Kim to feel even worse since she's been so down about Parker. That ending scene with Paul swooping in with the Bugaboo was perfect. You gotta love a good "swoop in" that tells your adversary to screw off!

I did find it really interesting that Vanessa brought up Jane and Owen's split when she was speaking with Grayson at the bar. I wonder if Vanessa always picked up that there was a special connection between Jane and Grayson. Just when it seemed like the writers were putting the nail in the Jane/Grayson coffin a few weeks ago, there was that whole spark ordeal tonight. Stacy said when there's chemistry, you can literally feel it. You get that rush just from brushing up against someone. So was this for real or are we blaming this one purely on static cling? 

Jane and Owen worked really well together this week. I'm glad they were able to find a way to do so. The case with the Professor who almost got Catfished was just awesome. I totally didn't see the twist coming that it was his one of his assistants who was talking to him and the other assistant who set him up to get searched at the airport for meth. Plus, the fact that Beth was posing as some model with Deb's picture? That was perfect.

Just one hitch: if Jane is such a great lawyer, how come she was stuck on the case and it took Stacy like 10 seconds on Google to find "Melody's" picture? Then again, Stacy definitely isn't wise about everything. Thinking her best friend's ex fiance should be her sperm donor? Bad idea!

Stacy: I found a guy who is kind, stable, ambitious, intelligent, funny, and attractive.

Jane: So you're telling me you met George Clooney? | permalink

I wonder how everything will turn out with Jane and Stacy, they never stay in a fight for too long. Then again, will Stacy go ahead and approach Owen without her permission? And what about Jane and Grayson's spark?

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I agree...great episode. However, I don't think the reviewer has seen all seasons? If so, they wouldve realized part of the reason Vanessa left Grayson was due to the "connection" she sensed b/w him and Jane.


I cannot believe I missed the season premiere !!!! BUT I managed to catch up.
Owen was in pain and all sometimes he was just being a ass.
Now for this episode, I think it was the best so far. Loved everything about it. Even liked Paul, which I really don't.
But what an idiot thst Stacy. Seriouly ?! Owem !!! Jane is trying to get back with him and this one wants him to be her sperm donor ?! Er, friendship over much ? Okay maybe not but we should at least see some cat fight.
I like the cases this week. Brilliant. Glad Kim kicked vanessa's butt. Grayson was funny too. But Vanessa always saw the sparkles between Jane and him.
Also, why couldn't they keep real Jane a bit longer ?! I LOVED the interaction between the two.
And Parker , really? That's how he left the show? So we can remember him as a total jerk. Wow. Lame much ?