Falling Skies Review: Who's the Mole?

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After last Sunday's lackluster hour, Falling Skies followed it up with the tense and revealing "Be Silent and Come Out." The eye-worm-controlled Hal wreaked havoc in Charleston, which led to a divide within the fighting forces.

Neither the 2nd Mass nor Charleston would be the strong force that it's become without the leadership of Tom Mason. Does that mean Tom and his family deserve special treatment? Perhaps, though it didn't really apply in this case.

Despite Pope's claims, Weaver would have treated any of "his" people the same way that he treated Hal if they were possessed and took Tom hostage. It wasn't that Hal was a Mason, but that he's one of the 2nd Mass. The fight has brought them together to form one large extended family of survivors with the Berserkers on the outside by their own choice.

Dangerous Medicine

It wasn't a surprise though that Ben, Matt and Maggie were willing to go around Weaver to save Hal and Tom.  And, in the end, it was the best course of action. Of course, Hal got clipped when they tried to prevent his suicide attempt, but he wasn't killed.

That wasn't even the biggest gamble that the family took to save Hal. The Rebel skitters had a way to expel the eye worm from Hal, but it was a kill or be killed situation. Should they risk Hal's life to get him back? 

"Hal" was convincing in his passionate appeal to Maggie that the eye worm was gone. With continued pushing, the possessed Hal gave himself away to make the decision easy. Hal underwent the painful though successful cure. 

Pope has always been a thorn for the 2nd Mass and Charleston, but he hit a new low when he started a death pool for Tom and Hal.  At least, he had enough restraint to warn his guys against taking their own action against Hal. 

His concern over finding justice over Manchester's death was a bit odd too. It's not like Pope was a Manchester supporter. Could Pope be the real mole? He had the opportunity and was on the trip to see the President. A pool claiming Hal was the mole would be a way to keep people from looking at him.

Since Hal's not the mole, he or she is still out there. If it's not Pope, who is it? They definitely want us to think it's Mariana with that eerie look she gave after being sworn in as President. She may not have the same beliefs or leadership style as Tom, but I do think that she has the best interest of Charleston and America in mind. 

She's not as trusting of the Volm as Tom, but she also didn't have all the information. Now that she has his file on the Volm device and Project Orange, will she change her mind? Or, is she the mole and will turn it over to the Espheni? 

With the Masons off in search of Anne and Alexis, Mariana's true intentions will become clear. I don't think she's the mole. My bet is on Lourdes. It pains me to name her as the mole, but the evidence is piling up. Lourdes told Anne she performed DNA testing on Alexis and it was normal. Obviously, that was a lie since Alexis is actually a hybrid. Why would she keep the truth a secret unless she's working for the Espheni? 

Then, prior to the procedure on Hal, she said the testing didn't show any evidence of the eye worm in him, but it was there. Was she lying again? Or, is she just a bad medical technician? Plus, she did give Tom a medical kit to take with him on the trip to see the President. She easily could have put a tracker on it that led the Espheni to the meeting site for their attack.

Other than Alexis' DNA testing, the evidence against Lourdes is circumstantial, but it's damning.

Who do you think is the mole on Falling Skies? Lourdes? Pope? Mariana? Someone else?


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I wonder how the people will react to an 'appointed' leader that was not elected?
If the show has any salt at all... they will address that in the story telling.


Connor Jessup's performance is reminiscent to a male version of Melanie/Wanderer from the movie "The Host" because they are both aliens. This was really cool and awesome looking at this. This episode is a 10/10. Everything in a Falling Skies episode.:)


Well as far as performances go I must say that Drew Roy's performance during the bug removal scene was exceptional. Noah Wylie is always good and well-rounded as he balances the grizzled leader, sympathetic father and psuedo husband to Anne. I was a little late coming into this series but I think it is an okay show. It is a good way to end the week.


Judging by next week's preview, they are pointing us at Anthony, though the way the video is edited could just be a red herring. As to Mariana--I'm waiting for her to declare that the Masons are criminals or something to that effect; or maybe she goes after Weaver. She needs to somehow gain THEIR power because she doesn't really have the people on her side yet, and tearing down people's admiration of Weaver/Masons would go a long way toward making people side with her.


I hate these kind of reviews. You shouldn't even call it a review. Usually when someone reviews an episode, they talk about how the acting was, the stuff they liked and didn't like. And they talk about the stuff that happened in the episode but not all crazy like your review. You didn't mention the acting or anything, all you did was literally explain the plot of the whole episode.


I don't think Lourdes did DNA tests on Alexis; she did simple blood tests.


However, How would Lourdes know all the battle plans? Where they were fighting? She had absolutely no way of knowing it.
It might just be Marina for two reasons: they either want the audience to feel smart, or they are trying to use reverse psychology on us smart ones and make the idiots feel smart for thinking its her. I also checked the scene when the mole killed that guy. At the same time the following people were in different places and could not be the mole: Hal, Anne, Ben, Matt, Pope, all the bezerkers, Tom
Oddly Lourdes wasnt at the scene before Anne's giving birth. But the person walking into the room through the semi-transparent door was tall. Lourdes wasnt that tall, but Marina was. Hmm


I'm betting on the mole being Lourdes as well. It would be too obvious for Marina to be the mole.


It's the 2nd Mass and Maggie didn't go with the Masons.

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