Graceland Review: Catching Ghosts

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"Goodbye High?"

Certainly not. In fact, the best of Graceland is ahead, especially if this week's episode was a preview of coming attractions.

What's got me so excited about this episode? All of the subtle twists and turns the installment took to the point you almost didn't know which way was up by the time hour ended.

Briggs' Secret

Let's start with the fallout from the Briggs bombshell. My jaw dropped to the floor at the end of "Hair of the Dog" when Mike tracked him down the NA meeting. And leave it to Briggs to have a long and complicated story for Mike to justify his appearance there. Lucky for us, it isn't exactly clean cut as to why Briggs became an addict. While he may be blameless for the fact he was tortured by Jangles, it was certainly his fault he was in Mexico to be caught and tortured in the first place. 

One thing I wonder, though, is how it was Briggs was even discovered to be captured like that. There's definitely something much bigger going on, and something tells me that in the end we are going to find out and the answer will have some serious fallout of its own.

Speaking of fallout, I am loving how much we're starting to get into Briggs and finding out who he really is. He seems to have a knack for treading the line between what's wrong and what's right and creating large tracts of gray area in between, of which he is the only person to navigate it effectively. It's what makes him such a great character.

Take that attempted meet at the end. Briggs clearly turned his mic off so he wouldn't be heard by his colleagues. Yes, that's another secret under his belt and plausible deniability for the housemates. But do you believe that Briggs is actually Odin... or is it possible that Briggs realized he wasn't going to show and called in a audible, a move he is infamous for making?

If there's one thing Jeff Eastin excels at, it's the misdirect. And if I know anything about his shows, White Collar as proof, it's that it's very easy for the right thing to look wrong and the wrong thing to look right. I think we're seeing that happen again with Briggs. Standby for more reveals in the future that will keep you guessing whether or not Briggs is a hero or a villain.

The only thing is, I'm not sure if we'll get that chance. I'm not sure that Mike made the best news in telling his handler about Briggs' heroin addiction. I know, with all the stuff happening in the house, it seems like secrets are the last thing Mike should be involved in keeping. But I really think that Mike is trusting the wrong guy on this one. If anything, I think Mike's handler is looking for any reason to toss Briggs to the curb.

Another interesting thing I noticed was how extremely jealous Briggs became after Charlie decided to come clean and tell the house about her indiscretion. It may be causing her fellow housemates to keep a closer eye on her to make sure she stays clean and it also allowed her to release a burden that was clearly weighing on her. 

This caused Briggs to really react negatively to her, introducing the concept of secrets being a burden, as if we really needed the reminder. Coming from Briggs' mouth and then putting it into context really changed the game for me in how I perceived Briggs. I really do see him as someone who's trying to do good, even though it appears as if he's in the wrong. Though I suppose even then my mind could be changed with the proper evidence.

In another surprising turn of events, we also got to learn a little more about DJ and his backstory, which apparently includes a son. I really appreciated how Jakes stood as an object lesson for what it means to put the job and Graceland in front of other things and the people that are important to you.

Even so, I think Mike spoke a little prematurely when he told Abby his work on the west coast might be wrapping up soon. He may be trying to get the girl, but I think Graceland has other plans.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Is Briggs a hero or a villain?


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You have three agencies living in the same house. Why is every show drug related? That's an old subject. We need something fresh. I love this show, but every episode is like the last. And watching our great characters turn into drug addicts, is way off base. Please talk to the writers.


One thing that I know for sure: Briggs is seeking vengeance, for someone against the Cazi ?! Cartel. Who? I am not sure, but it is either for his former mentor or his story is true, and it is for making him an addict. I do not believe him, but we know that he could not create Odin, if the Cartel knew him. I think that his Mentor was Jangles, got busted and murdered for it. Briggs feels responsible for some reason, and has been biding his time so he can bring them down. Remember he vanished for 2 years, and I think he is Odin, and has been playing undercover of his cover, to bring the Cartel down. I think that the whole addict story is so he can have the heroin, he uses for playing Odin.


I think Briggs really is Odin. There's just something about him that always seems fishy. I think that when he was going to the whole anonymous addict gathering, he KNEW Mike was following him and purposely gave him a false trail. And I also know that Sunjata (Briggs actor) always commented on how Briggs had multiple levels going on in his personality at any given time and that is what essentially lured him to play the character in the first place. So bottom line? Briggs isn't who he says he is and Mike made a CATASTROPHIC mistake telling Juan about Briggs. Juan looks to be just as shady if not more. Seems to me he's got more in him than meets the eye, an ulterior motive, a different agenda. That's why I love Graceland, the whole smoke and mirrors game. It's fabulous!


I hope Mike doesn't give up his life to the job like Jakes and Briggs definitely had. Jakes will never see his little son because of his undercover work and Briggs may have turned dirty in order to continue to do his work. Briggs is hiding alot of secrets. I thought whatever he did would no longer surprise me. Boy! Was I wrong! That twist in the end with Briggs claiming he is Odin pretty much knocked me for a loop! What I don't understand is why the Graceland crew did not act surprised when they couldn't hear Briggs conversation with Bello. I thought Briggs would be wearing a wire or something so the whole crew could listen in on the conversation with Bello. I don't think Mike is done with his investigation into Briggs just yet!


It was good but it was clumsy in parts.


I too love this show. I don't think Briggs is dirty. I don't know if he is Odin but so far I've got his back. Like everyone else I was horrified when Mike told Jose about Briggs. I didn't like Jose from the start but I just figured he was a paper pushing company man but I changed my mind after this episode. I think he knew Mike was questioning his commitment to the assignment and he gave him the picture to remind Mike that continuing to follow orders will get him what he wants, an assignment in DC. The guy's a snake in the grass. Question to others: Who in the world would want to leave Graceland or more to the point, his housemates?


I think that the killer with the keys was Briggs handler, so that why they didn’t kill him and also how all the Odin thing begun…


I am thinking Briggs is Odin. He had the heroin to give to Charlie, there is heroin missing from the cases he is working on and he really really wanted to get in with Bello. When he walked away from being captured the story seemed to end abruptly and Mike kept saying "just like tha?" so I am thinking that is not the full story and maybe Briggs is working for those people. He seems to have a story for everything which makes me not believe him so much. But Mike was NOT smart to tell his handler all of that information. I really can't wait to see what happens next! I love this show!


I think things got real interesting last night. I hope Briggs is not a bad guy but I loved the smile on his face when he walked away last night. I really enjoy this show. I do too think Mike made a big mistake telling the guy about Briggs addiction. Can't wait for the next show.


Is Briggs really Odin or not?? Did he say that to Bello so he wouldn't get angry because Odin wasn't showing? It seemed really planned on Briggs' part. In which case, if he is Odin, then Charlie got high to save that drug deal for absolutely nothing. But I thought Quinn knew who Odin was because he was waiting there. Maybe if Briggs is Odin it explains his serious guilt over what Charlie did. I also feel that Abby's character is a bit boring, so I kind of hope she either develops a personality or gets written off by moving back east.

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