How I Met Your Mother Season 9: Who is Gonna Die?

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What does Happily Ever After look like for Ted?

How I Met Your Mother Carter Bays and Craig Thomas would not reveal the answer to that question in our exclusive interview with the pair at Comic-Con, but the co-creators did promise viewers a resolution to what has been a nearly decade-long quest for the show's main character.

Elsewhere, Bays and Thomas shared their favorite moments from the sitcom; explained why those chose to set all of Season 9 at Robin and Barney's wedding weekend; and, oh, told us that someone is gonna die. Yeah. You should probably watch the full Q&A now:

Elsewhere at Comic-Con:

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I don't think it will be any of the major characters. It's basically decided that the series will end with Ted meeting the mother at Farhampton train station and a possible flash forward to the narrator. However, isn't it confirmed that he will be played by Josh Radnor? That together with the fact that the children are sometimes responding to Ted with one liners kind of rules the possibility of a video out. So don't worry, Ted will be there.
Lily and Marshal are kind of safe, too, as we have seen some flash forwards of Marshal being a judge.
The fact that Ted refers to "Aunt Robin" also makes her safe, I guess.
And didn't the mother once walk behind the children in a scene? So it could still be Barney.
But he won't die at his wedding. Don't think Ted would sit around that relaxed if Barney just died. So my guess? Some relative or minor character dies during the wedding weekend. Could be the priest, could be some musician. Could be Robin's dad (He isn't with the bride in the flash forwards), could be Barney's dad. It could be Carl (maybe MacLarens explodes?). Maybe it's Stella, Scooter or Ranjid. May it be the Captain? Victoria? Punchy? My personal guess is Sandy Rivers dying an heroic death to save some children from drowning.


Barneys Father died! Dexter killed him! ;)


Could be Ted, it could all be written down somewhere, and that is why it is bob sagets voice he could be their uncle or something


could be Barney...we know "Aunt Robin" is still around and we've seen Ted, Marshal and Lily in flash-forwards but never Barney.
...or could be Ted in like 10 years....maybe the kids were watching a video of their dad all along.


TED died... i would love to see that


I bet they are just making fun of us.... that laugh ..


I'm pretty sure it's Barney's father


The mother's gonna die, probably after giving birth to the 2nd child. Ted's gonna end up with Robin eventually. There are some clues about this from previous season, like from episode time traveler, Ted said "I am always going to love you. Until the end of my days... and beyond." when he visited his future wife. Also, somewhere along season 2 or 3, there are drawings of Ted's children with Aunt Robin, explained that Robin hasn't afraid anymore with kids.

@ Rocky

co-owner already said barney and robin will be married so he's not gonna end up with her


I keep thinking Ted has his family through surrogacy


I hope it's not a main character... god forbid Ted because we started guessing there might possibly be a death with the mother. And now we're being punished for thinking up such a storyline! I'm in team Robin and Ted. I've watched every ep since it first aired and I've just never understood what fans see in Robin being with Barney. It's sweet but it's not Ted. When the show ends... I'll still be all "nope, it should've been Robin".

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