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It seems as though every Mistresses episode has several OMG! moments - but never have there been as many as in tonight's "Ultimatum." 

So let's skip the pretense and get right down to the dirty details.

Can It Be Saved?

Harry side steps Savi's six-week baby exam with excuses about work but the truth is he just can't handle it.  That realization made the look of hope on Savi's face all the more painful when he lied and told her he'd be there for the next one.

But Harry confesses to Karen that he doesn't think he can handle this and isn't it ironic how Karen can give such great advice to her friends but her own life is a complete train wreck. 

Karen: Take it day by day and you may be surprised what you're capable of. | permalink

It sounds great when she says it but after day one, Harry knows his limits and he gives Savi the dreaded "we need to talk."

I really did want to give Savi a hug as she cried "No, no, no," believing Harry was about to walk out on her. In some ways what he did was even worse.  

Harry can picture them getting past her infidelity and starting a family together... but not if the kid's not his. In some ways I get it. It's a huge obstacle to get past but when he tells her she needs to choose either him or the baby does he honestly believe their marriage will survive pushing her into an abortion?

Then there's Dom... and yes, he didn't expect that the one-time hot office sex would make him a Daddy but that doesn't mean he's not up for the challenge. That Savi sends him a contract to sign away his parental rights before they even know who's the daddy shows just how dismissive she's been to Dom's feelings.

How could she not tear into that letter for those DNA results the moment she held it in her hands? Now we all have to wait for next week for the big reveal. 

Joss' story was the least dramatic this time around. How great was it to run into Alex's ex and her simpering new girlfriend, Story. "Like in bedtime story." Oh God, I might be sick. 

I know the timing was off but Savi really should have made the time for a chat with her little sis. Yet once again Savi doesn't seem to take her sister's relationship drama seriously. Maybe if she were pregnant Savi might make the time.

But it doesn't look as though that's going to happen anytime soon as Joss decided to change she and gal pal Alex's friends with benefits to a serious love connection. I don't know about you but I'm rooting these two can make it work. They're darn cute together.

As mentioned previously, Karen's as much of a mess as ever. Sam's still semi-stalking her and professing his love and she did damn near nothing about it. 

Why not tell Jacob the truth... well, minus the part about the affair with Sam's father? Being Sam's new counselor perhaps he could have helped.  

It's hard to complain when Karen's inept attempt to help got her blindsided by Elizabeth Grey who lobbed a classic Mistresses quote like a grenade on the good doctor about how to make Sam fall out of love with her…

Elizabeth: Maybe you should tell him your were screwing his father. That might break the spell. | permalink

Oh, I've been waiting for that. Now that both mother and son know the truth, Karen's downward spiral can only get steeper.

But the craziest OMG! moments of the night belonged to April.  

Did anyone feel sorry for Paul as he shared his sob story. He'd lost his job and let April down and he couldn't take it anymore…so he faked his own death?!?  

Honestly, when he asked April, "How's Lucy feeling?" I wouldn't have blamed the women if she hit him with a heavy object and made his death certificate accurate. How's the daughter he let grieve for years over her supposedly dead father feeling?  Was he serious?

When he admitted he'd been living with Miranda and their child all of this time, I wanted to order the heavy duty trash bags and help April dismember his body in the bathtub.

No, there are not words to describe my hatred for Paul…and kudos to Mistresses for making me want to violently murder a fictional character. I can't remember the last time that happened.

So am I the only one who thinks Paul is below scum of the earth? How do you think the Greys will punish Karen? Do Joss and Alex have a chance at true love and will Harry beat the odds and end up being the name in the envelope? 

Most importantly, did you love the decadent insanity that was tonight's Mistresses?


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I just want to figure out when Elizabeth found out or if she always knew it


I am waiting for the shoe to drop with April. Did no one else think of the INSURANCE MONEY that April would have collected at Paul's "death"? That HAS to be RETURNED and HIM ARRESTED FOR FRAUD! I was surprised Savi didn't say anything - she's a great Attorney as far as I can see.
Karen isn't impressing me at all. She is too innocent. How can she let a patient - let alone the Wife and Son get soo close to her UNPROFESSIONALLY? I wouldn't go to her for professional help!
Joss - I think she is only interested in her friend as a lover because she saw her boss was interested. And I think her new lover (can't remember her name right now) is only after Joss because she saw her Ex with someone else. Neither are interested in the other really. Hey I am LOVING the show though! Can't wait for next episode!


I did not expected to like Mistress but the show just keeps getting better and more addictive! Funny thing, I now wonder why the show is titled Mistress at all because 3 out of the 4 leads are not MISTRESS at all. Even Karen who used to be an ex-mistress as she is no more ! They should find a better title!


Weird, I thought I had already posted a comment here. Maybe it was deleted? I find the whole fake death story line completely ridiculous! I am actually even embarrassed for the writers of the show for even considering this story. Gossip Girl tried this before and even then it didn't work even though the guy was a millionaire who was more likely to pull it off than completely broke Paul. So, since this show is obviously nonsense, I will not be watching another episode of it. I have better things to do :)


I'm not even sure who I want to be the baby's daddy. I love Harry and he and Savi deserve to have a shot at making a happy family but I love Dom too. He and Savi have great chemistry together. He's much to hot to only have the brief scene or two at work. No matter who the daddy is I think I'm going to be both sad and happy at the same time.


Someone needs to beat Paul. Like with a baseball bat. He's been shacking up with his mistress while letting his family mourn his death. Now he comes back like, oh let me explain. If there was any justice in the universe he'd get hit by a bus when he left April's store.

Sarah silva

...hope they keep it up.

Sarah silva

This was another great episode!
April was so great, the scene near the end with Miranda and Paul was fantastic, I loved the way she handled it, she called them both out and now she gets to keep her money, which I do not think should ever have been offered to Miranda at all.
I too wanted to hug Savi when she said No, No, No. She wants to fight for her marriage and while she cheated and it was wrong I do feel for her. I know Henry is struggling but he did give Savi false hope and while I can side with him that it would be hard to raise the baby of the man she cheated on him with, I really want them to work it out as I have a feeling it will be Dom's. So we will see.
Karen, what can I say about Karen, the ending was just crazy! It looks like she will find out that Elizabeth knew of the affair and killed her husband. So we will see how that goes.
You could tell for weeks that Joss would start a relationship with Alex, I am happy how they have handled it all so far so let's hope they keep it up.

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