Stana Katic to Kate Beckett: Don't Be a Loser!

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When it comes to Castle Season 6, TV Fanatic readers have made their opinions clear:

Over 57% of poll respondents believe Kate ought to accept Rick's proposal.

But does that mean the detective should turn down the job offer in D.C.? Star Stana Katic sure hopes not.

Beckett in Major Danger

"If she drops the FBI gig, she's a loser," Katic tells TV Guide Magazine. "This is a modern woman's story, and I don't want to send the message that a woman has to choose love over a career. New York and D.C. are not that far apart, and Rick's a millionaire. They can travel. I think it would really be a big disservice to the character to create a job opportunity like this and let it peter out."

So how might the show be set up with Beckett in D.C. and Castle in New York? So glad you asked! Katic has the answer.

"Bring the 3XK killer back, which requires Kate to put together her own team. Sometimes we're all together in New York and sometimes we're telling different stories apart. Kate can have it all!"

Are you listening, Creator Andrew Marlowe? We'll find out when Castle returns in September.

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Hello mrrz, I like your comments. Its interesting that she turned down the FBI guy because she didn't want to follow him from one assognment to another. Nor follow/wait for the Doctor while he went off to save less fortunate people in far away places. If she takes the Washington job its like she is asking Castle to do what she wasn't willing to do. hmmm...


Castle is the shows name and the only character indispensable for the show btw. So, logic dictates that it's Castle not Kate that's supposed to have it all.


This is the story of a broken woman (walls, unsolved conflicts) who is supposed to be together with a guy (troubled himself) called Castle.


I can go on with this forever but one more thing. She should share half of his travel expenses as an independent modern woman.


And also Kate paying all the expenses for the marriage ceremony would be "modern". She can't accept her partners money as a "modern woman", can she?


Then when she is ready, she should propose as a "modern woman". If she lets Rick propose she may be labeled as a "traditional woman".


But i have to say that i want her to go to D.C and say "no" for the sake of the show. That's not because she is "modern" though. That is because she has to realize what's important for her. What Stana calls modern, i call childish. She's not mature enough for a serious relation right now.


That is really a pity that she made such an ignorant generalization like this. I couldn't resist posting this despite i have stopped posting here due to moderation issue.


Stana has at least a very flawed or limited perception of "modern woman".


I'm thinking of all those modern women who CHOOSE love making sacrifices. They warm my heart as do men that do the same.

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