Stana Katic to Kate Beckett: Don't Be a Loser!

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When it comes to Castle Season 6, TV Fanatic readers have made their opinions clear:

Over 57% of poll respondents believe Kate ought to accept Rick's proposal.

But does that mean the detective should turn down the job offer in D.C.? Star Stana Katic sure hopes not.

Beckett in Major Danger

"If she drops the FBI gig, she's a loser," Katic tells TV Guide Magazine. "This is a modern woman's story, and I don't want to send the message that a woman has to choose love over a career. New York and D.C. are not that far apart, and Rick's a millionaire. They can travel. I think it would really be a big disservice to the character to create a job opportunity like this and let it peter out."

So how might the show be set up with Beckett in D.C. and Castle in New York? So glad you asked! Katic has the answer.

"Bring the 3XK killer back, which requires Kate to put together her own team. Sometimes we're all together in New York and sometimes we're telling different stories apart. Kate can have it all!"

Are you listening, Creator Andrew Marlowe? We'll find out when Castle returns in September.

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Sad .. just sad Stana. No one is a loser if they choose love over a lousy job no one knew you wanted anyway. Thinking before speaking is a good rule to apply here. A modern woman doesnt put a job above everything. Modern is that she has the choice to do whatever the heck makes her happy.


David it is when it affect other people jobs


Oh I can't comment here this is worse than the Aeryn/John will they, won't they debacle that they stretched out for 4 seasons.
OK Rick find a new hottie and let Kate settle with her walls. Sheesh.
Putting your heart first doesn't make you a loser as any modern woman should know!


consider changing the title of the show to FEST vs Castle. Facial Expressions and Sub Text


"this is a modern woman's story?" i thought this was Castle


No one on that show has ever told beckett what to do, maybe gates in the finale. castle has never pressured her about anything. any threating of her independence is coming from her

Tonya b

Katarzyna, I think that it is a little absurd to call Castle and Beckett alter egos of Andrew and Terri. I would say that the show is 'loosely based' on their love story. But, if you look at it that way, then maybe the reason that season 5 was 'off' in general, and the last 3 episodes were awful, specifically, was because Terri was not writing with them. She will be back full time for season 6, so hopefully we will see how a modern woman can straighten out the mess that her man created. Maybe Terri can show everyone how a very important trait that is found in winning modern women is the STRENGTH to make decisions that respect the needs of everyone in their lives, the WISDOM to know that promotion for promotion's sake is not always good, and the JUDGEMENT to know the difference. Go Terri!!!!!

Tonya b

It is sad that she believes that to be a winning modern woman that she should choose her career over love and let the man that loves her figure out a way to tag along if he wants to. Clearly, she will have no problem cheating on him with whatever handsome rich guy comes along and offers to service her sexual needs while she travels around the country, so what does she need Castle for anyway? The comment about 'they can travel' tells me that she is just as delusional as Beckett is. Is Castle supposed to fly all over the place and wait to see glimpses of her in airports or spend a few hours in the sack with her at motels once in a while? Come on people, lets get real.


I love Kate and Stana and I think maybe we didn't hear all the interview or perhaps it was a ploy to keep us guessing. If it was an interview on the run and not a scheduled appearance it was a rushed spur of the moment answer.


My ideal answer to Castle's proposal was made by a guy named Rick on another board. He said:"She says No and starts talking about her wall (which comes down easily for every guy she meets except Castle.) He says, “Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a damn� and walks away and calls one of the many beautiful women he knows, to have dinner with him." That would keep me watching the show:-))).

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