Teen Wolf Review: The Scorpion and the Turtle

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"Visionary" brought us tales of the past, told from two perspectives and at different times. While the stories were interwoven and shared a place in history, they weren't of the same story. We either learned a lot, or were at least given a lot of hints.

Learning about the past, especially in terms of the Argent family as hunters and the Hales as hunted, gave us so much information it's difficult to know where to start. I'll start here: Introducing Talia Hale in the form of Alicia Coppola was very welcome. She's one of my favorite actresses and fits the canvas of Teen Wolf perfectly.

Dying with Derek

There is something about the way she delivers her performances that makes her immediately trustworthy and I love how she interacted with the various packs while keeping them together and focused on a common goal that would keep them safe as well as promote their agenda as wolves. 

Peter, who has come such a long way from the man we first met, was the perfect person to tell the tale of Derek's love of Paige. I was absolutely fascinated not only in the story of Derek's first love - an impossible love that Derek was sure would end if the tiniest hint of his true identity came through - but in the kind and concerned way in which Peter shared the memories.

It's hard to know what of the stories was true, as both Stiles and Scott realized the reports were coming from tainted points of view. Yet if we're to believe Peter's story, Derek would have gotten the girl based upon his merits as a man/beast alone. Paige wasn't unaware that he was different and would have loved him without being turned. That might be Derek's biggest regret. 

It makes sense to the present why Derek is always so reserved and keeps his love inside. He's lost so much, and it could have been at his own hands. That's not an easy thing to accept, even after years of ruminating on it and trying to forgive yourself.

Meanwhile, Scott and Allison visited Gerard, who told one story... while we saw something different visually unfolding. It was as if we were seeing Scott's interpretation of Gerard's story. The Deucalion we saw was so different than the man stalking Scott now - and it seems to be Gerard's fault. 

Meeting with Gerard, who arrived alone, in a distillery wasn't to his disadvantage but to the werewolves, as Gerard just cannot be trusted. He appears to be the ultimate cause of Deucalion's blindness and something tells me that although we saw this played out, Gerard didn't deliver the appeal to Scott and Allison:

Deucalion: Don't, don't do this! I had a vision. A vision of peace!
Gerard: A little short sighted, wouldn't you say? | permalink

With Talia at the helm, even after a member of Ennis' pack was killed, they truly seemed to want to make things right with as little overall disturbance to the peace of the community as possible. The outcome was anything but. Until Gerard did the unthinkable, Deucalion could have had a much different future ahead. He seemed reasonable and thoughtful. I'd like to see that man again.

Other thoughts:

  • I'm still confused why Derek's and Peter's eyes are blue - it's because they took innocent souls? At least Derek did it out of love. It's nice to know that the color of eyes has a lot more meaning than just who is an alpha.
  • I hated to see how quickly Deucalion changed once he was attacked by Gerard. It was almost immediate. Now that we've seen him in the past, I want Scott to save him somehow, to use his True Alpha state to heal what was destroyed by Gerard. Can a True Alpha heal tortured souls?
  • I'm anxious to discover when we'll learn what part of the stories we heard were true and what were not. And for Scott to exact revenge against Gerard for lying.
  • We finally know the deal about Deaton and Morrell. Emissaries to werewolf packs. It seems that their alliances have changed over the years, but I'm surprised Deaton hasn't given up more info about Deucalion to Scott given he believed he would be a true alpha. 
  • How do werewolves age? From the jeans Paige wore in the flashback scenes, I'm guessing Derek was the equivalent of a 15-year old in about 1983 or so. I'm sure you're dying to tell me how I've missed the flowchart on werewolf aging, so let me have it!
What did you think about the flashback episode? Could you possibly hate Gerard more? Are you surprised at the man Deucalion once was?


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what makes this episode cool was the fact that they played Mozart's Requiem throughout the emotional scenes.


Great episode. Paige was a beautiful addition.


Jackson too killed some innocent people back in season 2 ,that`s the reason his eyes were blue.I think both Gerard and Peter are hiding something from their stories , they can never be trusted(i hate them).felling very sorry for Derek,from episode 1 he`s always been the caring guy. Talia can shift does this means Scott may be able to shift in the future since he`s "true alpha".I wish Allison`s dad joins Scott to fight Deucalion ,since he`s the only man who sticks to the "CODE"(Man of Principles).This season is more thrilling than the last 2.Really liked the old Deucalion,wish he`s back and rips off Gerard(who i think is the most poisonous scorpion).


Jacksons eyes are blue, because he (as the kanima) killed many people (the mechanic, mother and unborn child etc.). I don't think Peter was jealous of Derek, I just think, he is protective against his own. He will never trust hunters (or humans in generel) and letting Paige know about their secret would risk every wolf in Beacon Hills. I think he hoped she would not turn and die, but not out of jealousy. For all I know, Peter 'only' lied about the fact that Derek was eager to let Paige turn and that he tried to convince him not to. The constant fear and obsession that Peter talks about is really him fearing for his race. He uses Derek sensitive soul to his own benefits. What bugs him though is the fact that he hurt Derek and forgot about the consequences (or so it looks).


These last few episodes have been really cool, though I still have little interest in the "Alpha Pack" storyline. I'm ready for Season 3B in 2014 to kick off a new story. As far as the blue eyes, I understood the same thing, they turned blue when they took an innocent life. Still, that doesn't explain Jackson's blue eyes in last year's finale right? I completely understand your confusion.


I think that with Gerard we saw what really happened. With Peter's story...we saw what he wanted Stiles and Cora to believe. I think Peter is the one responsible for the girls death...because he was jealous of Derek.
So where is this Talia? Could she be the one behind the dark druid?
Enis was an ass from day 1.

Ronald simkins

This was a great episode. I like how both Stiles and Scott realized that they had an "interpreted" version of the past. Thought I think Peter was truer in his interpretation. I also like the fact that Scott can give Gerard back his pain and I liked the final threat. This is turning out to be an excellent season and we have like 13 more episodes to go.

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